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High risk merchant account


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How to get a high risk merchant account

Published in: Business
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High risk merchant account

  2. 2. What Businesses are Considered High Risk ▪ Firearms and gun parts ▪ Adult novelty items ▪ Nutritional supplement ▪ Vape, eCig business ▪ MOTO ▪ eCommerce ▪ And many more…
  3. 3. What does it mean to be categorized as high risk? Here are some reasons you might be branded a high risk merchant: ▪ Your services are of dubious authenticity to some (for example, if you’re a psychic, if or you sell non-FDA-approved nutritional supplements) ▪ It’s hard to prove you rendered your services (for example, because they aren’t tangible and their effects aren’t immediately apparent) ▪ You have a history of chargebacks (for example, because people may be embarrassed to reveal they used your services – or, because they forget they have) ▪ There’s a chance people or organizations could be shunned for doing business with you (for example, if you sell tobacco, vapes, adult novelties, pharmaceuticals, firearms…
  4. 4. What is Operation Choke Point? ▪ A legislations that went into effect late 2014 that made it harder for high risk businesses to accept credit cards as a form of payment.
  5. 5. Can banks terminate your account? Short answer: ▪ Yes! What can you do? ▪ Search for high risk processors
  6. 6. What do I do?!
  7. 7. Get ready! ▪ Prepare your paperwork ▪ Submit your history ▪ Use an accounting system; Simply using an accounting system, like QuickBooks, allows you to manage your finances better and to get qualify for lower processing rates Step 3 Use an accounting system Step 2 Submit your business info Step 1 Find a high risk processor for YOUR industry
  8. 8. Managing Charge-Backs
  9. 9. Avoid ChargeBacks! ▪ Require more info at the time of sales ▪ Pass enough info to customers’ statement to avoid confusion ▪ Beef up your security
  10. 10. Stability History Charge-Back management PCI Compliance Online Gateway 24/7 Support What to look for? Getting a new high risk merchant account can be difficult and time consuming. So, be sure to start with a good research and a full understanding of what you need. In general, every high risk business needs to make sure that the processor understands their business and have experience handling such businesses.
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