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Social media in clinical trials


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Social media in clinical trials

  1. 1. Social Media inClinical Trial Recruitment John Sharp 10/28/2011
  2. 2. The Big 3 – Twitter, Facebook,YouTube  Pervasive  Patients follow organizations, academic medical centers – interested in discoveries  FDA watching Pharma’s use of social media  Always link back to more information and a contact person
  3. 3. Engagement with online patientcommunities  Patients discussing the latest treatments, trials  Rare diseases particularly effective – NORD  More common diseases – – thousands of visitors daily  Breast cancer communities active  ALS, MS –  Peer-to-peer healthcare  Mayo Clinic – rare cardiac disease community eager to engage
  4. 4. More recruits that you canaccommodate News travels quickly via Twitter, Facebook Army of Women – with Susan Love  12 studies and 12,000 signed up in 2009 alone  Breast cancer, lung cancer, obesity studies
  5. 5. What does the Institutional ReviewBoard think?  Yet to be approved  How is this different from traditional advertising for clinical trials?  Need social media experts on the IRB  Need to begin to define best practices  What are adverse events in online research, what should be reported?
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