Improve Your Life With RITUALS


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Making lifestyle changes can be difficult. Resolutions take will power to do battle with undesirable behaviors. Rituals can be simple acts that bring new and desired behaviors to center stage until they become second nature. The principles presented are based on the neuropsychology of change.

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  • I have a couple years left to 55 plus, so I will prepare now as a 55minus. Thank you John Tudor, PhD for the great presentation. It is right down the ally of information that I can use for a project I am working on. I am a Physical Therapist is Laguna Hills, Ca . I developing programs for my clients to help with adherence to their PT program and as they move into activities their injury has prevented - boosting well-being.
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  • Great insights!
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Improve Your Life With RITUALS

  1. 1. improve your life with RITUALS Applying the Neuropsychology of Change John I. Todor, Ph.D.
  2. 2. PRINCIPLE Brain Cells that… …fire together, wire together Once wired together, the behavior becomes… …Second Nature
  3. 3. PROBLEM Old Behaviors like ones you would like to replace… …are wired together they dominate and take over
  4. 4. SOLUTION Use Rituals to Focus Attention to put the new behavior center stage with repetition, firing together leads to wiring together and the new behavior dominates
  5. 5. WHAT TYPE OF RITUALS? A stereotypical sequence of acts performed to focus attention on an upcoming and desired behavior The use of mental effort to insure the behavior happens and is mindfully experienced
  6. 6. BUT NOT THESE RITUALS… A religious or societal ceremony or tradition An obsessive or compulsive act
  7. 7. MENTAL ENGAGEMENT Mindlessly executing the act is not enough especially if the act is wired together and happens automatically To maximize a mindful experience, mentally engage in as many ways as possible use all your sense when eating
  8. 8. WINE TASTING RITUALS What wine? Color and visual characteristics Aromatic qualities Taste Savoring
  9. 9. WINE TASTING RITUALS What wine? Become mindful, trigger memories and anticipation Color and visual characteristics Aromatic qualities Taste Focus attention on the task at hand and engage multiple sensory modalities Its taste Mindfully “get into it” and let it “get into you” Savoring Savoring
  10. 10. IT CAN BE A SIMPLE ACT Trigger mindfulness and anticipation Ritually unwrap Experience it Savor it
  11. 11. EATING WITH A RITUAL Enhances the pleasure Even with Carrots (Research at Harvard and U. of Minnesota, 2013) Satiated sooner Eat less to feel satisfied (Scientific American, 2006)
  12. 12. YOUR TURN What rituals might work for… Stress What’s her name? Bad posture
  13. 13. RITUALS FOR STRESS The Superhero stance reduces stress and increases confidence Hugging someone special release an anti-stress hormone Seeing photos of loved ones reduces the stress hormone cortisol
  14. 14. REMEMBERING NAMES the introductory handshake the touch as you repeat her name
  15. 15. POSTURAL RITUALS Take Breaks from Sitting Symmetrical arm movement strengthen and align the upper back Walking Start walking with head up, shoulder back, chest out and eyes looking straight forward See for more on “how to improve your posture”
  17. 17. MORE INSIGHTS Curates broad ranging researchon what impacts well-being in the present and what contributes to health and well-being over an extended lifespan. w w w. l i v i n g 5 5 p l u s . c o m Provides a comprehensive program of assessment, education and methodologies for making lifestyle changes. Focuses on motivating and enabling people to find everyday ways of changethat are meaningful to them.
  18. 18. DOWNLOAD our interactive PDF that will help you put these rituals into action (click on the Image) John I. Todor, Ph.D.,is a psychologist, innovation and business change leader. As a professor, his research focused on the human ability to learn and adapt across the lifespan. As the co-founder of, he curates the research on living a rich and extended life and translates it into everyday ways to reap the benefits. for speaking, workshops and coaching