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Diferrent Types of Brushes for Cleaning Purpose


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We are the most popular industrial brush distributor. We will provide the best choice of your brushing requirements. You can buy abrasive brushes, platers brush etc.

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  • wow!! there are so many brushes for cleaning & painting.. I din't knew that.. Thanks for the info..
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Diferrent Types of Brushes for Cleaning Purpose

  1. 1. Different types of brushes for cleaning purposes
  2. 2. Types of Brushes  abrasive brushes  brass wire brushes  industrial brush  wire wheel brush  platers brush  artist paint brush  hole cleaning brushes  flue brush  tube cleaning brushes  scrub brushes  typewriter uprite brush  shoe handle style platers brush etc.
  3. 3. Pictures of Style Brushes
  4. 4. Copper Center and Conflare Brushes
  5. 5. Condenser, Flue and Gun Brushes
  6. 6. Scratch, Platers and Utility Brushes
  7. 7. Stem-Mounted-End-and-Utility-Brushes
  8. 8. Miniature Brushes
  9. 9. Manuel Hand Tube Brushes
  10. 10. Power tube, internal cleaning brushes
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