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  1. 1. © Crown Copyright and database right 2012. Ordnance Survey Licence number 100019671.
  2. 2. © Crown Copyright and database right 2012. Ordnance Survey Licence number 100019671.
  3. 3. The draft masterplanidentifies 21 developmentopportunity sites
  4. 4. View of the city centre, looking north from Winston Churchill Avenue. The coloured blocks give an indicationof the form and massing for each of the opportunity sites.
  5. 5. View of ‘Site 1 - Northern Quarter’ and parts of ‘Site 2 - West of Commercial Road’, looking south. The diagramillustrates one indicative form and massing option for the sites.
  6. 6. An artist’s impression of Market Way, looking north from the Northern Quarter
  7. 7. An artist’s impression of ‘St Agatha’s Place’
  8. 8. Artist’s impression of the proposed layout of Edinburgh Road and Commercial Road south
  9. 9. View of ‘Site 12 - Enterprise House and Midland House’, looking north. The diagram illustrates one indicativeform and massing option for the site.
  10. 10. An artist’s impression of ‘Isambard Brunel Place’, looking west along Isambard Brunel Road
  11. 11. An artist’s impression of Guildhall Walk looking south from Guildhall Square
  12. 12. Draft Seafront masterplan- Supplementary Planning Document 14
  13. 13. Area covered by masterplan Old PortsmouthLong Curtain Moat toClarence Pier Eastney Beach Southsea Common South Parade and Canoe Lake Southsea Castle and surrounds
  14. 14. Artist’s impression – The ARTches project.New Arts & Crafts Quarter at Point Battery
  15. 15. Artist’s impression – view along Long Curtain Moat towards Clarence Pier
  16. 16. Artist’s impression – new amphitheatre and stage at bandstand field
  17. 17. Artist’s impression – waterside deck at Clarence Pier
  18. 18. Artist’s impression – entrance to D-Day Museum and Castle approachArtist’s impression – entrance to Southsea Castle
  19. 19. Artist’s impression – cafes and concessions at Speakers Corner (design of buildings for illustrativepurposes only)
  20. 20. Artist’s impression – Promenade and South Parade Artist’s impression – bandstand relocated to Rose Garden
  21. 21. Proposed watersports hub