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Social Media Success - The One Step You Must Do


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Social media success long term comes down to doing this one important step.

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Social Media Success - The One Step You Must Do

  1. 1. THE MONEY DUMMY BLOGOne Must Do Thing ForSocial Media SuccessBy John Paul AguiarSocial Blogging
  2. 2. You Must LEAVEYou Must LEAVE To Have Social Media Success!The reality is that social media is just one piece of your marketing puzzle. Atleast I hope it is.Would you spend day and night in a forum?Would you spend all day and night writing articles?Would you spend all day and night bookmarking?I know for me, the answer is a BIG hell no and I’m pretty sure that’s youranswer too.Yet you have no problem staying on social media morning noon and night.Crazy right?
  3. 3. Remember You Blog?The thing you set up to build your marketing around?A place to connect with your readers?Now, I love social media and I have been using it a VERY long time.It’s been a big part of my blogging success, but it’s not the ONLY part.No matter how great social media is, I also know when to take some time offand focus on other things that will benefit my blogging business.
  4. 4. Work SM Like A PartyShow up, connect with people, have some fun, leave an impression, thenLEAVE!You ever have a party and at the end of the night all you want is your bed butyou got that one person that just doesn’t want to let the party stop?Annoying right?Staying on social media sites morning noon and night will have the sameeffect to people around you.You’re the annoying one that won’t go home…Not a good look buddy!And yes this applies to the people that schedule everything and walk away. Ifyour posting, people will assume you’re there, so still not a good thing.
  5. 5. Why You Need To Leave SMWhy you must take a break from Social Media to have long term SocialMedia Success!Go outside, enjoy the “real world” - this will help you refresh and come backwith new ideas, experiences to share and grow from.Social Media is a only a piece - Spend some time focusing on othermarketing channels. Some pay off just as much as social media and some payoff in the long run, but all worth your time just as much as SM.Learn to manage your time better - It will surprise you at how much you canget done in a day if you’re not popping into social media sites all day. This oneI learned first-hand sadly haha
  6. 6. The Wrap Up…At the end of the day social media success comes from…being present at the best times of the day for your followerssharing great contentconnecting with great peopleknowing when to take a break Trust me, it is ok to take a little break here and there… You have my permission
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