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Jt sharon design samples

  1. 1. John Sharon, LEED®AP [ FOLIO ]
  2. 2. The Vue Condo and Beach Club | Fort Lauderdale, FloridaThis two phase project included the preparation oflandscape planting, lighting and irrigation plans forpermitting to the City of Fort Lauderdale.Phase one of this project was for The Vue Condominium.In addition to the planting plans, an integral componentto the success of the project involved coordination withcity staff for the inclusion of a public pathway alongthe southern edge of the site. This public right-of-waywas required by the city to provide necessary accessto neighborhood residents and a safe direct means toreach the public beach located across SR A1A.Subsequent to the work at the site for the main condoproperty, the architect of record requested additionalsimilar services for the Vue Beach Club, an associatedbut separate property located on a beach front parceleast of SR A1A. The project’s location required sensitivityto plant material selection based upon soil type andsalt water tolerance and lighting requirements for turtlenesting areas.Clockwise: Vue Beach Club - Parking Area, Patio, Pool AreaJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 1
  3. 3. Entry Landscape - The Vue Beach Club, Fort Lauderdle, FL, 2004John Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 2
  4. 4. John Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 3
  5. 5. John Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 4
  6. 6. Weston Signs Package | Weston, FloridaThis comprehensive bid/build package for the Cityof Weston, Florida included over twenty individualprojects.A Careful study of proportions and condition of existingcity monument signs yielded a uniform standard forconstruction. New signs maintained the architecturalstyle of the city and provided a blueprint for future signsthroughout the municipality. Architectural signage wasfurther enhanced with tropical landscape design andcoordination with lighting and irrigation consultants.Sites were studied and new grading, planting andarchitectural detailing were provided. Projects includednumerous city monument signs throughout the city aswell as several parks, swale plantings, canal easementaccess gates and repair of damaged signs at the City’smunicipal Fire-Rescue and Police stations.Some locations, such as Dykes Road, presentedchallenging site conditions, including constrained siting,right-of-way issues and severe grading which requiredstructural retaining walls.Canal easement access areas located along the C-11canal were required at the intersections of BonaventureBlvd. + Griffin Rd. and Weston Rd. + Griffin Rd. Theseiron gates provided secured access to the C-11 canalwhile still allowing for Equestrian passage along a muchutilized recreational trail and were integrated with theCity’s monument signs employing a standard palette oftropical vegetation.Clockwise: Blatt Blvd.+ Weston Rd., Vista Park, Dykes Rd.John Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 5
  7. 7. Weston Monument Signs - Dykes Road Location; Weston FL, 2003, Landscape Design, Architectural DetailingJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 6
  8. 8. John Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 7
  9. 9. Tiger Woods Dubai | Dubai, UAEWork on this high-profile, internationalproject included architectural design andprogramming for back-of-house, public areasand guest suites and villas as well as coordination withEDSA, the master planners for the luxury resort.This collaboration was significant at the interface ofthe built structures and their siting into the landscape.Careful negotiation of levels to assure proper alignmentof site grading to floor levels and clearances for multi-level construction was an integral component to theoverall design.Design development of the Feature Entry Towersand layout of the pool area toilet/changing roomsand mechanical/storage rooms, which were siteddirectly below the pool area, transcended the purelyarchitectural and required study of the topography,circulation and programmatic concerns.Further responsibilities included in-house projectcoordination, QA/QC review of drawing sheets forproper and consistent layout and updates on aregular basis as well as external submittal coordination,management and deployment of files to Dubai forclient meetings under tight monthly deadlines.Top: Tower Elevations, Above: Pool Area Changing Rooms PlanJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 8
  10. 10. Entry Feature Tower - Tiger Woods Dubai Resort; Dubai, UAE, 2008, Architectural Design, Site Plan CoordinationJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 9
