Stock Market TutorialPeople who are non-familiar with stock market hear about stock related news like Nifty goes 150 point...
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Stock market tutorial


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Stock market tutorial

  1. 1. Stock Market TutorialPeople who are non-familiar with stock market hear about stock related news like Nifty goes 150 pointsup or down and something like this, then so many queries come to their mind. What kind of market it is orhow we can gain profit from this market. For knowing all this, some people go and invest in the stockmarket. For those people, it’s a best suggestion that go and invest but with open eyes. That means firstlydo a little research, analysis, select your stocks carefully and then be a winner. This brief guidance willgive you Stock Market Tutorial so that you may make yourself familiar with stock market beforeinvesting.Firstly you would like to know that what stock is. A stock is piece of ownership in a company that iscalled share also. Some stocks give their shareholders some extra benefits like dividend and bonuses.Dividend is in form of cash and bonus is in form of shares. If you hold the stocks of some reputedcompanies then you will get these benefits time to time. If you want to get these benefits then firstly youhave to open your account with a particular broker for which you have to pay brokerage, annually chargesfor your Demat Account. There are two types of accounts i.e. 1. Trading Account 2. Demat Account.Trading and Demat account both are for holding your shares but Demat account is just for your safetypurpose. Nobody can sell your shares from your demat account without your permission.When the new companies come in the stock market they never allow people to trade their shares directly.Firstly they offered the stock to the public in an Initial Public Offering. After that people can buy and sellshares directly without anybody’s interference. A stock market works on its index and the index works oncurrent news means if there is a negative news about any company then that company’s share willdefinitely go down and vice-versa. As we all know that this market is so much volatile, shares move upand down in a moment, then you can place a limit order which is called bid also whenever the price hitsorder’s price your bid will be mature. This is for helping you means sometimes we are not in the marketor we don’t notice where the market is that time our bid will give us profit.If you want to earn a lot of money, firstly you should pay attention towards Stock Market Tutorial courseand learn the basic of this industry.