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PCC Sustainable Transport funding success


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PCC Sustainable Transport funding success

  1. 1. Portsmouth’s SuccessfulLocal Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF)bidHayley Chivers, LSTF Bid Manager and Strategic Transport Planner
  2. 2. What is LSTF The fund was established to; - Enable economic growth (in particular job creation) and - Reduce carbon through sustainable travel modes (predominantly walking, cycling, public transport). Bid packages were also required to include; -Partner involvement -Match funding -Wider benefits2
  3. 3. Portsmouth’s LSTF package A Sustainable and Connected Centre – Supporting Portsmouth’s Retail, Tourism and Wider Economy Portsmouth were awarded £5 million from the Government (supported by local contributions to a value of £2.15 million) for the following package of complementary measures: Element 1: Improving connectivity in Central Portsmouth for walking, cycling and public transport Element 2: Influencing behaviour (travel planning activity) Element 3: Marketing, information and branding activities3
  4. 4. Bid Focus •Informed by stakeholder workshops •Primarily aimed at visitors and shoppers with local residents (including Portsmouth’s 20,000 students) and commuters benefiting from increased opportunities for sustainable Contains Ordnance Survey Data © Crown copyright travel and a greater awareness of and database right 2012 travel.4
  5. 5. Objectives of Portsmouth’s LSTF • Objective 1: Improve connectivity between the City Centre, Portsmouth Harbour (Gunwharf Quays, the Historic Dockyard, and The Hard public transport interchange) and Southsea, by sustainable modes. • Objective 2: Encourage mode shift from car, for trips in Central Portsmouth (by residents, visitors, commuters, and businesses), and reduce congestion to improve ease of movement in the City Centre. • Objective 3: Make Portsmouth a more desirable place to live and work; and a more attractive location for shopping and leisure activities.5
  6. 6. Economic links• Strong economic roots in tourism, leisure and retail• Tourism accounts for 7.6m visitors p.a. spending £373m and supporting 7,000 jobs• Below average visitor spend Portsmouth (£49/person/day compared to £65/person/day)
  7. 7. Strategic Fit• Shaping the Future of Portsmouth: A strategy for growth and prosperity in Portsmouth (2010)• The Portsmouth Plan: Portsmouth Core Strategy (2012)• Southsea Seafront Strategy (2010)• The Hard SPD (2010)• Station Square SPD (2007)
  8. 8. Portsmouth’s £1bn regeneration The city is in line for a billion pounds worth of investment – bringing 16,000 new jobs, 5,000 new homes and a gigantic boost to its economy. This is through regeneration such as; •Tipner •City centre •Hard •BRT •Bridge to Port Solent •Mary Rose Museum8
  9. 9. Element 1 Improving connectivity in Central Portsmouth for walking, cycling and public transport Funding awarded for 12 specific measures9
  10. 10. Wayfinding measures •New signage •Waymarkers •On-street maps •Including walk-time information •Common branding •Removal of unnecessary street clutter •Linking three centres and Port10
  11. 11. Safe cycling and walking routes • Infrastructure enhancements • Address gaps in existing network • Safe and connected routes • Between three centres, Portsmouth International Port and Tipner park and ride • Improved pedestrian crossings • Wider pavements • Improved on/off road cycle routes11
  12. 12. Cycle parking • Improved and additional cycle parking infrastructure • Locations across the centres • Retail locations • Transport interchanges • Employment sites • Secure compound at Portsmouth and Southsea station12
  13. 13. Cycle hubs/ cycle friendly cafe• Cycle hubs are proposed at Portsmouth and Southsea station, University of Portsmouth and a potential satellite site at Tipner park and •A small scale cycle hire facility will ride enable commuters and visitors to• Highly visible focal points for hire a bike for travel around the cycle related activity City.• Offering; •At least one of these hubs will be – Repair and maintenance set up as a Social Enterprise with services support of Portsmouth Cycle – Secure cycle parking Forum and will link into existing – Lockers bike recycling projects. – Advice, information, classes and training13
  14. 14. Brompton bike hire at Portsmouth Harbour Station • A self service dock for hire of 20 Brompton foldable bikes • Located at Portsmouth Harbour Station • Attracting commuters at the transport interchange • Attracting tourists and visitors to Gunwharf Quays, the Historic Dockyard, from Gosport and Isle of Wight who want to travel onto other attractions.14
  15. 15. Improvements to Millennium Walk • Improvements to the existing route • Extension along the seafront to link Mary Rose Museum and Southsea Castle • Including interpretation panels and linking with phone apps15
