Hyper-Local Social Media and Healthcare


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30 thoughts and examples for using local content in Twitter to help healthcare organizations.

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Hyper-Local Social Media and Healthcare

  1. 1. @mayoclinic has good info, why should I listen to you?
  2. 2. John Norris: Thoughts on Hyper-Local Social Media for Healthcare Organizations
  3. 3. All healthcare is local.
  4. 4. Social media helps a person participate in a community.
  5. 5. Services, like Twitter, allow one to be active in a world- wide community.
  6. 6. It's time to think outside the box...
  7. 7. ..and into the local community.
  8. 8. What might that look like?
  9. 9. Here are 30 thoughts and examples.
  10. 10. Tell people what is happening around them-
  11. 11. BluSam Watch out for the 24 hour flu. Keep those hands washed. Our Pediatric Clinic has seen a lot these last week. Dr DaveC
  12. 12. Develop different channels depending on people's needs-
  13. 13. BluSamInsider Parking Lots A and B are pretty full at the moment. Try C or the metro. By 2:00pm things should be better- TheParkingLotCrew (JimG)
  14. 14. Push the useful information to the edges...
  15. 15. BluSam Wiping up after flu? Use bleach with water. 1Tbl bleach + 1 Qrt water. Mix fresh daily. DaveC (Environ Service)
  16. 16. ...and give action-
  17. 17. BluSamAsthma Grass and mold allergies are up in town. Try staying inside, do not use clothes dried outdoors. (Dr. Morse, Allergist) -JohnN
  18. 18. Ask for feedback-
  19. 19. BluSamBabies July Lamaze class next Tues. Keep up those exercises! Try the one with the towels and let me know before. CindyB
  20. 20. Provide services-
  21. 21. BluSamPill 4:30pm. Taken your afternoon pills? Leave them near where you prepare dinner to help remind. (Also KBVR says commute is heavy.) JimB
  22. 22. Utilize local resources-
  23. 23. BluSamC-vivors New yoga DVD's (“Dr E's Yoga”) at downtown library helps strengthen and calm. Check them out, or buy online. (AnneF, Med Librarian)
  24. 24. Introduce people to other places-
  25. 25. BluSam Nutritionist Anne says Linda's Deli now has green salads. Ask for lemon water (not on menu.) ~VibinM
  26. 26. Introduce people to other people-
  27. 27. BluSam Eat fresh and healthy. Blueberries are coming in! Follow @ohsufarmmarket for locally grown foods. SreeK
  28. 28. Bring value and engage the community-
  29. 29. BlueSamFit Post Office to Central park is ~1 mile, PT's sez add in monkey bars for the upper body. Anyone have a fav routine on the bars? >JaneT<
  30. 30. Help people directly-
  31. 31. BluSam Too hot? White Top Cinema is air conditioned. Mention JohnN @ BluSam for $1.00 off (sorry, today only, 1st 20 tickets) LuisB
  32. 32. Create a community for your guests-
  33. 33. BluSamInsider Downstairs Lobby half full. Oldest Mag is only March 09, Nat Geo! Ask reception for a pager -MauraM
  34. 34. Mitigate suffering-
  35. 35. BluSamInsider Now Showing in our waiting rooms: Pediatrics-cartoons, Lab-news, Ambulatory-meditative. Ask reception for pager to roam free.JimB
  36. 36. Value other members in your community...
  37. 37. BluSamPill Taken noon pills yet? @GrmaGina says it's her birthday, so raise your glass in a toast! Many happy returns! JackB
  38. 38. ...and keep their confidences-
  39. 39. BluSamC-vivors Reminder: You are whom you follow. Keep your interests private. No need to Follow my feed. Read it on BluSam website. JillB
  40. 40. Enable healing in your community, with or without you-
  41. 41. BluSamFit Calming Spaces? East end of Pioneer Park features woods, and tables. (It is a bit remote 'tho) Other places? #CSinCVO Dave PsyD
  42. 42. Humanize your organization-
  43. 43. BluSam Cardio-Staff Favorite Salad: 2 C Spinach, 1T Balsamic, .5t Tarragon, .5t Sugar, 2 Strawberries. Others? <DrJones>
  44. 44. Social media is more like a radio than a book...
  45. 45. BluSamInsider Pastor Yahn is in Blood Lab's lobby, and her office hours start at noon. Drop ins welcome. Tell her I said Hi! :-) TimN
  46. 46. Social Media is more like a book than a radio-
  47. 47. BluSamFit Situp Challenge Week 5. Increase number by ~5%. Do half of them with feet above head on chair. Let me know how that feels! -CindyB-
  48. 48. Address current topics in your community, wherever you find them-
  49. 49. BluSamFun No offense to the fans, but last night's “Crime Scene Nurse” showed evidence gathering illegal in our state. (Still enjoyed it, 'tho) BillA
  50. 50. When you publish is also important-
  51. 51. BluSam Still up at this hour? Get 8 hours of sleep. Set routine. Lights out. LizV (Sleep Clinic Tech)
  52. 52. If you have a message for only a few, tell everyone why-
  53. 53. BluSam ~8% of our town is diabetic. Our hospital cafe lets folk sample helpful dishes. Other healthy restaurants in town to try? -BillA
  54. 54. Other messages may need to be private-
  55. 55. BluSamFun OK, I take back what I said about “Crime Scene Nurse” (and have DM'd a few folks to be sure we understand each other...srry) BillA
  56. 56. Be generous in your apologies-
  57. 57. BluSamInsider @CorvallisHealth. Sorry about the wait time in the Lab. Parking lot re- striping caught us. Won't tomorrow! TheParkingLotCrew (JimG)
  58. 58. Help people plan a healthy life-
  59. 59. BluSam4cast Nxt week:Temps 55-80. Grass pollen high. UV high. Air Quality Good. Flu activity low. <JuanC>
  60. 60. You have a lot of experts. Use them. Respect them-
  61. 61. BluSamAsthma Lilacs about to bloom. Lavender likely next. -LindaV Grnd Crew Sup
  62. 62. Assist guests and help staff-
  63. 63. BluSamInsider Can't find the cafeteria? “Bite Food, Rest Contented” Elevator B to the 1st floor, take a Right, to the Cafeteria. Other pneumonics? <RajP>
  64. 64. Ask questions-
  65. 65. BluSam If Ped clinic stayed open until 9pm, would you mind us not opening until 8am? Just asking... #BluSamHrs (JillF)
  66. 66. Be there-
  67. 67. BluSamC-vivors MariaJ & I can't make the whole lap swim, but BluSam will sponsor first 3 people who ask us at the event. #LapSwim4Svr <JillC>
  68. 68. And most of all...
  69. 69. ...celebrate your community-
  70. 70. BluSam Tweetup this noon at Central Park bandstand. I'm bringing the fruit pops and icewater. <JohnN>
  71. 71. Because all healthcare is local.
  72. 72. This slide show is from a presentation based on some ideas I tweet about on @John_Norris #hcsm. The ideas are not platform specific, but are really about a change in perspective. I am a Biomedical Informaticist focused on patient/ provider and patient/patient communication. Feel free to contact me. John-Norris.Net
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  77. 77. Thoughts on Hyper-Local Social Media for Healthcare Organizations EULA: This slide show is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by- sa/3.0/) Individual illustrations have their own licenses as cited. By John Norris john-norris.net ;-)