FPMPAM Sarawak Medical Camp 2.4


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Day 4: Batu Kitang

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FPMPAM Sarawak Medical Camp 2.4

  1. 1. Day 4 Medical Camp at Rumah Aziz Campsite is to left of pic. we are standing on the road which is part of the Campsite ( seating area ). This group photo was taken at 4.45 pm after we have closed the Camp. The Camp was closed at 4 pm as the patients had stopped coming, and Encik Aziz needed the house back to prepare for Gawai.
  2. 2. Station 1. Where it all starts. For today, they will screen 197 patients, from 8am-12 noon, and 2-4pm Great group. Always smiling while working
  3. 3. We were by the roadside. The morning sun was hot and heating all around including bodies and chairs and tables These volunteers were trying to put up shades to cool us down
  4. 4. And they came, about 197 of them. The young The very young The very old
  5. 5. The main consult room is in the main hall of the house. The inside dining room next to kitchen is for the dentists Fans are fanning away as it was hot and humid.
  6. 6. They waited in the pouch. It was hot. There were 2 fans at full blast It was still hot, very hot
  7. 7. Thank you - Team The frontliners who get us started on the right note Standing - Dr Tajudin, Ms Chee Sitting – Monaliza, Molly Chew, Mr Cheow
  8. 8. Thank you - Team The C4 team – all medical students at term break Mr Cheow Ms Chee Ms ChongMs Choo
  9. 9. Thank you - Team The drug pushers Amy and Garrick
  10. 10. Thank you - Team Dr Tan Poh Teng GP and also chief Pharmacist Dr Shan senior GP and keen teacher
  11. 11. Thank you - Team Margaret- The surgeon / dispenser Our hero – Col ( rtd ) Dr Tajudin He was in Kelantan, Nepal, Kemboja and now Kuching
  12. 12. Thank you - Team Dr Steven Chow Our senior Dermatologist Dr Andrew Fong- senior Ophthalmologist The most senior member of our team
  13. 13. Thank you - Team Our “patient friendly, painless hard-working Dentists. We failed to capture the other dentist. They are camera shy
  14. 14. Thank you - Team Dr John Tan – senior ENT surgeon Helping out at the pharmacy Part time photographer
  15. 15. Thank you - Team So sorry Kim and Margaret I failed to find a pic of you at Batu Kitang. This pic is taken at the Hotel borrowed from Amy’s collection. Kim Margaret
  16. 16. The curtains for the FPMPAM Sarawak Medical Camp 2 came down at about 4.45pm on 30th May 2015. TERIMA KASEH TO ONE AND ALL. SYABAS TO A JOB WELL DONE