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Social Media404 Pod Camp Toronto Social Media On A Budget


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Session 2 from Podcamp Toronto 2009

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Social Media404 Pod Camp Toronto Social Media On A Budget

  1. 1. Social Media On A Budget Focus on Content, Not Tools Podcamp Toronto, February 2009 @JohnSheridan
  2. 2. Hello! My Name Is….
  3. 3. You have a cause…
  4. 4. but you don’t want to… change careers.
  5. 5. Social Media For (almost) Free The Process Assumptions Options Workshop Further resources
  6. 6. Your path to success… is using a process.
  7. 7. Social Media Paradise: OASIS This easy-to-remember framework applies to: • For profit • Marketing, PR, Comms • Sales • Non-profit • Customer Service • Recruitment & Retention • Government • Product Management • Personal programs • Advocacy • Awareness • Special causes • Fundraising • Special events • Influence
  8. 8. A Fool With A Tool, Is Still A Fool It will be a waste of time using any tool, if your audience does not use it, too. That’s why your audience research is so important.
  9. 9. OASIS Social Media 404’s OASIS: Best Practices Objectives – determine what you want to achieve first. Audience – profile your audience. Strategy – pick a path that fits. Implementation – select the technologies. Sustainment – nurture. measure. adjust.
  10. 10. Assumption: You know “O” & “A” OASIS Step 3 trategy
  11. 11. Select a “category” of tool (or two) Implementation still growing (e.g: widgets, measuring, ..) another dimension - “use” strategies (e.g: cross-posting, status donation, …
  12. 12. OASIS Step 4 mplementation
  13. 13. Now, Pick The Right Tool(s) OASIS
  14. 14. The Zero to Hero Grid self k CMS’s CMS’s hosted n (basic) (advanced) o T w e l c e h provider Social Tools Social Tools d hosted (basic) (advanced) g e Benefit/functionality
  15. 15. programming- based component- k based module- n blog- based o based T w e l discussion c e h video d mashups g branded event web social e page(s) networks blog wiki email existing social networks lifestream micro- docs blog Benefit/functionality
  16. 16. Drupal k Joomla! n Xoops Wordpress o T w e l phpBB c e h Google YouTube d Apps g Socializr e Squidoo Ning Blogger PBwiki Gmail Facebook FriendFeed Twitter SlideShare Benefit/functionality
  17. 17. LET’S MAKE ONE.
  18. 18. OASIS Step 5 ustainment
  19. 19. keep the conversation going
  20. 20. Nurture, Measure, Adjust You are the host of an ongoing conversation. Treat everyone you talk with as an important guest. Everyone is entitled to respect. Interact, gauge reaction, ask questions, give honest answers. Listen. Provide. Measure, measure, measure. Results not what you want? Do things differently. Results are good? Do more of the same!
  21. 21. In Conclusion Key Principles TO REMEMBER
  22. 22. Recap • Remember: • Listen Use a process: • People trust people • Bite Sized • Start Small • Ask for help
  23. 23. Resources Mentioned  => compare CMS platforms  label-social-networking-platforms => White Label Social Networking Software
  24. 24. what can we do for you… -bast-
  25. 25. Talk With Us