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Seminar Sizzle for Sponsors


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Seminar Sizzle for Sponsors

  1. 1. 90 Minutes of Pain & Gain: Cutting through the bs and improving businesses NOW
  2. 2. • Business owners don’t need more ideas as much as they need to put great ideas into action Ideas are great, but…
  3. 3. • He will make them uncomfortable • He will force them to think in new ways • He will make them commit to specific action • He will make their business better We do a working session, not a speech
  4. 4. Don’t listen to me, listen to actual attendees
  5. 5. • Demonstrate the #1 sin of small businesses (buying talent instead of building it), show how it negatively dominos into virtually all aspects of business, and provide a detailed plan how to permanently fix it. Here’s some of the workshop highlights
  6. 6. Hint #1: Stop hiring the competitor’s rejects
  7. 7. • Business owners know that they need to spend less time on the business rather than in it (The Emyth), rather than focus on theory, Jim shows you the process steps to get to the promised land with his Delegation Grid™ The Emyth Myth
  8. 8. The Delegation Grid: Fatal Error #16
  9. 9. • The business model is the core to profitability, but most business owners think they are “stuck” with their model. • Jim innovate a business model from the audience live to demonstrate 2 of his proprietary techniques to get a more profitable business model Business model innovation raises margins
  10. 10. Dissecting a business model with the Business Model Wheel
  11. 11. • Demonstrate the power of accountability in a live exercise with a funny twist • It may sting a bit, but every attendee will benefit from this surprise Million-Dollar Exercise
  12. 12. • Make every CEO a better decision-maker with one simple trick Double your decisiveness
  13. 13. • A 3-step method for turning an ordinary or losing corporate culture into a “performance culture” 3-Step method to instantly improve company culture
  14. 14. • 90 minutes of actionable ideas • Delivered by a fellow CEO, not a consult or academic • Every attendee will leave energized and have an action plan to make it happen The Bottom Line