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  1. 1. John R. Naugle PO Box 724325 Atlanta: City of Peace Georgia: The Peace State 31139-1325 USA ​+​ ​+​ ​+​ @ATLpeace1000 ​+​@ATLpeacemaker Let Peace Sing In 2015 Request for Proposal (RFP) - Seeking Partner/Patron/Philanthropist/Professional Project Creator:​Hello. My name is John. I am the author of "The Declaration of Peace Millennium" which is a 1000-year plan for cultivating peace on Earth. This is an interfaith and secular proclamation that can inspire and support our entire Global Family (which is big and beautiful). YOU are an important sibling in our huge, extended family. Will you help me market my Declaration? WE can accomplish TWO big goals: 1) propel much future hope worldwide, and 2) mitigate/stop much future violence Project Summary: ​Please Refer Me​. With your help, we can shape the course of human history! I’m seeking a powerful Patron, Philanthropist, Publicist and/or Partner (a tech-genius?) to help me scale-up my site (​​). I want to sell ​millions​of digital copies of my Declaration (for $1 each). Project Goals: ​With the revenue I generate from my partnership percentage, it is my goal to ​fund​the organization that I have developed so that my city can eventually be formalized and transformed into a global capital of peace (it can eventually inspire our Global Family for many generations into the future)! Contact Info: ​Interested, or know someone who may be? Please send proposals here... Direct Email Address: ​ Use this Subject Heading: ​Peace1000 Proposal Options:​Would you like a copy of the Declaration of Peace Millennium to better understand the possibility of our collaboration? If so, then please follow these simple instructions: A. Go to this PayPal link: ​ B. Click the ‘Send’ option C. Enter this email: ​ D. The ‘Amount’ you send depends on what item you want: - Enter $1 if you only want a digital copy emailed to you. - Enter $10 if you want an autographed, numbered color hard-copy (8” X 11.5”) - Enter $20 if you want an autographed, numbered color hard-copy (11” X 17”) NOTE:​Each autographed & numbered color hard-copy of the Declaration comes with a numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity (COA) so the value will appreciate over time and can be passed down. To our global family’s health and dynamic future ahead, John R. Naugle