Job Constraints


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In this project I had to observe constraints on a local construction project.

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Job Constraints

  1. 1. MEMORANDUM TO: JEFF SUCHY FROM: JOHN MANGINI LAB TIME: 2:20 SUBJECT: HOMEWORK #1 DATE: 11/5/2013 The site that was visited was the Twin Rivers Dr. demolition and rebuild. This site is located on Twin Rivers Dr. south of Goodale Blvd. and north of the 850 Twin Rivers Dr. post office. The original road had ten foot wide lanes, curb no gutter, and a storm line. The new site will replace the original while adding an under-drain. There are many issues and constraints that this site faces. Some of the issues and constraints that this site faces are space, time, and safety. There is not a lot of space for parking and staging. The only space for this is a 100 foot by 75 foot parking lot. This creates problems for storage of equipment, pipe, under- drain, dirt, and stone. Another problem this creates is timing for dump trucks bringing in stone and asphalt, because there is nowhere for them to wait with their load. They have to be ready for the load right when the trucks arrive. To fix this there has to be good communication between the person in charge of the site and the scheduler. Good communication will allow for material and trucks to arrive only when they need them. Time is another issue with the site because there is heavy traffic on this road from the local businesses. Twin Rivers Dr. is the only reasonable way to get on 315 North from Dublin Rd. With time being a big factor in this construction it is important that the
  2. 2. work be done as smoothly as possible. This means that work cannot stop on waiting for material or labor. A detailed current schedule must be maintained for the project to end on time. With this road being critical for traffic the work has to be done in segments to allow for traffic to flow. The north bound side of the road must be done first and then the south bound side of the road. This adds extra complication to the schedule, because all the steps of construction have to be done twice. Learning from the north bound side of the road will help create a better schedule for the south bound side of the road. Safety is another important issue with the site. When the working area is so narrow with traffic being inches away there could be a risk of a driver crashing into the site or the equipment hitting a driver. The traffic control requires leaving a ten foot lane for traffic which is hard to maintain at the site. If the ten foot lane is not given to the drivers it will lead to a serious injury. Another safety hazard is when dump trucks come onto the site, because every time there needs to be a drop off the whole road needs to be shut down. To make sure there are no safety problems a ten foot lane has to be maintained for traffic and the scheduler needs to make sure there are enough laborers to flag traffic when there are dump trucks on site. Good communication between the scheduler and the person in charge in the field will fix the issues and constraints of safety, time, and space in this project. 2
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