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Iu methodist family medical center


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Iu methodist family medical center

  1. 1. IU Methodist Family Medical Center and thePatient-Centered Medical Home Model Kaitlyn Aiello John D. Patton MHA Capstone April 23, 2011
  2. 2. IU Methodist Family Medicine Center (IUMFMC) Largest outpatient site in IU Family Medicine Department Training facility for IU School of Medicine Family Practice Residents Mission: Promote optimal health for individuals, families, and the global community and provide continuing and comprehensive patient care and deliver excellence in family medicine through innovative medical education and practice-based health services research. Vision: Provide accessible, cost-effective health care to all individuals and families through national and international participation in medical education and research that make a significant difference in the lives of people.
  3. 3. Project Goal Examine the operational, financial, and systems feasibility of the IU Methodist Family Medical Center achieving certification as a Patient Centered Medical Home.
  4. 4. Patient-Centered Medical Home A health care setting that facilitates partnerships between individual patients, their personal physicians, and the patient’s family.
  5. 5. Patient-Centered Medical Home
  6. 6. Principles of the PCMH Personal Physician * Physician directed medical practice – Behavioral Health – Dental Whole Person Orientation – Acute, chronic, preventive, end of life Coordinated Care – Registries, information technology, health information exchange – Culturally competent – Linguistically appropriate
  7. 7. PCMH Standards Access and Communication Patient Tracking and Registry Functions Care Management Patient Self-Management Support Electronic Prescribing Test Tracking Referral Tracking Performance Reporting and Improvement Advanced Electronic Communications
  8. 8. Must Pass Elements PPC1A – Written standards for patient access and patient communication PPC1B – Use of data to show meeting this standard PPC2D – Use of paper or electronic-based charting tools to organize clinical information PPC2E – Use of data to identify important diagnoses and conditions in practice PPC3A – Adoption and implementation of evidence-based guidelines for three conditions PPC4B – Active support of patient self-management PPC6A – Tracking system for tests and to identify abnormal results PPC7A – Tracking referrals with paper-based or electronic system PPC8A – Measurement of clinical and/or service performance PPC8C – Performance reporting by physician or across the practice
  9. 9. Project Objectives1. Examine current process in place at IUMFMC through staff and management interviews to identify immediate noticeable barriers.2. Study and analyze NCQA PCMH certification process and compare to current IUMFMC practices.3. Offer recommendations on any PCMH elements where operational, personnnel, or information technology gaps exist.
  10. 10. PPC-PCMH ScoringLevel of Qualifying Points Must Pass Elements at 50%Level 3 75-100 10 of 10Level 2 50-74 10 of 10Level 1 25-49 5 of 10Not Recognized 0-24 <5
  11. 11. IUMFMC Gap Analysis Strategic Current Deficiency Action Plan Objective StandingPPC 1 A. 10 of 12 items Email consultations Add emailingProcesses Patient portal capabilities to current websitePPC 1 B. Email and website 1 A.Results response times PolicyPPC 2 A. 14 of 18 items Marital Status Upgrade June, 2011Basic System for Voluntary self-Managing Patient identified race/ethnicityData Email address Billing codes for services
  12. 12. IUMFMC Gap Analysis Strategic Current Deficiency Action Plan Objective StandingPPC 2 B. 9 of 10 items Status of age- Available if given atElectronic System appropriate preventive facility.for Clinical Data services Recommend (immunizations, requesting screenings, counseling) information from patient and scanning into record.PPC 3. Currently meetsCare Management or exceeds all elementsPPC 4 A. 1 of 2 items Identify and display in Language assistanceDocumenting the record the is available.Communication language preference ofNeeds the patient and family.
  13. 13. IUMFMC Gap Analysis Strategic Current Deficiency Action Plan Objective StandingPPC 4 B. 6 of 7 items Provides educational Provides resources,Self-Management resources in the language but not documented.Support or medium that the patient/family understands.PPC 5. Currently meets orElectronic exceeds all elementsPrescribingPPC 6 B. 5 of 6 items Retrieve imaging text  IUMFMC already hasElectronic System reports directly from some imaging and labfor Managing Tests source services available onsite. Retrieve images directly Recommend an from the source upgrade to current HIS Flag duplicate tests with features that ordered address these missing Generate alerts for items. appropriateness of tests ordered
  14. 14. PPC 7 – Referral Tracking Must pass element Origin of the referral Clinical details Tracking status Administrative details
  15. 15. PPC 8 – Electronic Reporting – External Entities Transmit 10 or more nationally approved performance measures to an external entity Currently produces the reports – however, they are not transmitted to the public
  16. 16. PPC 9 – Availability of Interactive Website Request appointments Request referrals Request test results Request prescription refills See elements of their medical record Import elements of their medical record into a personal health recored
  17. 17. PPC 9 – Electronic Patient Identification Need clinical review or action Taking a particular medication Need preventive care Need specific tests Need follow up visits Might benefit from disease or case management support
  18. 18. PPC 9 – Electronic Care Management Support Communicate with disease or care managers Web-based educational modules for patients with three clinically important conditions
  19. 19. Recommendations Update Current Electronic Health Record – Include basic patient information such as marital status, race, language preference, – The ability to store age-appropriate preventive data – Test Tracking – Referral Tracking
  20. 20. Recommendations Interactive Website – Allow patients access to their medical records – Secure e-mail access to provide communication between patients and clinicians – Web-based educational modules – Report results on nationally approved measures to their patients and the public
  21. 21. Timeline For Implementation
  22. 22. Mock NCQA Assessment Currently score 91 out of a possible 100 points Meet 9 of the 10 Must Pass Elements Level 1 certification