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National Retrofit Conference - Dermot Doran, MMA Consulting


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Presentation made by Dermot Doran, MMA Consulting to the National Retrofit Conference in Dublin Ireland on the 18th October, 2018.

The presentation focused on applications of Building Information Modeling and big data applications to enable better retrofitting of buildings.

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National Retrofit Conference - Dermot Doran, MMA Consulting

  1. 1. National Retrofit Conference 2018 Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin 18th October 2018
  2. 2. BIM (Building Information Modelling) role in enabling better retrofitting and conservation of existing buildings • 3D scanning & point clouds • BIM applications in building retrofits and conservation projects • BIM enabling complete M&E tender packages to be developed. Eliminating onsite fabrication and thereby reducing risk & cost. Purpose
  3. 3. Challenges of Retrofitting • Restricted access to occupied buildings • Lack of record drawings • Non uniform building fabric/construction
  4. 4. Content • Part 1: Introduction • Part 2: 3D Laser Scanning & Point Clouds • Part 3: Construction Validation • Part 4: 6D BIM • Part 5: BIM applications in building retrofits & conservation projects • Part 6: BIM enabled accurate M&E tender packages & BOQ’s • Part 7: Conclusion
  5. 5. MMA Consulting Engineers Part 1 Introduction
  6. 6. MMA Consulting Engineers traces its origins back to the MacArdle McSweeeney Associates practice founded in 1968. As one of the most experienced M&E consultancies in Ireland, MMA Consulting Engineers have completed over 2000 projects across the commercial, residential, industrial, education, healthcare, hotel and leisure sectors. Background
  7. 7. • Shane Brodie is an acknowledged contributor to ‘The Roadmap to Digital Transition for Ireland’s Construction Industry 2018-2021’. • Shane Brodie and Dr. Shawn O’Keeffe both sit on the NSAI National Mirror Committee on BIM Standards. • In 2017 MMA Consulting Engineers won overall best paper at the CITA BIM gathering at Croke Park. • MMA Consulting Engineers also received Honourable Mention at the buildingSMART International Awards 2017 for the East Dormitory Project in the United States. In 2017, MMA Consulting Engineers co-wrote and published with the inventor of COBie, Dr. Bill East, ‘Delivering Construction Operations Building information exchange (COBie) using Autodesk Revit’. R&D
  8. 8. MMA Consulting Engineers Part 2 3D Scanning & Point Clouds
  9. 9. 3D Laser Scanning is an advanced survey technique which captures the 3D geometry of buildings, objects, sites and infrastructure. The raw data consists of millions of precise 3D points know as a Point Cloud. What are 3D Laser Scanning & Point Clouds?
  10. 10. 3D Laser Scanning & Point Clouds enable better design. Knowing the exact dimensions with a high level of accuracy allow a designer to: • Reduce site visits – minimise time, cost & impact to occupants • Develop an accurate and detailed design • Increase offsite fabrication • Eliminate on onsite clashes • Enable onsite construction validation of design Why?
  11. 11. MMA Consulting Engineers Part 3 Construction Validation
  12. 12. Construction Validation 3D Laser Scanning & Point Clouds of the as built environment for a retrofit project allows complete BIM design, maximising the opportunity for offsite fabrication, optimising scheduling and eliminating onsite clashes. Onsite clashes during construction can only be eliminated if the new build is as per the design. 3D Laser Scanning & Point Clouds can be used to ensure that the new build is as per the design. Cloud based big data analytics can compare and contrast BIM design models with the ongoing construction works to confirm whether the build is in tolerance to the design. One such cloud based solution is BIM & Scan AutoCorr™.
  13. 13. Does the Digital Twin match the Physical Asset ? Building vs Model Building vs Information Is all the necessary information properly in the model Construction Validation • How do you know what was built matches what was planned? • Dimensional Control Compliance • (Open) Standards that should be applied • How do you test against the standards specified?
  14. 14. AutoCorr ™
  15. 15. Input an Ordered E57 Point Cloud Input Point Cloud
  16. 16. Input an IFC 2x3 CV 2.0 Model View • Input a required tolerance generally between 10mm and 100mm • A user selected variable typically 100mm for buildings and 25mm for services. • The tolerance that the builder is required to build to or The tolerance that the modeller is required to model to. Input IFC Model
  17. 17. Execute BIM & Scan AutoCorr The output is a colorized E57 point cloud that is greatly reduced in size and so easily transferrable. • Colors are assigned based on IFC element type. • Tolerance set to 25mm • Red is assigned where no corresponding IFC element has been identified, either not modelled or model element not matching point cloud within tolerance Clear Difference in this example Output from AutoCorr ™
  18. 18. Pump Motor Sets Correctly Located Large Pipework Correctly located Piping Not in Model Piping Positioned Out of Tolerance AutoCorr ™ Mechanical & Electrical Results
  19. 19. This wall is neither plumb nor square to the design model AutoCorr ™ CSA Model Results
  20. 20. Less obvious differences are quickly identified – in this case false ceilings are at different height to model AutoCorr ™ Results
  21. 21. Onsite Construction Validation Model Revit ArchiCAD BIM model by client Issued by client 3D Scan E57 ordered scan Onsite 3D scanning by client Quality Control E57 Point Cloud AutoCorr™ Analysis Objective report issued on whether built environment is in tolerance with design model & highlighting all discrepancies. Decision: • Change built environment & rescan • Change model to match built environment by client Quality control: IFC Compliant Model Work Flow
  22. 22. MMA Consulting Engineers Part 4 6D BIM Detailed design & information model interoperable with Facilities Management platforms
  23. 23. Point cloud
  24. 24. IFC Model
  25. 25. Point Cloud & IFC Model
  26. 26. IFC Model & Model Properties
  27. 27. Point Cloud - IFC Model & Model Properties
  28. 28. avoid the use of proprietary formats! E57 (as-is/as-built) IFC (as-designed) BCF (report) “COBie (Construction-Operations Building information exchange) is simply the setup and delivery of digital Facilities Management data during normal design and construction practises. It’s a lean methodology for capturing data and is a “contracted information exchange’ for building projects, to help get a facility up and running right away, at handover or occupation,”
  29. 29. MMA Consulting Engineers Part 5 BIM applications in building retrofits and conservation projects
  30. 30. Trinity College – Conservation Project Buildings at Trinity College Dublin were 3D Laser scanned to: 1. Create an accurate record of its current state 2. To aid future maintenance and construction works
  31. 31. Building Retrofit Conversion of Dublin Nightclub to Apartment Hotel A 3D Laser Scan enabled an accurate 3D model of the entire building, site and surroundings to be created. This enabled the architects to develop a design to optimise the site.
  32. 32. MMA Consulting Engineers Part 6 BIM enabled accurate M&E tender packages & BOQ’s
  33. 33. MMA Consulting Engineers Part 7 Conclusion
  34. 34. Challenges of Retrofitting • Restricted access to occupied buildings • Lack of record drawings • Non uniform building fabric/construction Cost effective solutions to these problems by embracing BIM, 3D scanning, point clouds and data analytics Minimise time on site by scanning the premises Construct accurate record drawings from point clouds Scans show all differences including misalignment and changes in levels
  35. 35. Any questions? Dermot Doran