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John locke-word camp-sacramento-2015

Slides from my upcoming presentation at WordCamp Sacramento 2015. Inside: walk through of the iThemes Security plugin, designed to heighten web security for WordPress site owners.

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John locke-word camp-sacramento-2015

  1. 1. Plugins Part 1: iThemes Security JOHN LOCKE
  2. 2. Why Do People Want To Hack Your Site? • Malware Downloads • Run Ads / Page takeovers • Get User information • Use your email for spam • Botnets • Mining Bitcoin • Prestige In Hacking Community
  3. 3. WordPress Is A Lucrative Target • One In Four Websites Run WordPress • Find Vulnerabilities In WordPress • Automate Attacks • Profit!
  4. 4. John Locke @Lockedown_ on Twitter