FPMPAM Sarawak Medical Camp 2.3


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Day 3: Kg Serikin

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FPMPAM Sarawak Medical Camp 2.3

  1. 1. The 2nd Camp was at Kg Serikin, about 4 Km from the Indonesian border. Our logistic partners found a large multi-purpose hall about a basketball size, set next to the Sunday Market ( you can see the empty stalls where the banners are hung.
  2. 2. This large hall was more than adequate. Our logistic partner even has wheelchairs on standby. It was used a few times
  3. 3. The interesting decision was to set the dental clinic on a stage at one side of the large multi-purpose hall. To provide privacy, we had to use some cloth to form a curtain. Our Impian volunteers were quite imaginative
  4. 4. The Ophthalmologist requested for a dark room So we set him on the omnly room at one end of the hall, using curtains to make it dark. The Snellen’s chart was also in that room so we had to use portable lamps.
  5. 5. The screening stations remained the same The girls worked hard
  6. 6. They came. Young and old. Able and disable. The wheelchair proved useful
  7. 7. They came in large numbers We saw 176 patients from 1-5pm then 7-10pm The GP sees them first and then refer if necessary
  8. 8. GPs hard at work Sun has set. We worked till 10pm at Kg Serikin
  9. 9. GP hard a work. They worked the hardest. Food in the background for anyone hungry as meal time was unpredictable.
  10. 10. The specialist provided good backup for the GPs. ENT at work
  11. 11. Senior dermatologist explaining to patient. We carried a very adequate stock of dermatological drugs.
  12. 12. Opthalmologist hard at work. This slitlamp was on loan to us
  13. 13. We had healthy visitors too. YB Tony dropped by to give a word of encouragement. He had a speaking engagement in Kuching that evening, of course 1MDB, what else
  14. 14. Dentist and dental nurse at work on stage
  15. 15. Last station is always the pharmacy. Dr Margaret is free, so she is helping out
  16. 16. Registration ounter Waiting for patients to turn up. It was a hot afternoon But ventilation was quite good
  17. 17. Impian Volunteers helping to direct patients from station to station
  18. 18. We closed our Camp at about 10 pm Packed up and return to homestay at Kg Duyoh Goodbye Kg Serikin.