14 Ways To Gain Reader Trust


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14 Ways to gain reader trust and turn readers into customers.

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14 Ways To Gain Reader Trust

  1. 1. THE MONEY DUMMY BLOG14 Ways To Gain YourReaders TrustBy John Paul AguiarThe Social Blogging Entrepreneurwww.JohnPaulAguiar.com
  2. 2. Show YouIntroducing yourself with a picture and small bio at the very beginningof your blog is the best thing you can do to build trust.Also make sure to have that bio box push people to read more onyour About Me page.Readers build trust and relationships with people not websites.
  3. 3. Share YouBlogging about yourself makes your readers connect with you fastersince they will start to get to know you beyond your blog.Sharing your life outside of your blog makes people relate to you fasterand on a more personal level.Now don’t go over-board with this.Remember to keep your blog posts targeted to what your blog is about.But throwing in a post here and there about personal plans or vacationsplans or whatever is perfectly fine.People buy on emotions, so getting your readers to relate to you on amore personal level is a smart thing to do if you want to develop thatreader into a customer.
  4. 4. Be YouThe best way to get your readers to connect with you is to BE YOU.That means to share your personality thru your writing.I like to say that if I meet one of my readers in a bar and have a conversationfor 5 min they will know who I am with me telling them.Because I write like I talk, I’m a smart ass in my writing because I’m a smartass in person. I don’t play games, sugar coat or hide anything in my writingbecause I don’t do any of that in “real life”!You can’t share you and your personality if you’re trying to write like asuperman version of yourself. You need to know your personality lane and Stay In It!
  5. 5. Be Up-Front and TransparentDon’t half-ass your blog posts or anything you share.Writing from real personal experience is a powerful way to get your readerstrust.It doesn’t matter if your personal experience is good or bad, they willappreciate your honesty. It also let’s your readers see that you’re notperfect, and that you’re a real person that is still learning too.If you tried a product or tactic that worked, great share the FULL details of howyou made it work.If you tried a product or tactic that didn’t work, great share why you think itdidn’t work for you and how it may work better next time.If your upfront and honest in your writing, your readers will respect that andremember that when it comes time to share a product or service sales pagewith them.
  6. 6. Share Helpful ContentNo matter how great your writing is, if it is not helping your readers they willstop reading at some point.Most bloggers/marketers will tell you to not be to helpful or give all yourinformation away, but reality is you should write wide open. You will never giveall you know away to the point that people will say…“I’m not buying your product because I know everything from your free blog”What will happen is they will be blown away but what you share on your blogfor free, that they will be thinking…“If JP gives all this great helpful info for free, I can’t wait to buy his product andsee what’s in it”Remember, blogging is about giving up front and benefiting from all that givinglater on.
  7. 7. Reply To EverythingYou CAN’T have a relationship with your readers without conversation.That is why replying to a readers comments or emails is so important sincethese are the only real opportunities you have to have a 2 way conversationwith them.Letting your readers see that you care about them and their opinions is apowerful thing, so when you have the opportunity to show that.. you mustjump on it!
  8. 8. Sell Your StuffSelling YOU and how YOU can help your readers is the best place to be toturn a reader into a customer.If people read you blog regularly and look to you for help and advice, then itmakes sense that they would rather buy you then the next guys product thatthey don’t know.ex: I share my posts and other peoples posts on Twitter daily. I actually sharemore of your stuff them my own. Yet my posts get shared more.Why? , they followed me not you. They followed me to hear from me.I’m pretty sure this is how it works for you too. Your stuff gets shared morethen when you share mine or other people’s.It works the same with your blog. Your readers want to learn from you, not theother guy.
  9. 9. Trust FirstA friend shared something on trust the other day.And my answer was “If you want people to jump, you need to jump first”I learned this first hand when I released my Twitter Dummy guide 2 years ago.I fought with the idea of offering a 30 day money back policy. My thinking wasthat people would buy and then ask for a refund and get the guide for free.After some back and forth, I finally decided to offer the 30 day policy and amhappy to say I was very wrong.1000+ sales later, I have had 3 refunds, 2 weren’t happy with the guide andone was a refund request 2 min after the sale.So what I was worried about ONLY happened ONE time in 1000+ sales.Trust first – You will benefit in the end!
  10. 10. Just Say YesThis builds off of trusting your readers.Take the “customer is always right” mindset a step further and say yes in thefront way before they are a customer.If a reader emails a question, answer it.If they need a little help, say yes.If they ask for a tweet or a share, say yes.The more helpful you are to your readers/visitors the faster they will comeback and become a customer.Now this doesn’t mean to let people take advantage of you and your time. Ifyou feel someone is, then just drop them quick.
  11. 11. Follow Thru On Your WordThe internet moves fast and so do your readers. One way to stand out andgain trust is to do what you say you will do when you say you will do it.Simple right?If someone leaves a comment, then try to reply to it as soon as you can whilethey still remember leaving the comment. This will also give you a betterchance at them coming back again to re-comment and keep the conversationgoing.If someone emails you with a question, try to answer it as soon as they send it.When people have a problem it can be all they think about all day. If you replyto them and help them as soon as they reach out the happier they will be.Giving solid support before your reader is a customer, is a great way to getthat reader to BECOME a customer.
  12. 12. Use TestimonialsThere is nothing more powerful for a blogger than honest, real testimonials.No matter how much some people like you, they will always have a little doubtabout becoming your customer.Having testimonials for people to read is the best way to relax theirdoubt…Period!
  13. 13. Attract With Good DesignI am all about having a unique blog design, to me having a unique design is aeasy way to get people to remember you and stand out.If you look around at other blogs, many of them look the same, they all havethe same feel, and color scheme. It gets old fast hahaA unique blog design will have the same effect as a pretty well design salespage. It will automatically make people feel the product or service you share itbetter just because of how you packaged it.
  14. 14. Use Social Media…RightAs a blogger you know you need to be on social media sites to connect and buildrelationships. The other benefit is it’s one big ongoing testimonial for you if you work itright.The more your readers see you on all the social sites and the more they see positivethings being said about you and what you share, the faster they will trust you.On your blog you control everything…If you want a negative comment erased, you erase it.If you get negative feedback, no one sees it.You know blogging isn’t just about your blog island anymore. Now you need to be onsocial media sites and there you have very little control, and your readers know this.It is very powerful to have positive things being said about you and your blog across allsocial sites if you want to build reader trust.
  15. 15. Stay In Front of ThemNow that you are doing all the right things to build reader trust, you now needto keep doing it over time. Trust is not something you will gain quickly, butonce you have it, it is yours to lose.How do you keep that trust?You need to stay in front of your readers so they don’t forget you.Keep your content quality up.Blog on a regular basis.Email them weekly with something helpful. (not always about business)Give something away free, like a ebook or video.Keep sharing and helping and stay consistent if you want to keep and growthat readers trust.
  16. 16. The Wrap Up…Gaining reader trust doesn’t have to be a complicated thing. You just have towork at it and stay consistent and be real.Think about the things you would want and the ways you would want to betreated as a reader or customer and deliver that to you readers. Without trust, you will have no customers!
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