  11. 11. JFK Plaza | Philadelphia, PAThe site of JFK Plaza is strategically located at one end of a grandavenue on axis with both Philadelphia City Hall and the PhiladelphiaArt Museum.It is a point of departure, or gateway, which opens up, not only theexpanses of space, but also ways of thinking about connection, interface,and interaction.This project takes bold and deliberate advantage of the axis betweenCity Hall and the Art Museum, addressing issues of physical and visualconnection, as well as ideas about social space and the interaction ofdiverse peoples and activities.The proposed plaza conceptually acts as a “bookend” to the iconicPhiladelphia Art Museum. It’s location is significant for both its visualand physical connection. In fact, the axis brings into alignment threegenerations of Calder sculptures. The First being the famous sculpture ofWilliam Penn by Alexander Milne Calder atop City Hall, the second seenin the Swan Fountain of Logan Circle by his son, Alexander Stirling Calderand finally, “Ghost”, a mobile by the modern Alexander Calder, whichhangs in the grand stair hall of the Art Museum.Visual connection is of primary interest. The axis between the icons ofpower and poetics is unique to this city which is laid out in a generally north-south Cartesian grid. Although there are a few diagonal thoroughfares,they cannot compare with the powerful gesture of the parkway. Thepower of the axis relies heavily on the visual connection between theArt Museum and City Hall, and an intentional alignment of elementshelps achieve this effect. It is through an association of events, points, orelements along this axis that the pedestrian understands the relationshipbetween the Art Museum and City Hall as they move along the edges ofthe parkway. Obviously, the greatest expressions of the grand axis arefrom either end. The event of climbing the Art Museum steps is rewardedwith a commanding view of City Hall and the city skyline.JFK Plaza provides similar opportunities in this new park. Its grassy slopedlawn, provides a vantage point for the viewing of fireworks displays abovethe Art Museum as well as the opportunity for outdoor cinema andconcerts, a raised plinth, shaded by a bosque of River Birch, is provided forcountless other activities, and less formal alcoves along the South edgeof the site are for casual seating amongst air vents to the undergroundsubway system. These air vents have been redesigned into translucentsculptural elements that glow with a rainbow of L.E.D. lighting schemes.Top: Proposed Site Plan, Above Left: Contextual Diagram, Above Right: Conceptual Sketch, Above: Plan DetailJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 10
  12. 12. Perspective View - JFK Plaza; Philadelphia, PA, 1999, Landscape DesignJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 11
  13. 13. River Manor Condo | Wilton Manors, FloridaAn on-going project for site improvements beganwith conceptual designs for entry features for thecondominium property.Initially prepared as part of a Broward BeautifulGrant submission, close collaboration with the boardof directors and community stakeholders involvedmeetings, trips to local nurseries, research on Floridanative plants and xeriscaping. Ideas were presented tothe condo board of directors through a series of sketchplans and vignettes for areas along public right-of-wayswhich included NE 5th Terrace, NE 6th Avenue and thewaterfront along the North Fork of the Middle River.The property currently retains much of it’s original 1970’scharacter, although the community is very interestedin moving forward with plans to upgrade and improveits community appearance both for the benefit of itsownership and the surrounding neighborhood, whichhas been much more aggressive in modernizing andupdating both public and private spaces.Above: Conceptual Planting PlanJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 12
  14. 14. Conceptual Entry - River Manor Condo; Wilton Manors, FL, 2008John Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 13
  15. 15. River Manor Landscape Plan | Sketch UpAconceptual study for landscaping and sitebeautification for a condominium sited along theNorth Fork Middle River in Wilton Manors, Florida.The existing riverfront is a sparse landscape bordered onone edge by asphalt surface parking and the other bya concrete seawall. After strong tropical storms in 2005,several large shade trees were lost, exposing the facadeand parking to direct southern exposure. Subsequently,the condo association planted several foxtail palms inclusters of three. The resulting planting lacks spatial,textural and hierarchical layering to produce a richlyinhabitable space.These studies seek to provide a base of alternatives tothe existing condition and give additional visual andfunctional relief to the site. The addition of a walkingpath and areas for seating and gathering are intendedto stimulate greater use and interaction of the residentswith the site and the river.Top: Plan View Top Right: Southwest View Above: 3D Section at SeawallJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 14
