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Web designer tips best seo web design practices for 2014


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Web designer tips best seo web design practices for 2014

  1. 1. Web Designer Tips: Best SEO Web Design Practices for 2014 by These days most web designers do much more than design the appearance and come to feel of a website. They frequently play a significant component in writing the front end code. This means that many in the SEO or Search Engine Optimization responsibilities should drop on the designer. Even so, there's a massive range of website designers which don't recognize this topic very well to make a website which is absolutely optimized for search engines. This post is here now to give some essential tips you can improve a website’s SEO and ultimately their online visibility. Using these foundations in place, you will expand the peace of mind of perceptive the site you spent time designing (and developing) is currently a top competitor for search engine exposure. You might also get some of such strategies also go far in enhancing user understanding as well. Keyword Research | Best-Practice Keyword analysis is definitely an essential part of effective website design. This is valid if you're a complete beginner or you've been around the globe of Online marketing to get a long time. Keyword research will allow you to choose the best area of interest you intend to target, and definitely will let you to target your time and effort where you'll see the greatest results. You may target Key-phrases which may have easier competition or more traffic, and the advantages are going to be given to your website with regards to high search rankings and more website visitors. The most essential step is keyword research when you go with the wrong keyword and key phrase in which case you will fail in the benefits instead of subject how it is excellent you’re other steps, For Example - If you go with keyword like "Sell Mobile Phone" & pay $$$$ on SEO services you'll get $ 0 returns, and you may choose other keyword and key phrase & make $$$ from using it without investment. The Key to a successful website is unique and relevant content … Research – Analyze and pick the appropriate keywords in URL’s.
  2. 2. Usage – Do your website pages use the words and Keyword Phrases you want to be found for? Include – Be sure to include your targeted keywords in the Meta data of your website (URL’s, page titles, images alt tag, body text, page headlines). SEO Tools – Google Keyword Planner Tool – Quick and Free. Shows search Volume. Suggest related Keywords … Ubersuggest Keyword Suggestion Tool – Ubersuggest is one of the best keyword tool that relies on Google Suggest and other suggest services …. Google Webmaster Tool – Insight into what Google thinks about your website … Google Search – Search your keywords to find competitors. Mine their titles, meta tags and page content for keywords. …. Google Instant – Predicts related quires as you search … WordTracker – Industry standard for keyword research. Free trail … Google Analytic – Mine your logs for keywords that visitors used to find you. … Descriptive page URLs | Best-Practice Replace common page descriptors with keywords. Instead of calling a webpage Provide the search engines some substance to get on to - " " informs much more of the story. The text in a URL is a ranking factor Create good anchor text URLS can support navigation Search engines make use of the URL in the SERPs Image Optimization | Best-Practice -
  3. 3. The most overlooked aspects of Search engine optimization is images. Most websites have a lot of images but very few basically implement SEO tactics for them. Not putting on SEO methods along with your images (Alt Tag) means that you are missing out on useful visitors from Search Engine like Google, and that is one of Google's hottest qualities. Here is Search engine optimization (SEO) recommendations that will help you take benefits famous the concerns which are being done for Images. Use Descriptive Image Names and Files Name Use Descriptive Alt Tags. For Example <img src="SEO-services.jpg" alt="SEO Services" / Use Descriptive Anchor Text... For Example To check out all our Cricket videos, <a href="videos.html">click here</a> for the entire listing. However, rather than the simple "click here," you might rewrite the anchor text more descriptively as: Feel free to browse all of our <a href="videos.html">Cricket videos</a>. Search Engine Friendly Navigation | Best-Practice A navigation menu is an important factor of a website. A fantastic navigation menu allows your visitors browse through your website properly … Use CSS to improve the design of your website navigation menu. Flash, JavaScript as well as image-based navigation menu might be a dead-end with the major search engines, like Google. There are two major factors to think about when designing your website’s navigation menu: Your most important concern must be on your site visitors. Your sites navigation menu must be designed in the easy structure which will enable your visitors identify the appropriate material they're looking for easily and quickly. The second most essential concern must be the search engines. Your website’s navigation menu should be created as search engine friendly as you possibly can, to make sure that Google as well as all other search engines can crawl and index every page of content. This can be an important part of the search engine optimization process. Social Media Integration | Best-Practice -
  4. 4. Social media is one of the top widely used online marketing resources nowadays. With no doubt, social media marketing provides coverage for your specific customers like not any other program of online marketing can perform. Integrating social media to your website can provide importance in the number of ways. It may give a funnel for new website visitors to subscribe as well as engage with the brand, it may promote social sharing by visitors via their particular social media accounts, and it may have a better impact if it comes to your website’s rankings in search results. Here are 6 ways to integrate your social media into your web design Adding Social Share Buttons to Your Website/Blogs Adding Facebook Comments to Your Website/Blogs Adding Google Authorship to Website Contributors Allow social logins to make it easier to connect with you Make your design social media friendly Make content shareable Incorporate Facebook Reviews into your website Embed videos when appropriate As a final point, I would personally suggest uploading an XML Sitemap on your server, because this will help the Google find, index, and rank your website. All this tips are useful in 2014 and even it future... is an award winning Web Design & Web Development Company specializing in a whole web services. Kuliko Canada Offers over 5 year experience to its customer base and has office located on Toronto in Canada. To find out how a Website and SEO will help your business get found on the Search Engine, generate new leads, and turn them into paying customers, go to: Content Resource -