Bicycle kappius components - pawl ring & toothed drive ring & pawl for rear hub in durable tool steel


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Kappius Components - pawl ring & toothed drive ring & pawl for rear hub in durable tool steel - made with EOS DMLS Additive Manufacturing

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Bicycle kappius components - pawl ring & toothed drive ring & pawl for rear hub in durable tool steel

  1. 1. Customer Case Study Lifestyle Products Facts Challenge Design and manufacture highly complex hubs which transfer more power from pedal to wheel. Solution Produce innovative and extremely durable drivetrains for cyclists with an EOSINT M 270. Results • acy: optimized hub design R increases drive force • Innovative: design determines production method and not vice versa • Economic: rapid product development makes twoperson company competitive • Indestructible: maraging steel withstands high loads Swiss-born cyclist, Christoph Sauser, the 2012 cross-country world champion, is shown riding Kappius hubs at “The Leadville 100” marathon mountain-bike race (Leadville, CO) in August 2012. He placed second in this race and later in the year won the Swiss national title, also using the innovative hub design (Source: Kappius Components). Cyclists Take Additive Manufacturing for a Spin
  2. 2. Kappius Components uses Additive Manufacturing for trailblazing bike hub/drive assembly To American inventors, the “home garage” has always been a symbol of possibility – a place for Short profile tinkerers to create and innovate. More than a century ago, the Wright brothers founded a cycle sales Kappius Components manu­ and repair business from a modest storefront and soon after invented a bike hub that was self- factures and distributes oiling. Everyone knows what they did next in the field of aviation. Harley Davidson’s motorized bikes innovative hubs and bicycle were born in a backyard shed. HP’s Hewlett and Packard and Apple’s Jobs and Wozniak helped define components. The company the modern computer age from their suburban start-up shops. is based in Littleton, Colorado And garage-based entrepreneurs are still at it in the 21st century. About four years ago, Russ Kappius – (USA) and was founded mountain-bike enthusiast, winner of six Masters racing titles, and a research geophysicist/software by inventor Russell Kappius. developer – worked out a design for a novel oversized hub and high-performance drive assembly that transfers more power from pedal to chain to wheel. Address Kappius Components, LLC. 6623 Big Horn Trail Littleton CO 80125 (USA) Challenge long turnaround time. In late shell, as well as the drive First of all, Russ Kappius and 2011 they discovered Direct Metal assembly housed inside it. The his son Brady – engineer and Laser Sintering (DMLS). This assembly is comprised of three pro mountain-bike rider – tried Additive Manufacturing techno- major parts: an outer drive ring, technologies like water-jet cut- logy met their rapid turnaround an inner ring with 60 teeth, t ­ ing and wire electrical discharge needs and enabled them to pro- and eight pawls, which engage ma­ hining (WEDM) to tweak the c duce parts to exacting specif­cai in pairs with the teeth on the design of their hubs step by step. tions and with additional design inner ring. This setup functions However, either the process was complexity. like a ratchet allowing forward motion while preventing back- limited in its capacity to produce dimensionally accurate and Solution complex parts or the produced The beauty of the lightweight- parts did not meet the required yet-durable hub comes from The technological advance in the specifications and had a fairly the handmade sleek carbon-fiber system comes from two develop- ward motion. ments: the oversized design – it’s about twice the current standard diameter – and many more points of engagement. While the most The Kappius rear hub is a groundbreaking lightweight, durable, oversized design. Its carbon-fiber housing con­tains a drivetrain assembly comprised of three components including an inner pawl ring, a toothed drive ring, and pawls. The components are all manufactured from an extremely durable tool steel using Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) (Source: Kappius Components). standard drive trains have 18 to 36 points of engagement the Kappius hub is built around a drivetrain with 240 points of engagement. So the pedal can engage every one-and-a-half degrees
