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Primary School Tuition

Website - Primary School Tuition (Maths and Science) by very Experience Tutor. I have been teaching for more than 10 years in a primary school, tuition centres and as a full time tutor. During the primary school tuition, I will not just sit down and watch the student does work. I will talk for 90% of the time, explaining concepts and questions in a step by step manner, ensuring that the student can understand the topic as much as possible.

On average, students attending my primary school tuition will improve 10 – 20 marks per subject after 3 months of coaching. If you are interested in my primary school tuition, please go to my website for more information or contact me at johntuitionsg at I will reply you as soon as possible.

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Primary School Tuition

  1. 1. Primary School Tuition for Maths & Science (West of Singapore)• Taught by Responsible & Dedicated Tutor with 12 years of teaching experience in tuition centres & school.• Click Here to visit the primary school tuition website:
  2. 2. Primary School Tuition• Patient tutor who explains Maths and Science Concepts in a step by step manner.• Will help weak students to build up their basic fundamentals during the primary school tuition.• Will teach high ability students the correct methods to answer challenging questions during the primary school tuition.
  3. 3. Primary School Tuition• Looking only for serious parents that want regular primary school tuition to help the student improve• Taking in only obedient students eager to learn, not mischievous ones.• Location for primary school tuition is in Jurong and Clementi.• Fees for primary school tuition is $35 - $45 per hour
  4. 4. Primary School Tuition• If you are interested in my Primary School Tuition for Maths and Science, please click on the link below to go to my website for more information:• Contact me through email: johntuitionsg at• Thank you.