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R Ead Menace


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Presentation of ReadMenace's 3D work.

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R Ead Menace

  1. 1. Introduction REadMenace Portfolio Credits
  2. 2. Thank you for taking the time to review my application for position as a Reality Mod Contributor. Though I have no background or formal training in 3D modeling, in the last nine months I have worked diligently to create work that I feel is worthy of being considered for Project Reality. I see myself as filling a niche within the development team by working on ‘low priority’ projects, that might otherwise be overlooked or unfinished. Again, thank you for taking the time to review my application. Introduction
  3. 3. My name is Will Schaefer, I live with my wife Rachel in Portland, Oregon. Currently I work for a used-book retailer and contribute to In-Law’s 5 acre farm. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree last June in Small Farm Agriculture from The Evergreen State College. In July I will be applying to our municipal police force, in hopes of aiding and enriching our local community. REadMenace I have no background in 3D modeling, graphic design, or computer programming, though I am technically inclined, a quick study, and have an attention to detail that verges on obsessive. My interests include coffee, agriculture, baking and gunsmithing.
  4. 4. Portfolio Toyota Tercel 4WD SR5 Wagon Honda C100 Cub Kit Geometries Works In Progress
  5. 5. Credits [R-DEV]Z-Trooper – Thank you for encouraging me and mentoring me in my modeling, I owe my success to you. [R-DEV]CodeRedFox – Thank you for answering my most rudimentary questions and encouraging me in my move to 3ds MAX. [R-DEV]Rhino – Thank you for pausing countless hours of Supreme Commander to answer my menial questions. [R-DEV]E-Gor – Thank you for listening to my rants in IRC, and laughing at my jokes, even when they’re not funny. [R-CON]WallyJas –Thanks for giving my work a new purpose. My Wife, Rachel – Thanks for your love and support.
  6. 6. Toyota Tercel 4WD SR5 Wagon The Toyota Tercel SR5 Wagon (Sprinter Carib) is a four-wheel drive automobile with widespread distribution. I began modeling the Terc primarily due to my particular obsession with cars of this make, with the additional desire to replace the current Insurgent station wagon that is showing it’s age.
  7. 7. Honda C100 Cub <ul><ul><li>The Honda Super Cub is ubiquitous when it comes to urban travel. Similar to the Tercel, this project began with my own interest in the vehicle, and also had an application regarding Project Reality. A more organic project than the Tercel, it has given me the opportunity to work with curved and flowing surfaces. </li></ul></ul>
  8. 8. Kit Geometries The following ‘Kit Geometries’ started their life in the Summer of 2008, inspired by the imminent release of Project Reality v.8 which heralded the US Army faction. While I was excited for their inclusion, I was disappointed that their player models and kit geometries were only retextured versions of the default Battlefield 2 Marine Corps models. Unsatisfied with a simple forum post, I decided to charge my self with the task. Three hours of work yielded a high poly count, mediocre helmet. After eight months of intermittent labor, a wedding, a flood, countless revisions, and a complete loss of motivation, these were reborn to see use for the Private Security Contractor faction. The geometries are currently off to be UV Mapped by [R-CON] WallyJas and eventually bump-mapped and textured by [R-CON] Spush. Thankfully, even after the UV Mapping & texturing new kits can easily be assembled to coincide with final changes in the PSC kit load outs. Please enjoy.
  9. 12. OFFICER The first geometry I arranged for the PSC faction. While many of the kit geometries look similar at a glance, I hope the variations in object placement will increase the immersion a player feels, providing the illusion that each avatar is an individual, rather than a member of the Clone Army.
  10. 13. PILOT This geometry is the default pilot kit geometry that will render when a player has requested the Pilot kit, but will be replaced by a different geometry when the player enters the pilot’s seat of a helicopter. He is currently armed, as [R-CON]WallyJas hopes that the PSC faction’s pilots will be, but can easily be changed, if so desired.
  11. 14. RIFLEMAN With the Rifleman geometry, I moved the Individual First Aid Kit and smoke grenade pouches to the chest, which provided a more substantial appearance to the already bulky USMC_Heavy player model. The lack of hat/headgear will make this geometry stand out.
  12. 15. MEDIC The Medic’s Boonie Hat and backpack make this player’s profile unique and aids in the identification of this class, by friend or foe.
  13. 16. DRIVER With the driver kit, I hoped to convey that this class is not so much a seasoned military professional, just a trucker in a combat zone. I feel the lack of drop-leg pouches on the weak side, and a simple layout on the chest contribute to this aesthetic.
  14. 17. DOOR GUNNER The Door Gunner kit geometry is unique in that it is not directly associated with any requestable kit, nor is it intended to be. This kit is intended to render when a player enters a Door Gunner position on the MD500 helicopter. The Maxillofacial Shield provides this geometry a unique aesthetic, as does the variety of ammunition pouches.
  15. 18. AUTOMATIC RIFLEMAN Once again, through placement of pouches on the chest/abdominal region of this kit, I hoped to provide a more substantial feel to this geometry.
  16. 19. INTERPRETER As of yet, the only geometry that utilizes the ACH helmet that spawned this project, the Interpreter was my favorite kit to assemble. Intended to be used in combination with the MEC_Light player model, this kit and class contributes to the idea that the PSC faction is not simply a Black Water (XE) tribute, but a multinational (fictional) operation.
  17. 20. MARKSMAN For the marksman kit, I moved the kit’s eyeglasses to a position above the hat’s brim, this prevents any clipping issues with a telescopic sight, and provides this kit with a unique appearance.
  18. 21. PILOT Similar to the Door Gunner kit, this kit will only render when a player enters the Pilot position of a helicopter.
  19. 22. KIT
  20. 23. PELTOR COMTAC II I modeled the COMTAC II headset as two components – the ear cups and headband– allowing them to be used in conjunction with both the ACH and other headware.
  21. 24. BOONIE Probably one of the most painstaking pieces, it was a challenge creating an authentic looking Boonie, rather than an Easter Bonnet Hat.
  22. 25. ADVANCED COMBAT HELMET (ACH) The piece that was the genesis of this project, I modeled two varieties of ACH, both with and without cover. The pieces pictured are actually made up of three components –the helmet, suspension, and NOD mount– allowing the individual pieces to be used with other kit objects.
  23. 26. POUCHES Each pouch was modeled after a real world counterparts, pulling from different manufacturers. Including: ATS Tactical, Eagle Industries, EMDOM and so-on.
  24. 27. BALACLAVA While not featured in the PSC kit geometries, I modeled this balaclava –which fits all the default BF2 player models– during a period of modeler’s cramp. It weighs in about 30 triangles short of the BF2 Insurgent Shemagh.
  25. 28. HGU-56/P Comprised of three separate components –helmet, visor and maxillofacial shield– I modeled these pieces in less than four hours. I am particularly excited at the prospect of seeing these in-game.
  26. 29. EYEWEAR Variety is the spice of life. A wide selection of eyewear once again helps create the impression of individuality between players.
  27. 30. M1911A1 / Safariland 6004 Beginning life as a holstered Beretta 92FS, the holstered pistol was a great challenge –trying to maintain the lines of the pistol while keeping triangle-counts to a minimum.
  28. 31. Packs <ul><ul><li>The Eagle Industries 3-Day Assault Pack and EMDOM Hydration Carrier –both these pieces add plenty of character to the player models’ otherwise bare rears. </li></ul></ul>