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  • latest chapter in NHS Reforms reaches Parliament 22-2-12. MPs will vote on whether to demand the publication of a secret government report into the risks facing the NHS should the changes go through.Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2104183/The-Coalition-refusing-publish-report-risks-NHS-Reform-What-got-hide.html#ixzz1n3BtA82I
  • The focus of E&S LINk’s work over the coming months will be to prepare the way for the transition to HealthWatch. Once the Pathfinder LHWO is established it is envisaged that it will also take on existing LINk work.
  • Small working group to follow up over next few months to develop some material to help people who are planning HealthWatchlocally.
  • Stakeholders and the public are being asked to contribute to the development of the HealthWatch England membership regulations. This consultation asks questions on the key issues in relation to the membership of HealthWatch England that the Department has heard from stakeholders. Consultation on the regulations for HealthWatch England Membership
  • 20120222 li nks joint meeting presentation

    1. 1. LINks joint meetingHealth and Social Care Bill update Eddy McDowall & Ann Bullen Health and wellbeing workstream leads 22-02-12
    2. 2. It’s LentIf your publicengagement strategyhad to give up onebad habit, whatwould it be?
    3. 3. Lords progress:http://tinyurl.com/5sscgpeLatest events: 8th and 13th February Report Stage with line by line examination Amendments discussed covered clauses 1 – 6, 8-14 and 19 of BillNext event: 27th February Report Stage with line by line examination
    4. 4. Lawful, or pre-emptive?“the work currently underway is taking place under thebroad powers of the Secretary of State and NHS bodiesunder existing legislation [the 2006 Act]…the arrangementof PCTs into management clusters…the creation ofpathfinder consortia are possible under existing powers inthe National Health Service Act 2006.“…redundancies in PCTs reflect the longstandingchallenge, which pre-dates the Bill, to deliver up to £20bnof efficiencies across the NHS over the next four years forreinvestment in frontline services".House of Lords, Hansard, 8 Feb 2012: Column 260
    5. 5. Ongoing debateThe government’s health reforms will do “irreparable harm” to the NHS, agroup of public health doctors and specialists, including Sir MichaelMarmot, have warned.10 october 2011NHS in peril if health reforms fail, warn senior GPs27 January 2012The editors of the British Medical Journal, the Health Service Journal andthe Nursing Times say the Health and Social Care Hill is so badly thoughtout that it will leave "an unstable system that is only partially fit forpurpose".31 January 2012Surrey health and wellbeing board backs bill2 February 2012
    6. 6. Ongoing debateHealth and Social Care Bill may compromise patient safetyA former NHS hospital Chief Executive and now senior academic at theUniversity of Exeter Business School, has warned that patient safety mayworsen if the Health and Social Care Bill is passed in its current form.2012The Faculty continues to voice concerns about the Health and SocialCare Bill and to work with the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges toseek changes as the Bill goes through the Report stage in the Houseof Lords.15 February 2012NHS reform: Difficult birth, slow recoveryA divisive NHS bill may end up being less alarming than its many foespredict18 February 2012
    7. 7. Ongoing debatePM under fire, Darzi re-emerges andLansley stays silentThe commotion surrounding PrimeMinister David Camerons No 10 health bill‘summit dominates the health headlines.Andrew Lansleys street-side showdownwith a veteran health campaigner ahead ofthe meeting. Only the inefficient need fear21 February 2012 NHS competitionNHS reforms: Lib Dems submit emergency New research from the LSEmotion to spring conference shows competition in theParty activists table motion calling for NHS – the issue that mostentire section of the bill extending agitates the opponents ofcompetition in the health service to be reform – is actually a goodscrapped thing.21 February 2012 21 February 2012
    8. 8. Key issues• ‘Don’t strip HealthWatch of its statutory status: NALM challenges Minister on downgrading of HealthWatch’ (http://www.nalm2010.org.uk/uploads/6/6/0/6/6606397/dont_let_....pdf)• Concern over words describing creation of statutory body• End of February, Government will need to state intentions• Children’s social care• Branding work continues
    9. 9. Around EnglandNorth East: LHW and HOSCNorth West: No difference between Pf and non-PfYork & Hum: Funding clarity requestedWest Midlands: CCG link to LHWEast Midlands: Some awaiting guidanceEast of England: Commissioning frameworkLondon: What does good look like?South West: Good data and public health
    10. 10. Essex• Pathfinder with joint working with Southend-on- Sea and Thurrock unitaries• Two models explored: • 1) Small core membership supported by large group of associate members, who have less formal responsibility than core members and won’t have full voting rights • 2) Membership equivalent to hospital trust structure where board members with formal responsibilities are elected from a broader trust membership• Essex and Southend LINk to be abolished by commencement of relevant part of Bill (c. July 2012)
    11. 11. Current workOngoing idea development on how Local HealthWatch willoperate. Current focus on:• Information: range of key issues for future planning, including: • successful signposting depends on good relationships with statutory partners • Connecting into what’s already there • a ‘transition plan’ from PCT PALS to local HealthWatch • importance of training and support for staff • different levels of support : signposting vs formal referrals • Importance of recording systems that work for staff and volunteers
    12. 12. Forthcoming workFurther workshops on:• communication• how HealthWatch will influence specialised commissioning• how HealthWatch can engage with whole community including people in secure settings and people in temporary accommodation (to complement learning coming from Pathfinder areas)
    13. 13. Other news• LINks workshops: www.regionalvoices.net/2012/01/free-learning- events-for-links-members/• Snap survey: through Regional Voices • Return date – 27th FebruaryLocal HealthWatch Pathfinder - survey of lead• Consultation on regulations for HealthWatch commissioners England: comments deadline Friday 2nd March• Funding should have come through for Pathfinder
    14. 14. Eddy McDowall & Ann BullenHealth and Wellbeing workstream leadseddy.mcdowall@hscpartnership.org.uk ann.bullen@hscpartnership.org.uk www.hscpartnership.org.uk