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Plus Point LLC.

Our Transfer Process

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Plus Point LLC.

  1. 1. Greetings! New Plus Point Customer
  2. 2. Thank you for choosing us to transfer your timeshare! We wanted to walk you through the process to show you how we conduct your timeshare transfer.
  3. 3. There is just a few simples steps to complete this process! We Receive Info Sheet Original Deed Quit Claim Deed Recording To the Resort
  4. 4. Step 1: Information Sheet  We will receive your Plus Point information sheet and contract  At that time we will require our fees that are stated in the contract when you sign it.  One Time Processing Fee  Transfer Fee: varied by resort  We will contact you about these fees, shortly after receiving your contract. (The process will not begin till the initial fees are paid)
  5. 5. Step 2: Original Deed or Membership  We will require a copy of the original deed or the membership contract  We use the original deed to create a Quit Claim Deed  Membership contracts that are not deeded will require a transfer sheet  You may mail, fax or scan and email this to us. Address: Prairie Dog Title Co. 100 Seabreeze Blvd. Suite 130 Daytona Beach, Fl 32118 Fax Number: (386) 675- 6907
  6. 6. Step 3: Quit Claim Deed  We will create a document called a quit claim deed that is copied from your original deed, but with the new owner (Grantee) and you as the seller (Grantor)  We will send this too you to get signed and notarized.  You will send this back to us after getting it signed and notarized.
  7. 7. Step 4: County Recording Office  We will send out the Quit Claim Deed after is signed and notarized to the county to be recorded.  We might have you sign additional paperwork for the recording office.  This process depends on mail time  We will contact you once we get the Quit Claim Deed back recorded.
  8. 8. Step 5: Sent Recorded Deed to Resort  This is the final step of the transfer process.  Once we receive the recorded Quit Claim Deed back from the county, we will prepare the deed to be sent out to the resort.  The deed will be sent out along with the transfer fee to resort or the company affiliated with the resort.  Take a deep breath, we are almost done!  We will contact the resort a couple of week after sending the deed to them to confirm the transfer.
  9. 9. Is Your Timeshare Not Deeded?  There is a different process for timeshares not deeded.  We fill out a transfer sheet provided by the resort.  You get that transfer sheet signed and notarized  We send this sheet to the resort along with the transfer fee. *Bluegreen properties have changed their transfer procedures, you have to fill out a transfer request online and at the time pay a $450.00 transfer fee.
  11. 11. We appreciate you doing business with us! We Hope you enjoyed the presentation.