Application of Learning Technologies Project


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These are the slides from a recent presentation regarding the application of learning technologies for facilitating the practical skill development of part-time MSc Strength and Conditioning/Sports Rehabilitation students.

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Application of Learning Technologies Project

  1. 1. PGCAP:TEL Project PresentationJohn McMahon, BSc (Hons), CSCS, ASCCGraduate Teaching Assistant & PhD CandidateSchool of Health, Sport & Rehabilitation SciencesUniversity of SalfordPresentation date:29th November 2012
  2. 2. Teaching Problem• 1st year part-time MSc students• Shared module (physio/exercise)• Have to learn complex exercises• Practical assessment in May 2013• All employed full-time• Living across the country
  3. 3. TEL Solution• Video modelling (Atienza et al., 1998; Ram et al., 2007) Combined (Mackinnon, 1989)• Online peer tutoring (Comfort, 2011; Comfort & McMahon, 2012)
  4. 4. Methodology• YouTube (Burke & Snyder, 2008)• BB Forum (Thomas, 2002)• Email• Twitter (Rowe, 2012)
  5. 5. Current Work• Introduced project early October• Revised video submission guidelines• Face-to-face discussion after 1st month• Uploaded videos of 2nd year BSc students• Sampled Google+ Hangouts• Sampled Dartfish Express App
  6. 6. Future Work• Encourage further participation• Evaluate the success of this project - both in January & in May 2013• Incorporate more TEL into the MSc• Also incorporate more into the BSc• Get funding for in-class iPad use
  7. 7. Questions?
  8. 8. References• Burke, S.L. & Snyder, S.L. (2008). YouTube: An Innovative Learning Resource for College Health Education Courses. International Electronic Journal of Health Education, v11, p39-46.• Comfort, P. (2011). The effect of peer tutoring on academic achievement during practical assessments in applied sports science students. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 48(2), 207-211.• Comfort, P. & McMahon, J. (2012). The effects of peer tutoring on academic achievement. Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, In-Press.• MacKinnon, D. (1989) Living with conformity in student teaching. The Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 35 (1), 2-19.• Ram, N., Riggs, S.M., Skaling, S., Landers, D.M. & McCullagh, P. (2007). A Comparison of Modelling and Imagery in the Acquisition and Retention of Motor Skills. Journal of Sports Sciences, 25(5), 587-597.• Rowe, M. (2012). The Use of Assisted Performance within an Online Social Network to Develop Reflective Reasoning in Undergraduate Physiotherapy Students. Medical Teacher, 34(7), e469-e475.• Thomas, M.J.W. (2002). Learning within Incoherent Structures: The Space of Online Discussion Forums. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 18(3), 351-366.
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