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Exhibit a 6


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Supporting document (Exhibit A-6) to Appellant’s notice of appeal against a Decision Notice issued by the Information Commissioner, in accordance with rule 22 of the Tribunal Procedure (First-tier) (General Regulatory Chamber) Rules 2009. Concerns requests for information made to Humberside police to obtain the number of times the phrase "YOU CANT MAKE ME" appeared in police officers witness statements. Humberside Police relied on section 14(1) (vexatious requests) of FOIA.

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Exhibit a 6

  1. 1. IN THE FIRST-TIER TRIBUNAL GENERAL REGULATORY CHAMBER (INFORMATION RIGHTS) APPEAL: EA/2017/0161 BETWEEN: Appellant and THE INFORMATION COMMISSIONER Respondent EXHIBIT A-6 Humberside police’s Head of Crime letter of 19 November 2016
  2. 2. Criminals, Making a Difference Our Ref: CWIDEJ fI. 3.~ It Grimsoy North East Lincolnshire DN320QJ Dear Mr r Humberside Police Specialist Command Police Headquarters, Priory Road, Hull, HU5 5SF Switch board: 101 enqu 19th November 2016 You recently wrote to the North East Lincolnshire Council to make allegations of fraud and perjury against them, and to make an allegation of perverting the course of justice against District Judge Curtis. This complaint was passed to Humberside Police to investigate as it contained criminal allegations. In order to ensure independence it was allocated to a team that you have had no previous contact with. . I write to inform you that we have completed our investigation into the allegations you make. In relation to the allegation of fraud that pertains to your council tax bill, we find no evidence of dishonesty on behalf of the local authority. Further to this, the allegation of perjury you alleged was committed by North East Lincolnshire Council in relation to the use of your payments to offset the debt is also found to be unproven. Your assertion that North East Lincolnshire Council have dishonesty appropriately around £56,000 from residents cannot be supported by the evidence available. The fraud you allege that pertains to the additional debt caused by North East Lincolnshire Council using payments you made to pay costs is also not supported by any evidence. Finally, the allegation of perverting the course of justice allegedly committed by District Judge Curtis we find is without evidential support. As an additional matter we find that the complaint that witnesses involved in the trial against you in relation to the incident on 30th April 2015 gave false evidence is also without basis. You claim that CCTV was hidden but in fact this was categorically not the case. I appreciate that you will be disappointed in the findings of our investigation but I can reassure you that this was done completely independently, by an experienced Senior Investigator who has no prior knowledge of any of your previous allegations. I have also written to North East Lincolnshire Council to advise them of the outcome. Yours sincerely Christine Wilson Detective Chief Superintendent Head of Crime