  16. 16. GSA Immigration Center | Mangonia Park, FloridaThe site for this project was provided by our client, theowner of an industrial park, as a potential locationfor a new GSA Immigration Center to be located innorthern Palm Beach County. The site and facility weredeveloped as part of a competitive submittal for theaward of the project.Simple line drawings of the elevations were taken fromautocad and converted into pdf format and furtherdeveloped into full-color renderings in photoshop.The master plan, which included the proposedimmigration facility and a five building industrial parkcomplex was integrated and rendered into an aerialview, showing context and accessibility. The site planwas laid out to the specifications of local zoning codeand incorporated the necessary required parkingfor both public and secured access, while includingan artistic interpretation of one of the Nation’s mostenduring symbols of freedom and opportunity.Top: Conceptual Master Plan, Above: Conceptual Site Plan DetailJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 15
  17. 17. west elevationsouth elevationRendered Elevations - GSA Immigration Center; Mangonia Park, FL, 2007John Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 16
  18. 18. Everglades Master Plan | Sunrise, FloridaSited at the very edge of the Everglades, this mixed-use master plan presented unique challenges.The extremely long and narrow nature of the site,combined with environmentally sensitive lands andaggressive municipal codes and setbacks provedchallenging. The project, is a unique 21-acre sitesituated on the west side of the intersection of SunriseBoulevard and the Sawgrass Expressway. This site is theonly developable parcel of land located west of theSawgrass Expressway and north of I-595. Plans calledfor a corporate and commercial center at the southend of the site, a hotel and conference center and aresidential complex on the north end made up of twostructures. The first, a 10-story rental apartment andthe second, an 11-story luxury condo which wouldprovide sweeping panoramic views westward intothe Everglades landscape. The serpentine roadwaycreates an informal and elegant connection of theprogrammatic functions.Top: Site Plan Detail - Hotel/Convention Center Above: Site Plan Detail - ResidentialJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 17
  19. 19. nMixed-use Master Plan - Everglades Corporate Park; Sunrise, FL, 2006John Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 18
  20. 20. Above: Conceptual Entry Feature PlanBoca 54 | Boca Raton, FloridaThe northern 45-acres of a site that would eventuallybecome the corporate headquarters for OfficeDepot, was master planned to conform to theLight Industrial and Research Park (LIRP) district of BocaRaton.Zoning code research provided the basis of design fornumerous feasibility studies and due diligence. Varioussite configurations included retail, corporate offices,and residential components.The site investigation also included parking studiesfor both surface and structured parking facilities andcombinations of the two which could be phased inconstruction. To offset large numbers of parking spacesand hard surfaces consumed by them, alternativestrategies were developed which promoted publictransit and the use of bicycles for commuters. Notably,integration of an on-site transit node and bicyclestorage and showering facilities for cyclist. Additionally,provisions for preferred parking for hybrid and electricalvehicles was encouraged.A more detailed look into the landscaping andpedestrian circulation included public plazas, serviceaccess, entry features, signage and connections fromparking and bus stop locations to front door, all optionswere considerate to accessibility needs and reductionof pedestrian and vehicular conflicts. By pulling thepedestrian crossing at the main entry back from thestreet front, a safer path was provided for the pedestrianand visual sight lines were maintained for the motorist.John Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 19
  21. 21. nnTop: Master Plan Above: Site Plan Detail - Boca 54; Boca Raton, FL, 2006John Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 20
  22. 22. nSite Plan/Massing Studies - Condo/Hotel, Boca Raton, FL, 2006John Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 21
  23. 23. Conceptual Master Plan - Saginaw River Park, Bay City, MI, 1992 nJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 22
  24. 24. nConceptual Master Plan - Golf and Sports Complex; Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, 2001John Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 23
  25. 25. nConceptual Master Plan - Downtown Miami; Miami, FL, 2000John Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 24