  16. 16. Station Improvements • Improvements to Portsmouth and Southsea and Portsmouth Harbour stations • Improving customer experience and navigation to, from and around the stations • Consistent with Station Square Masterplan and The Hard SPD • Improvements at the Harbour station will include a canopy between the train station and Gosport Ferry16
  17. 17. Improved routes between City Centre and The Hard • A range of measures to improve bus, cycle and pedestrian access between city centre and The Hard/Gunwharf Quays • Potentially involving low cost public realm improvements on Queen Street and Park Road to inform people they are approaching an area of retail and leisure attractions for example hanging baskets, flag poles and planters etc17
  18. 18. Southsea Town Centre Improvements• Improvements on Osborne Road and at the junction of Clarendon Road/Osborne Road and Palmerston Road• Improving pedestrian and trading environment• Providing higher priority to walking, cycling and public transport• Extends the current shared space scheme in Palmerston Road encouraging more visitors to the area and prolonging the duration of their visit 18
  19. 19. Junction Improvements • Traffic management measures and changes to key junctions in central Portsmouth used to access the three centres • Giving pedestrians, cyclists and buses higher priority • Addressing the environmental issues associated with the AQMA area19
  20. 20. Re-branding of bus services • Many existing regular bus services between the city centre, Hard and Southsea • Work with bus operators to look at the branding of these routes to ensure seamless customer experience • Encouraging public transport use for these trips20
  21. 21. Park and Sail to Gunwharf Quays • Parking at Portsmouth International Port and travel onto Gunwharf Quays by boat • Improvements to the pontoon area21
  22. 22. Element 2 Influencing behaviour (travel planning activity) Funding awarded for 3 specific measures22
  23. 23. On-street travel advisors • On street travel advisors at key destinations in Central Portsmouth • Actively approach visitors and inform them about sustainable travel options within Central Portsmouth and how to reach different destinations, answer questions and encourage them to try a more sustainable option for their next trip to Portsmouth23
  24. 24. Personal Journey Planning • A programme to provide residents with information and advice on range of sustainable travel options available to them • Encourage sustainable modes for short trips to/within Central Portsmouth • Targeted at households in Southsea which have been identified as most likely to respond positively24
  25. 25. Workplace travel planning • Travel planning activity with key employers in three centres and the University • Encouraging commuters to travel sustainably • Linked to additional cycle parking at employment sites and cycle hubs25
  26. 26. Element 3 Marketing, information and branding activities Funding awarded for 3 specific measures26
  27. 27. Social marketing and travel awareness campaign • Direct mailing • Media campaigns to encourage sustainable travel with local tourist/retail offers • Special events • Public transport operators, tourist information, hoteliers, retail centres and tourist attractions will play an important role making visitors aware via their websites and other avenues27
  28. 28. Better provision of information • Dedicated website providing travel advice • Link with Visit Portsmouth website • Walking and cycling wayfinding smart phone app28
  29. 29. Common branding • A common branding approach, reflecting the wider approach across South Hampshire • Consistent with Portsmouth branding29
  30. 30. Spend breakdown£K 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 TotalRevenue fundingawarded 532.07 529.18 472.77 1534.02Capital funding awarded 1,334.59 958.15 1173.25 3,465.98Local contribution 645.60 400.08 1100.45 2146.13Total 2512.25 1887.40 2746.47 7146.1330
  31. 31. Governance• Programme Steering Group / Senior Management Board• Senior Project Sponsor – Assistant Head of Service for Transport• Programme Manager – Strategic Transport Planner• Delivery Team per project• Stakeholder Working Groups
  32. 32. Transport for South Hampshire £31m LSTF package • Awarded £17.8m from DfT • Components of the bid; – Smart ticketing and technology – Small scale infrastructure – Behaviour change32
  33. 33. £7.15m Better Bus Area Fund package • Successful in TfSH bid to DfT for £3.5m • 11 package elements; – Wi-Fi – Next stop display and announcement – Bus refurbishment – Retro-fitting of LED Lighting – Customer Service Training and Charter – Apprenticeships – Marketing – Rowner Roundabout – Smart phone App – Near field communication tags33
  34. 34. Questions? Hayley Chivers 023 9283 4672