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Iron Key Introduction


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Introducing the World's Most Secure Flash Drive

Published in: Technology, Business
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Iron Key Introduction

  1. 1. The world’s most secure flash drive<br />IronKey © 2008, All rights reserved.<br />IronKeyIntroduction <br />
  2. 2. IronKeyIntroduction<br />IronKey S200 - the only Level 3 FIPS 140-2 device<br />Tamper evident and tamper resistant – even waterproof<br />Hardware-based encryption and key management in hardware<br />Enforces security policies with remote management<br />Protects against malware with active defenses<br />AES 256 CBC mode for all classifications of data<br />IronKey– © 2009 All rights reserved.<br />
  3. 3. IronKey Benefits<br />If IronKeydevice is lost or stolen no one isgetting your information<br />Always-on encryption is easy to use<br />Rugged device survives hostile environments<br />Remotely wipe or lock devices in the field<br />Restrict use of device to secure network<br />Recover contents and redeploy devices<br />Deploy strong authentication <br />Endurance & speed for Virtual Desktops<br />IronKey– © 2009 All rights reserved.<br />
  4. 4. IronKey Differentiators<br />Most secure portable storage device<br />Worlds only FIPS 140-2 Level 3<br />Designed and Assembled in the USA <br />funded by DHS<br />Reviewed and approved by several federal agencies and labs<br />Cloud-based service or server<br />Intelligent devices defend against worm and viruses<br />IronKey– © 2009 All rights reserved.<br />