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Does my society look big in this powerpoint


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Tony Horne presentation to the viewpoint event on 19.01.2012

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Does my society look big in this powerpoint

  1. 1. DOES MY SOCIETY LOOK BIG IN THIS Health wellbeing and choice
  2. 2. MY BACKGROUND AND BRIEF Outline of the work of the University in the area of health and social care How health features in the Big Society Agenda What might be the impact of an increased focus on social enterprise and the savvy consumer/opportunities and risks from choice /rights and challenges and localism Vs economies of scale.
  3. 3. UNIVERSITY’S ROLE IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE Award bearing programmes (undergraduate and post graduate-Continuing Professional development-agenda setting research and knowledge transfer.) (These are underpinned by an array of partnerships / stakeholder relationships and knowledge transfer.)...including the NHS funding Councils (e.g. HEFCE and RCUK), Medical and other Charities. Our taught programmes focus on work based skills- and supported by a range of equipment and facilities (e.g. High tech simulation)
  4. 4. Health taught programmes (undergraduate)  Dental Care Professionals (and Biomedical Scientist Dentists)  ODP’s  Radiographers  Paramedics Pharmacists  Speech and Language Assts  Social workers  Pharmacology  Biological Science Sports Science  Business and Leadership programmes
  5. 5. Health taught programmes (Postgraduate) Applied Psychology  Biomedical Science Clinical and Exercise Science  Geographical Information Systems Leadership in Health and Well Being  Social Care Pharmacy Practice  Research and Knowledge Transfer (RKT) Public Admin  Social Work Significant areas of activity range from basic underpinning biological science; drug design and delivery; biomechanics and human physiology, motion and communication; virtual reality and gaming; telecare; design of artificial joints.
  6. 6. HOW DOES HEALTH FIGURE IN THE BIG SOCIETY AGENDA The Big Society themes arguably underpin the current health policy reforms and developments i.e. From big government to Big society- break up of the State as monopoly provider (e.g. NHS Foundation Trusts/ any qualified provider /contestability/ competition and choice);localism / decentralisation...and partnerships. Encouragement for more social action-easier for charity / community groups to be providers. Behavioural economics (nudge theory) – a new approach to influence people’s behaviour (e.g. From sickness to wellness focus / health promotion and disease prevention.) A wider view of health (and well being.)
  7. 7. WHAT IMPACT COULD AN INCREASED FOCUS ON SOCIAL ENTERPRISE AND THE SAVVY CUSTOMER HAVE IN THE LONG- TERM? Very different networks of provision Return to the 19th Century Philanthropic principles? Empowered communities? Increased local control of public finances? Personalised budgets? Strengthen accountability to local people?
  8. 8. OPPORTUNITIES AND RISKS FOR USERS AND PROVIDERS (OF INCREASED CHOICE)Opportunities Risks More choice, responsiveness  Fragmentation? and innovation  Discontinuity? Increased personal  Inequity in provision...with some involvement in decision areas more able to drive choice making (micro and macro) and quality  Coherence of the system / Quality driven by demand / strategic planning? competition  Population will for engagement /involvement?
  9. 9. RIGHTS AND CHALLENGES- WILL USERS BE ABLE TO EXERCISE THEIR NEW RIGHTS MORE EFFECTIVELY?Will they want to?How can we empower them? (major issue re knowledgeand expertise)How do you alter the deep seated culture...theprofessional knows best?
  10. 10. LOCALISM VS SCALE (CENTRAL CONTROL)Previous attempts at decentralisation / scaling back ofbig government – pendulum?Current NHS Structural changes – CCGs / Clusters / Fieldforce.How acceptable is variation? / how level is the startpoint?