FPMPAM Sarawak Medical Camp 2.5


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The Fun Part

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FPMPAM Sarawak Medical Camp 2.5

  2. 2. We left KLIA with 33 pieces of checkin luggage. Mainly boxes of drugs carefully labelled by Garrick and Poh Teng. We all travelled light to help save extra cost of excess luggage, resulting in some wearing one pair of jeans for 7 days. That was duely pointed out The cabin luggage was so full on the flight to Kuching that one piece of cabin luggage got displaced, providing our first “hiccup”. It was later found.
  3. 3. At Kuching Int Airport, Poh Teng is busy counting the boxes of drugs. All came through safely. The missing luggage was a piece of cabin luggage. Later found
  4. 4. Supper ( 11.30pm ) at 101 Rest Kuching. Here I collected my hand sanitisers and glucometers. 101 Rest – Satay was decent. Hokkien mee was below par. Maybe it was too late?
  5. 5. On the morning of 28th May 2015, there was a morning “free and easy” The team went trekking to the waterfall and river just beyond the Kg Duyoh Homestay. I did not join them for fear of my Left THR
  6. 6. They are sure having a good time. Wonderful
  7. 7. Lunch at Kg Rantau Panjang, on site. For me, water and Kolomee will do Then air con break at YB’s office.
  8. 8. Tea or dinner at Kg Bogag Camp. Eat whenever you can. Free and easy eating
  9. 9. Dinner at Kg Duyoh Homestay. Simple buffer. The curry was great
  10. 10. Dinner at Kuching after Camp 2.3 at Kg Rantau Panjang. Seafood Restaurant. The vege was great and also the fish. The whole team with Impian Volunteers. Dinner courtesy of FPMPAM Then back to Hotel, bath and sleep.
  11. 11. What is the largest vein in the body? While we were in YB’s office for Air Con break, this riddle was asked. A certain medical student answered and was thoroughly embarrassed with her answer. Guess what? Guess who?
  12. 12. Dinner at homestay. Food tasted good. Hunger or great food or ambience.
  13. 13. Always good when YBs come a calling to cheer us up. He is with us, and for us.
  14. 14. Thank you dinner hosted by YB Christina Chiew Peking Duck with adequate alcohol. This was the last night. Tomorrow many must return back to Semananjung.
  15. 15. Dr Margaret Leow This picture does post a small intrigue. Whose hands are on Dr Margaret Leows shoulder and waist? Care to guess?
  16. 16. That was a nice Reisling, I picked up in Kuching near Hotel Some of these young girls can drink. Believe me.
  17. 17. 31st May. Time for some to return back to Semananjung. 7 left and 13 stayed back to celebrate Gawai with the locals
  18. 18. As some left for the airport, some visited the Kuching Riverfront. I was just too tired after a failed attempt to the Serikin market.
  19. 19. This boat is a bit crowded. But all looks happy and cosy
  20. 20. On 31st May night, for those of us staying back for Gawai, our logistics partner arrange for us to visit Annah Rais, where there is a traditional longhouse. The journey to Annah Rais from Hotel, was really challenging. Narrow and winding. 90 mins. A couple pewed and one nearly pewed ( saved by “fong yow” ). This pic is at Annah Rais. I am not sure what camera technique this is.
  21. 21. At Annah Rais. The traditional gongs Preparing for Gawai tomorrow
  22. 22. Gawai at Kg Biawak, Lundu, ( near the Indon border ). The headman can out to greet us and also address us.
  23. 23. As you can see, the famous Tuak bottle. There is carbonated drinks. Fatty meat is everywhere. Quite nice. Quite tough. Cakes too, very sweet The cups are there. Everyone drinks from them. I did not notice cups being washed. Water is scarce. They offered me. I also drank from those cups.
  24. 24. Sweet cakes and cookies Lemang and curries Of course beers and Tuak
  25. 25. Costumes and traditions. Fun and laughter
  26. 26. Some of the houses were near the Indon border
  27. 27. This lady when with us and every house is her relative. She must be the head lady of this village. She said to call her “aunty”
  28. 28. Our host took us to a nearby Homestay with a stream and pond and ask if we would like a dip. Looking at the water, we decline
  29. 29. One car when back to Kuching Hotel The other van detoured to the Beach nearby
  30. 30. Memories. It will soon get blur and blurer, and blurer. FPMPAM Sarawak Medical Camp 2 comes to a close. Goodbye Kg Bogag, Kg Serikin, Kg Rantau Panjang, and Batu Kitang. It was our pleasure to be with you. Thank you Impian Sarawak. Thank you so very much. You did great job. We owe you one.