Regions of the United States: The Northeast


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A Power point about the people, landforms, states, etc. of the Northeast Region of the United States.

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Regions of the United States: The Northeast

  1. 1. The NortheastThe Northeast Regions of the United States
  2. 2. States of the Northeast and their capitals: Maine- Vermont- New Hampshire- New York- New Jersey- Massachusetts- Connecticut- Rhode Island- Delaware- Maryland- Pennsylvania- Augusta Montpelier Concord Albany Trenton Boston Hartford Providence Dover Annapolis Harrisburg
  3. 3. HistoryHistory • Known for the Pilgrims, the first English- speaking settlers of America • Boston, New York, Baltimore, and Philadelphia are among the Northeast's oldest cities.
  4. 4. The People of the NortheastThe People of the Northeast • The population of the Northeast is about 57 million people. The people mostly live in cities and suburbs. • The people in the Northeast work in mostly "service" jobs. There is also a great deal of manufacturing, too. Goods such as clothing, books, paper, and electronics are popular items made in this region.
  5. 5. What borders the Northeast?
  6. 6. Physical Landforms of the NortheastPhysical Landforms of the Northeast Coasts • A coast is any part of land that is next to the ocean • Coastal Plains are flat lowlands that lie along the Atlantic Coast. The Coastal Plain has sandy beaches, wetlands, and rich farmland • The term “East Coast” is often associated with the stretch of land between Boston and Washington D.C. • Major cities are often located along coasts
  7. 7. Physical Landforms of the NortheastPhysical Landforms of the Northeast PlainsPlains • A plain is an area of land with relatively low relief — meaning that it is flat. • A plain can be a grassland, but plains in their natural state may also be covered in shrubs, woodland and forest • Plains occur as lowlands and at the bottoms of valleys but also on plateaus at high elevations. • In the Northeast, the Plains start at the Appalachian Mountains and extend to the Rocky Mountains. • The Northeast also has the Coastal Plain starting at the Atlantic Ocean
  8. 8. Physical Landforms of the NortheastPhysical Landforms of the Northeast MountainsMountains • A mountain is a natural elevation of the Earth's surface with steep sides and taller than a hill. Appalachian MountainsAppalachian Mountains • A stretch of mountains that start on the Canadian Island of Newfoundland and run southwest ending in Alabama.
  9. 9. Weather of the Northeast • The Northeast is a region that has a cold winter, hot or warm summer, and wet • The Appalachian Mountains as well as the moist, cool Atlantic Ocean contribute to the weather of the Northeast. • The mountains trap the cool air as well as cause rain to occur by pushing the cool, moist air up.
  10. 10. ForestsForests • Forests are the main type of vegetation of the Northeast. • Needleaf trees, broadleaf trees, ferns, fungi, and mosses are found here.
  11. 11. This map shows how the population of the Northeast is the largest toward the Atlantic Coast and is most dense in the stretch between Washington DC and New York City.