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Fmp audience research 2


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Published in: Sports, News & Politics
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Fmp audience research 2

  1. 1. FMP Audience ResearchJohn Longworth
  2. 2. Popular Active Sports BlogsESPN’S NBA Blog’s ‘Hang Time Blog’This is ESPN’s, NBA only, blog. It is one of the most popularblogs that follows the NBA as it contains the moreentertaining side of the NBA. But never misses the chanceto report on the big news stories in depth. It also has linkswith the official blog ‘Hang Time’. This shows fansand readers that everything they read on this site will belegitimate and a source they can trust.
  3. 3. Email from Professional, Full Time blogger.I sent several emailsto bloggers fromdifferent websitesasking them abouttheir target audienceand also anythingthat could help ablog become moresuccessful or popularwith an audience.Luckily one personresponded and theemail he sent wasdefinitely invaluableand, in my opinion,some of the bestaudience research Icould get.
  4. 4. Sport on TV2,105,441: streaming video viewers.The first time the Super Bowl was offered livevia streaming video.2013 Super Bowl failed to beat 2012 game in totalviewers. ‘’CBS Corp’’An average of 108.41 million TV viewers tuned in,compared with 111.3 million a year ago.talkSPORT is the leading male broadcast media brandin the UK. With a huge audience of 2.5 million men,and with an overall audience of 3 million listenersevery week, there really has never been a bettertime to advertise with talkSPORT. talkSPORTs 81%male audience profile makes it the most effectiveplace to reach men in the whole of UK broadcastmediaThey key audiences thattalkSPORT reach bestare below:2.5 MILLION MENlistening every week2.1 MILLION MAINLISTENERS listen everyweek1.7 MILLION ABC1slistening every week1.2 MILLION 25-44slistening every weekSport on 2.9 million unique users & 17.9million page impressions in January• 12% increase on compared to the same periodlast year• More than 300,000 viewers of the Ultimate Championsmatch, streamed live for the first time on,YouTube and Google+, raising the newly launchedchannel views to 400,000• 4.8 million tweets with reference to the final, the teamsand the players• 52,000 new Facebook likes, bringing the total of fans onthe dedicated UEFA Champions League Facebook page to2.5 million
  6. 6. COLLATED ANSWERS FROM QUESTIONNAIREQUESTION 2:Age14 to 1818 to 2425 to 3435 to 4445 to 5455 to 6465 to 7475 or older
  7. 7. COLLATED ANSWERS FROM QUESTIONNAIREQUESTION 3:05101520253035Which sport do you to watch or play?Which sport do you to watch orplay?
  8. 8. COLLATED ANSWERS FROM QUESTIONNAIREQUESTION 4:Have you ever visited a Sports Blog?YesNo
  9. 9. COLLATED ANSWERS FROM QUESTIONNAIREQUESTION 5:N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AI watch Hockey and like to keep up to date with thecurrent goings on.Interest in the particular writer or sports.OPINION! i can get news anywhere but theopinion or writers personality that bringsme backI like sportsInterest for the sportIt provides info on the teamDont knowThe usual websites i suppose.To keep up to date with what’s going onIf yes, what made you visit the site?To keep up to date with sports newsInvolvement in Junior Football ClubInterest in SportsLike sportsIt was well constructedWell known
  10. 10. COLLATED ANSWERS FROM QUESTIONNAIREQUESTION 6:How often do you visit sports websites?EverydayOnce a weekRarelyNever
  11. 11. COLLATED ANSWERS FROM QUESTIONNAIREQUESTION 7:Mainly BBC Sports and Sky Sports to catch up withscores and big stories.Espn, thescoreSSNBBC Football, Sky SportsNews,, are Dutch though) - NUsport (=Dutch sportsnews for every single sport you can think of.) -BBCsport Sometimes I also read some articles atEnglish, Dutch, even German newspapers but I dothat less frequently.Real Madrid official site/r/soccer MMAJunkieSKY/ nowFox SportsSSNwww.kooora.comSky Sports, BBC Sportbbc sportsky (dutch site)caught offside (iphone) yahoo sky sports news(iphone)BBCBBC SportSky Sports News AppBBC, Sky SportsTwitter, Sky sports news, , Parkwydon,, skysportsnews.comSky sportsSSN, SB Nation
  12. 12. COLLATED ANSWERS FROM QUESTIONNAIREQUESTION 8:Two of the biggest names around when itcomes to sporting coverage. Not too familiarwith any other sport sites.All info is thereReliable and gives the latest informationNews, opinion, video and user commentsThere’s good, clear, non-biasedreviews, previews and informationI support themGood links and nice comment communityI love MMABest quality of information of what I wantTo check on the latest Arsenal news.To find out results, stats, news and just thegeneral of what’s going onIt gives all feeds for transfer and team newsIt’s goodNewsIt updates its news really fastMost professional, well-known, well detailedOnly displays true storiesUsually reliable stories plus up to date sportactionIt’s all about footballInterestingWell written, writers have good personalityIt’s popularReliable sources, very detailedSupport MUFC and love NBATo keep up with news ect.Quick information when events are happening.Quick infoIt’s the best for all sports.Variety
  13. 13. COLLATED ANSWERS FROM QUESTIONNAIREQUESTION 9:Would you prefer a blog to cover multiplesports or just focus on one in more depth?Cover Multiple sportsFocus on one in more depth
  14. 14. Advertising for BlogsYou can charge X dollars per month, per ad, with Xbeing equal to your daily visitors count divided byten.So if you get 500 visitors per day, you can expect tomake $50 per banner adYou might be able to get as much as US $1 perthousand pages. Assuming the average visitor loadstwo pages (pretty typical), then you would need50,000 visitors per week (just over 7,000 per day) tomake US$100 per week.