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The Beano - Golden Ticket integrated promotional activity


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The Beano - Golden Ticket integrated promotional activity

  1. 1. • Title Overview• Golden Ticket Promotion Overview• Prize Fund• Customer Journey• Sales and RSV forecasts• Marketing Support • Television • Online • Media & PR
  2. 2. Still the UK’s best loved COMICBritain’s best loved comic continues todeliver strong sales, 74 years after firsthitting the newstand.• Price: £1.50• Issues: 50 issues p.a.• Audience: Boys 6-10yrs• Readership: 508,000• Sales p.a.• RSV p.a.
  3. 3. The monthly BEANO brand extensionBEANO’s monthly brand extension –providing readers with an extra dose ofBEANO fun and mayhem each month• Price: £3.99• Issues: 13 issues p.a.• Audience: Boys 6-10yrs• Readership: 92,000• Sales p.a.• RSV p.a.
  4. 4. UK magazine market: Primary Boys
  5. 5. The UK’s BIGGEST EVER comic promotion• FREE in every copy of and containing a unique competition entry code Start Date: 8th August Duration: 4 weeks(Redeemable via support:
  6. 6. Promotion Partners…
  7. 7. The UK’s BIGGEST EVER comic promotion• Promo Date: 08-Aug to 05-Sept• Duration: 4 weeks P/Issue Promotional Duration P/Issue• Supply: 125,000 500,000 • Supply: 80,000• Sale: 65,000 260,000 • Sale: 40,000• RSV: £97,500 £390,000 • RSV: £160,000
  8. 8. TELEVISION Campaign TV remains the best & most efficient way to reach our 6-10yr audience• 1,000 x 20” TVC – utilising key television channels and focussing on the substantial prize fund and ‘Everyone’s a winner’ promotional element • Including selected slots around The Simpsons on Sky1 REACHING audience
  9. 9. ONLINE Campaign• Revamped website • Incl. Golden Ticket Promotional pages REACHING• Display advertising within KEY UK children’s sites reaching unique users • Social Media campaign driving awareness of the promotion
  10. 10. Media & PR CampaignMajor national press coverage to include:• National launch of the new… Tonally, we dump prissy political correctness to return to our punk-pirate routes; anarchic, smash-bang-wallop hilarity with anyone who takes themselves too seriously a legitimate target (think grown-ups, bullies, bug heads, and show offs!).