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ClientKudos eBook--Success Stories That Help You Grow 110905

ClientKudos writes, designs and produces great client succes stories. Companies use these stories everywhere - website, proposals, tradeshows, PR - because people love to read them and are inspired to buy. Stories engage, educate and validate so they are believed and remembered more than simply telling a list of facts. Stories help sell faster and smarter.

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ClientKudos eBook--Success Stories That Help You Grow 110905

  1. 1. Success StoriesThat Help You Sell 2011 Information E-Book ClientKudos success story solutions
  2. 2. ClientKudos In Brief• Focused on researching, writing, designing and producing client success stories• 18 years of results-oriented sales and marketing experience• Delivering high-impact, high-utility marketing communications that help you shorten your sales cycle and win more businessClientKudos Genuine Stories. Faster Sales. Effectively Simple.
  3. 3. Benefits of Client Stories• Stories invite, entertain, and inform – all in a business feature, journalistic style• Stories introduce your best salespeople – enthusiastic clients• People like to read about others in similar situations – how did someone else succeed with you and your company?• Stories persuade and inspire buying decisionsClientKudos Genuine Stories. Faster Sales. Effectively Simple.
  4. 4. Research on Client Success Stories• “A person like me” has become the most credible source of information about a company, product, or service• Lends credibility, trust, expertise and humanization – people buy from people (not companies)• Highly versatile and cost-effective – your marketing dollars go further• Use success stories everywhere: direct mail, website, proposals, meetings, tradeshows, and PRClientKudos Genuine Stories. Faster Sales. Effectively Simple.
  5. 5. Choosing Your Success Stories• Industry: What industries do you focus on and seek to attract?• Business Environment: What business issues are you helping people deal with?• Company Size: What size and shape of company would you like to attract?• Geography: Are your local market clients represented?• Product Lines: Is the scope of your products and services featured in your client stories?ClientKudos Genuine Stories. Faster Sales. Effectively Simple.
  6. 6. Success Story “Pitch Packet”Use This Overview and Process Summary When Inviting Clients To Participate: Thank you. We appreciate your interest in participating in our Client Success Story Program. Our success stories highlight clients, and the benefits and results they have achieved with our products and services. It’s a great opportunity for you to document and measure your successes, and gain positive exposure for your best-practices tactics. We strive to keep the process quick and convenient for all involved. Here’s how it works: Interview. A writer from our success story production company, ClientKudos, will contact you to schedule an interview at your convenience. The writer walks you through a series of questions regarding your experience with our solutions. Typically, interviews take 30-45 minutes. Draft review. You will receive a draft of the success story for your review. Circulate the draft to those individuals at your company that need to review it, make edits and changes, and send it back. We will then provide a clean draft for final approval. Final approval. Review for final approval and provide your permission for us to use. The total time estimated for client participation is 1 – 1.5 hours, with the interview taking the majority of that time. Success Story Use. You will receive an electronic version of the finished success story. It will be posted on our website and will also be used in sales opportunities, sales training, newsletters, direct marketing campaigns, and public relations efforts. We are grateful for your consideration regarding participation in our success story program. Please contact me for additional information or to discuss the process in more detail.ClientKudos Genuine Stories. Faster Sales. Effectively Simple.
  7. 7. 5-Step Success Story ProcessStep 1: Selection and contact. We discuss your best success story candidates. Once these candidates are selected, these individuals are invited to participate by you, and ClientKudos takes over.Step 2: Interview and writing. Our professional and approachable writers interview each success story candidate, compose the story, and add quotes and photos where appropriate.Step 3: Design. We analyze your website, marketing materials, and logo. With these elements in mind, we provide a design that complements your corporate identity and marketing materials.Step 4: Editing. You, as well as the subject of the success story, receive a proof copy, and have the opportunity to make changes. ClientKudos will edit and polish to your specifications.Step 5: Delivery. Your success stories are provided in high resolutions PDF files for printing by you or your printer. The PDF file is also available for immediate distribution by email and for posting at your website.ClientKudos Genuine Stories. Faster Sales. Effectively Simple.
  8. 8. Getting Started• Select your best client candidates based on desired profile, industries, location and solution• Invite them to participate and outline the process and their benefits as participants• Provide background on the client to the ClientKudos writer• Let ClientKudos handle interviews, research, writing, design and layout• Your success story is completed and ready for use in about 30 daysClientKudos Genuine Stories. Faster Sales. Effectively Simple.
  9. 9. Rapid ResultsTM• Direct mail campaign that leverages your success stories and other new marketing tools immediately• Targeted lead generation mailings and integration with other sales and marketing mediums: marketing kits, websites, trade shows, press kits, proposals, and industry periodicals• Direct e-mail blast with an introduction and a link to the success story• How many new sales do you need for your ROI on this campaign?ClientKudos Genuine Stories. Faster Sales. Effectively Simple.
  10. 10. Let Us Tell Your Best Stories John Stevenson 816/460 3016 office 816/500 4610 mobile We look forward to learning more about your company and your clients. Thank you!ClientKudos Genuine Stories. Faster Sales. Effectively Simple.