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MusicSynk - Sync Rights Organization Billboard Article


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MusicSynk - Sync Rights Organization is a next generation licensing accelerator platform, focused on copyright Integrity, user transparency, and innovative feature sets for copyright owners and music supervisors. To request an invitation,
MusicSynk is a convergence of a dozen fractured processes, and organizes them into a noise free workflow management space.
Company Overview
MusicSynk gives copyright owners control of their content in previously unavailable ways. Each proprietary MusicSynk module is designed to remove or accelerate 40+ previously fractured steps into an organized process that shortens the distance between your copyrights and global licensees.

Your Copyrights. Your terms Your income.

MusicSynk organizes the high volume, high velocity and high value transactions of synchronization licensing, the only growing music revenue source, for copyright owners with film & television supervisors and advertising agencies. Our tools are specifically designed for licensing professionals and content owners who transact with music supervisors in film & tv, advertising, gaming, trailers, and other new media.

Sync licensing for the 21st Century
MusicSynk, sync rights organization (SRO), connects the catalogs of copyright owners to licensees worldwide; music supervisors in film and television, movie trailers, advertising, broadcast and gaming (similar to ASCAP, BMI and HFA in their respective verticals). MusicSynk collapses the sync license process from weeks into hours, with 100% copyright integrity and complete transparency.

The proprietary MusicSynk technology platform is a next generation sync licensing delivery network.

To request invitation,

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MusicSynk - Sync Rights Organization Billboard Article

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