  3. 3. and give the rider an extra The final assembly is done by the new parts out to our customers Last but no least the bike-hub quarter- or half-pedal stroke. father-son team in their home fast,” remembers Russ Kappius. creator summarizes the benefits These features allow a cyclist to shop. “We had to leverage our time to of DMLS: “The essential asset market to stay competitive.” is design freedom. Number two translate the act of pedaling into increased drive force which Results is great for racing and highly For two years, Russ and Brady A typical order of ten drivetrain followed by the lead time.” technical riding. “Our drive Kappius field-tested additive assemblies requires two builds on And then there’s also the rider assembly is a critical innovation,” manufactured versions of their an EOSINT M 270. With the help experience. “People just love explains Kappius. hub and tweaked its design. of a software the components the hub,” says Russ Kappius. Already in the first week of field can be arranged on the machine’s “They’re faster and fun to ride.” With DMLS Russ Kappius was testing, the elder Kappius won build platform to maximize output: able to redesign the pawl itself a race using the latest hub as- ten outer rings, ten inner rings, and add a 1-mm cylindrical basal sembly. “We went from concept and 80 pawls (eight for each extension. This positioned them to bike-ready components in assembly), plus a few extras. Run better when they engaged. The about a month,” enthuses the time is around 25 hrs. per plate, Additive Manufacturing technolo- sportsman. “I’ve never been able or 50 hrs. total for ten assem- gy “grows” parts, according to a to move that quickly before.“ blies. Production is accelerating “As a software engineer, I am fast for the young company. In able to change anything at any 3D digital model, layer by layer in is the material strength closely a bed of powder. A focussed laser Kappius Components’ hubs have 2012 they sold about 100 hubs time to make the code better. beam fuses the powder by follow- been through several design assemblies and are projecting With DMLS, I have similar ing the contours and inside area iterations since the “garage doors” sales of 500 in 2014. The hub is flexibility. It allows me to make of the parts cross-sectional slice. opened for business in 2008. The shipped out to early-adopter small design changes and Once one layer has been com­ move to Additive Manufacturing cyclists around the world. almost immediately test them pleted, the powder bed is lowered has accelerated the speed of by a few micrometres and the improvements. “DMLS has freed Since durability was of prime process begins again. Following us up to make improvements on importance for the application, the run, the parts are removed all of the elements in the system,” Kappius selected maraging steel “DMLS has freed us up to make from the machine. On a CNC mill, says the elder Kappius enthu­ iass from the available materials. The improvements on all of the the manufacturing support struc- tically. In addition, the tech­­ - heat-treatable metal is charac­ elements in the system. Our tures are removed and an extra nology has also helped level the terized by excellent hardness and drive assembly is a critical 20-thousandths of material from playing field between the two- strength properties. Russ Kappius innovation.” the back side of the part is planed person company and the bigger is pleased with the results. “The down. This creates a machined players in the bicycle industry. tool steel is super strong,” he Russ Kappius, inventor finish. Afterwards, the components “Because we’re a start-up, we says. “I haven’t had a single hub and founder of Kappius are moved to a kiln and hardened quickly learned that we needed failure. Even the big manufactur- Components to a value of 52 Rockwell C. to make design changes and get ers can’t say that.” on the bike. That’s the beauty of the technology.”
  4. 4. EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems Corporate Headquarters Robert-Stirling-Ring 1 82152 Krailling/Munich Germany Phone +49 89 893 36-0 Fax +49 89 893 36-285 Further EOS Offices EOS France Phone +33 437 49 76 76 EOS India Phone +91 44 28 15 87 94 EOS Italy Phone +39 02 33 40 16 59 EOS Korea Phone +82 32 552 82 31 EOS Nordic Baltic Phone +46 31 760 46 40 EOS of North America Phone +1 248 306 01 43 EOS Singapore Phone +65 6430 05 50 EOS Greater China Phone +86 21 602307 00 EOS UK Phone +44 1926 62 31 07 • Think the impossible. You can get it. Status 6/2013. Technical data subject to change without notice. EOS is certified according to ISO 9001.