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Some tips on how to install and use the Libby App from OverDrive.

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  1. 1. How to use the Libby App from OverDrive Warren Public Library – January 2018
  2. 2. Meet Libby • Libby is OverDrive’s next generation app • It is designed to be simple and easy to use • It is available for Apple devices (iPhones,iPads), Android devices, and Windows 10 devices • To start using Libby, tap “Hi!”
  3. 3. Find Library • Next, you will need to add your library. Scroll down and tap “Find My Library”.
  4. 4. Library Location • If your device has location options turned on Libby will try to find the nearest library that offers OverDrive. • If does not find the correct one, simply use the search box at the top to lookup your library by name or zip code.
  5. 5. Add Library Card • After a location is selected, you will need to add your card to the Libby app. Tap “Add Your Card”. • You will be taken to a login screen. Select Warren Public Library and enter your library card number.
  6. 6. Place Hold • A book search will find both eBooks and eAudiobooks – eAudiobooks will have a headphone symbol beneath them. – Example: • If the title has holds, tap Place Hold to place that title on hold. – A hold indicator shows the approximate hold time. For more detailed information, tap the hold indicator. – Example:
  7. 7. Place Hold, Part 2 • Tap “Place Hold!” to finish placing at item on hold.
  8. 8. Place Hold, Part 3 • After you’ve placed a hold, you can read/listen to a sample, or go back to browsing titles.
  9. 9. Borrowing Items • If an item is available, instead of saying Place Hold it will say borrow. Tap Borrow to check out the item.
  10. 10. Borrowing Items, Part 2 • To complete the checkout process, tap “Borrow!”. – Note: you can adjust the checkout period by tapping the days indicator.
  11. 11. Borrow Items, Part 3 • After you’ve borrowed an item, you can begin reading or listening to it, or go back to browsing titles.
  12. 12. Reading an eBook • When you open an eBook you will be brought to Libby’s eBook reader. • Simply tap the cover to begin reading.
  13. 13. eBook Options • Tap the middle of the eBook to bring up a sidebar of options. • You can change font style, size, and more from the Reading Settings options.
  14. 14. Library and Shelf • At the bottom of the Libby are 2 links: Library and Shelf. • Shelf shows your items you have checked out, as well as holds and app activity. Here at the Loans screen we see items we currently have checked out. – The most recent item you were using is in the circle between Library and Shelf. Tap on it to quickly go back to your most recent book.
  15. 15. Shelf: Holds • Tapping on the Holds item in the Shelf shows items you have on hold.
  16. 16. Library • Tapping Library at the bottom of the Libby app takes you back to the library’s collection of eBooks and Audiobooks. • When you do a search, you can filter items by tapping the underlined links.
  17. 17. Library: Search • You can also customize search results by tapping “REFINE”. – If you only want to see titles that can be immediately checked out, select “Hide unavailable titles” from the Refine options.
  18. 18. Audiobooks • When listing to an audiobook, Libby will open an Audiobook player. • You can play/pause the audiobook by using the option located between Library and Shelf. • A timeline at the bottom shows your place in the audiobook.
  19. 19. Questions? • If you have any questions using Libby, you can get help at: – Visit Libby’s help website at: – Visit any branch of the Warren Public Library • Locations and hours: locations-and-hours/ • Warren Civic Center Library: 586.751.0770 • Warren Arthur Miller Library: 586.751.5377 • Warren Dorothy Busch Branch Library 586.353.0580 • Warren Maybelle Burnette Branch Library 586.758.2115