  26. 26. nConceptual Master Plan Studies: Delaware Riverfront - “SouthPort”, Philadelphia, PAJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 25
  27. 27. Conceptual Master Plan: Delaware Riverfront - “SouthPort”, Philadelphia, PA nJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 26
  28. 28. WalmartVacant LotHome DepotnExisting Site Conditions: Waterfront Park, Philadelphia, PAJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 27
  29. 29. WalmartPlazaPlazaPark[ing]parking garage w/green roof parkHome DepotNew HarbournConceptual Master Plan: Waterfront Park, Philadelphia, PAJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 28
  30. 30. Above Left: Historic Photo of PATCO Line crossing the Ben Franklin Bridge, Bicentennial Station Entry, Philadelphia, PA; Igualada Cemetery, Barcelona,Spain; Above: Historic Aerial Photo of Franklin Square at the West Terminus of the Ben Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia, PAJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 29
  31. 31. Above Left: Existing Condition Above: Conceptual Sketch - Subway Entry Plaza; Philadelphia, PA; Public Urban Space; SpainJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 30
  32. 32. 6thStreetNoguchi ScuptureLower Plaza/Train PlatformWestboundUpper Plaza/Subway Station EntryUpper ParkBallfieldFountainLower Plaza/Train PlatformEastboundnSite Plan: Franklin Square Park/Subway Station; Philadelphia, PAJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 31
  33. 33. Above Left: Copleted Renovation Above [top to bottom]: Kitchen Before, Conceptual Skettch, SketchUp Model; Wilton Manors, FLJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 32
  34. 34. Visual Communications | Mixed MediaAbrief selection of visualization methods and styles,through a diverse and evolutionary knowledgeof hand and computer graphics.The ability to create high-quality visual communicationsin an efficient and professional manner is essential tothe conveyance of design ideas.The use of black/white, color, hand sketches,models, computer renderings and photographicimage manipulation is representative of a constantlydeveloping and adaptive nature. The medium canoften vary based upon the needs of the client, project,or overall presentation method, but should, at its core,be an evocative, emotive and true representation ofthe subject or design intent.Learning new visualization software is natural and relieson skills and talents developed through years of handdrawing and visual observation.A desire to advance and improve techniques andlearn new ones, including 3D modeling, animation andrendering is a challenge that provides constant visualand intellectual stimulation.Top: US Epperson Construction Photo Above: Re-touched PhotoJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 33
  35. 35. Clockwise: The New Yorker, Miami Beach, FL - 3D model - FormZ; Boca 54 Office Park Concepts, Boca Raton, FL - Colored Pen on Trace; Church StreetTower, Chicago, IL - Photoshop Rendering; Saint James Church, Clarksburg, WV - Museum Board/Wire; View from Palazzo Window, Capannole,Italy - Graphite; Luxury Townhome, Miami, FL - Mixed Media; A Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey - CharcoalBefore: Chipboard Model After: Photoshop RenderingJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 34
  36. 36. Photography | Various LocationsAnatural instinct for composition, color, lighting,form, texture and spatial relationships.These qualities are keen senses which inform and drivegood design and are evident in these examples ofphotographic exploration. A true passion for visualexpression has been manifested in these images andrewarded through recognition in national publications.The “Dome”, seen on the opposite page, was selectedas one of the top 10% of over 10,000 entries in a nationalcollegiate photography competition. The image wastaken with 35mm color slide film and was not retouchedor altered in any way. Understanding of composition,subject, lighting and color were paramount in thesuccess of this photograph.Other examples show a range of subjects includinglandscape, architecture, and objects.As an avid traveler who has visited much of NorthAmerica and Europe, photography is a way to trulysee the world around me from a larger view of theenvironment down to the specific details.Above: Battery Park, New York, NYJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 35
  37. 37. Clockwise: Dome, Philadelphia, PA; Sculpture Detail, Frogner Park, Oslo, Norway; Bridge, Vizcaya, Miami, Florida; Chihuly Sculpture, Fairchild TropicalGardens, Exhibit, Miami, FL; Spiral Stair, Greenwich, England; Industrial Landscape, Philadelphia, PA; Chihuly Pots, Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Exhibit,Miami, FLJohn Sharon [ FOLIO ] | 36
  38. 38. [ 954.647.3268 ] John Sharon, LEED®AP [ jtsharon@icloud.com ]