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Presentation on IP\'s event play digital offering for conferences

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  1. 1. Event_PLAY> Event_PLAY> Fully Branded Video Microsites for Events Event_PLAY> is an online video service which captures a large number of video assets at events and packages them up into a fully branded video microsite that provides: Contact:! ! ! +44 (0)20 7622 6111 Added value to attendees of the event New sponsorship opportunities for clients A post event marketing vehicle to capture data and drive follow on event sales
  2. 2. What is Event_PLAY>? Event_PLAY> Event_PLAY> is an online video service which captures a large number of video assets at events and packages them up into a fully branded video microsite. The microsite can be used for: - Marketing activities - Adding value to delegate tickets - Sponsorship packages IP works closely with event organisers to develop a detailed filming schedule and plan prior to the event to meet well defined objectives (eg. sponsors requirements). A high volume of meaningful short form video assets suitable for online consumption - circa 3-6 minutes on average - are captured and produced. A well categorized website accessible cross platform and cross device is delivered promptly within 48 hours* of the event concluding. Video Groups Video Assets are easily grouped into relevant sections such as presentations, speaker interviews, delegate interviews, exhibitor vox pops etc Sponsor Profiling Range of Ad inventory for sponsor profiling across the microsite. * IP often deliver videos on the same day as the event with on-site editing capacities and options. Planning the filming schedule and defining objectives pre-event is an essential part of the service and ensures the perfect result.
  3. 3. Video Capture Short, punchy and easily consumable videos are captured from all areas of the event and are designed to stimulate further online conversation and highlight key learnings.1 Event_PLAY> 1 60 - 90 x 3 min assets are typically generated from an event from our standard 2 x camera operator service Speaker InterviewsDelegate Interviews Round Table Discussions Exhibitor Profiling General Scene Setting Keynote Presentations
  4. 4. Event Microsite Functionality Event microsites can be configured in a number of ways but consist of the 3 main pages with distinct functionality: Event_PLAY> Home Page The home page displays teaser or intro content and gives insights into the content which is available throughout the microsite. If access to your content is restricted to registered users or delegates then they can access the login or registration forms from this page. Video Groups Page The publishing framework which produces the event microsites has a flexible taxonomy system allowing videos to be grouped and related to one another in any number of ways. Individual Video Page Each video is displayed on its own friendly URL to allow the asset to be easily shared. Related content is displayed and a facility to comment and debate is also provided.
  5. 5. Sponsorship Options Sponsors can be deeply embedded within the microsite and the video content. They can shape the actual video content captured; profile their brand and messaging around the site in various locations; and/or have an entire page dedicated to their messaging and video content. In addition, there are additional options for data capture and detailed user tracking. Event_PLAY> In-stream Ads In-stream ads can be triggered across all videos or at specific points within videos. Ads can be highly contextual.
  6. 6. On-page Ad Inventory Event_PLAY> Home Page Video Groups Page Individual Video Page
  7. 7. Access Control & Tracking Access to your event microsite can be restricted to registered users or delegates. Forcing registrations can be a great way to capture data within your community. Requesting user credentials enables detailed tracking of user behaviour e.g. who has logged in, how long for and which specific videos did they watch? Event_PLAY>
  8. 8. Additional Functionality Additional functionality includes an aggregated (sponsored) feed of relevant tweets posted over time - this includes all tweets running up to the event, during and afterwards. Also, speaker bios can be profiled in and around the site. Event_PLAY> Speaker Bio ComponentAggregated & Sponsored Twitter Feed
  9. 9. Indigo Papa Ltd (IP) was founded in 2008 and has quickly become a leading video technology and production company based in London with clients including: The London Stock Exchange, MTV, Barclays Capital, and Fortnum & Mason, as well as a number of the top digital agencies and a host of SMEs. IP provides holistic online video services which typically consist of both video production and technological solutions for events and conferences. Event_PLAY>