Afp 2011 Camera Phone Fundraising


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  • William Gibson is the Science Fiction Author who invented the term Cyber Space in his book Neuromancer and who has since become a cult author.
  • The Disney Corp has created these QR Code posters which are on display in the Tokyo underground. When Disney uses a new technique it is very likely to go mainstream.
  • Mobile bar codes are otherwise known as Quick Response or QR codes. Use your mobile phone to take a photo of this code and your camera will show the appropriate internet site. There are a million ways of using this in fundraising. It is especially useful for attracting donations and interest from Generation Y. These codes are heavily used in Japan and Europe but to a lesser extent in the US.
  • Check this site for free codes and software. Free codes are getting progressively harder to find.
  • This is the largest QR code in the world and can be read from a mile away.
  • QR codes are now an integral part of Japanese life and appear on all kinds of packaging, signs and advertising.
  • The poster and ads stay the same but the menu changes daily so Primario uses a QR code in its ads to give the daily menu to anyone with a mobile phone and internet connection.
  • Major companies, like the sports giant Addidas, run competitions using QR codes.
  • Coca-Cola Japan is giving away free bottles of two new teas with a QR Code promotion. Coca-Cola Japan sells lots of bottled tea, also lots of cans of coffee! If you see the advertisement you snap the QR Code with your mobile device and when you want the free tea hold up your device to a vending machine that accepts payment via mobile. The vending machine will recognize the coupon and give you your free tea. (You can pay a vending machine with your cell phone in Japan and vending machines do have cameras!). Hat tip to Nagoyankee on Japan Forum.
  • This great German company’s marketing agency used QR codes made out of Lego in its posters, with a spectacular response.
  • UK food giant Tesco the third largest supermarket chain in the world and the second most popular has just (Jan 2011) started running TV ads inviting people to use an Iphone App to photo the bar code on products and order them from Tesco online, to be delivered to their homes. Once this catches on the use of smart phones to click on QR codes will be massive.
  • Tesco has updated its iPhone app to include a barcode reader that enables customers to quickly add items to their online shopping basket. Tesco: adds barcode scanner to grocery app. The reader, designed by mobile development company Ribot, allows customers to scan a barcode of an item stocked by Tesco at any time, which it will automatically add to their regular shopping list. For example – if a customer is low on a particular item in their homes or if they try something at a friend’s house, they can scan that item's barcode to add it to their shopping list, rather than having to remember to add it manually. The tool is targeted at busy parents and time-poor professionals. Laura Wade-Gery, chief executive of, said: "We're always looking for ways to make life easier for customers and for busy mums in particular." Tesco launched its free grocery app two months ago. It allows customers to order and purchase groceries for home delivery from their iPhone.
  • Tesco also uses QR codes to sell Xbox games.
  • The global retailer Tesco is the third largest retailer in the world measured by revenues and the second largest measured by profits but it is the first in the world to publish its QR Code campaign statistics in real time. In what can only be called a stroke of genius Tesco has QR Coded print ads (image below) for “Call of Duty - Black Ops” with the url shortener so that anyone can see the campaign statistics (image below). The QR Code resolves via the url to a page were the game can be preordered. See how the campaign is progressing here . Thanks to Tesco’s Nick Lansley for the heads-up.
  • Calvin Klein ad New York
  • A campaign that got this step right was FirstBank’s “We’re here to help you save” campaign.  This campaign offered travelers at Denver International Airport the opportunity to download books, crosswords, or Sudoku for free by simply taking a picture of a poster featuring several QR codes. The promotions apparently worked.  In only a couple of weeks, FirstBank saw over 750 downloads.
  • The US has been held back by a plethera of QR codes to choose from with no market leader but multi-code readers are beginning to make headway.
  • Google’s multi-code reader.
  • Now for some non-profit QR code users…
  • Bullying UK uses QR codes to reach young people.
  • MillionTECH will sponsor The Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association "HKYHA Ngong Ping Charity Walk (NPCW )” in the year of 2008.  As a Barcode Technology Sponsor , the company provides the association 15pcs of 2D barcode handheld scanner DENSO BHT-304QB and 2,000pcs of wristband (with 2D barcode containing participant data) for tracking purpose.  The company will tailor-make a program and will upload it to the handhelds for capturing the arrival time of each participant when they pass through the checkpoints.
  • City Harvest feeds homeless people in New York.
  • Union Gospel Mission plans to place the QR codes throughout Vancouver, in places where they will receive high visibility, such as bus stops. By using the Mobio barcode scanning app on the iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, donators can scan the code, which will direct them to a landing page for the charity. Then, they can decide on how much they would like to donate. With typical SMS systems, donations are usually small pre-set amounts ($5-10), but with a QR system, donors can choose to donate as much as they want, ultimately raising more money for the charity. In addition, since SMS donations are run through the mobile companies, they usually take a portion (30-40%) of the amount donated, something that is undesirable for most charities. In contrast, QR code systems give a much higher percentage of donations to charity and the transactions are immediate.
  • Some ideas…
  • QR codes on commemorative plaques allow one to connect directly with the donor or deceased’s details on a website.
  • This presentation and others is on our website at
  • Afp 2011 Camera Phone Fundraising

    1. 1. Camera Phone Fundraising THE NEXT BIG THING Monday Mar 21. 11:15AM - 12:00PM John Baguley CEO International Fundraising Consultancy WWW.IFC.TC
    2. 2. “ The future is already with us - it is just not evenly distributed.” William Gibson
    3. 3. VIDEO 1
    4. 4. QR Code / Mobile Bar Code
    5. 5. <ul><li>Home </li></ul>Software already embedded in the phone with the Nokia and Android models.
    6. 6. USA - Japan – Spain – Italy - UK
    7. 9. Addidas – upload your photo!
    8. 10. Coca-Cola Japan
    9. 11. VIDEO 2
    10. 12. “ If we do it in the supermarket we’ll do it anywhere”
    11. 13. VIDEO 3 TESCO’s game changer
    12. 15. The QR Code resolves via the url to a page were the game can be pre-ordered.
    13. 16. “ The US is at the tipping point!”
    14. 17. VIDEO 4
    15. 18. Denver International Airport
    16. 19. Websites - original creators of the 2D barcode. - Kaywa QR-Code reader software. - the mobile codes consortium. - download the Nokia barcode scanner free. - Google Android application for decoding barcodes. - QR-Codes, Data matrix, Aztec, MaxiCode among others.
    17. 20. Google’s ZXing (&quot;Zebra Crossing&quot;) An open-source, multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library implemented in Java. Using the built-in camera on mobile phones to photograph and decode barcodes on the device, without communicating with a server. UPC-A and UPC-E, EAN-8 and EAN-13, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, QR Code, ITF, Codabar, RSS-14 (all variants), Data Matrix , PDF 417 ('alpha' quality), Aztec ('alpha' quality)
    18. 21. “ Be distinct or extinct!”
    19. 22. Flathead River Valley is a large swath of wilderness. Use billboards, magazines and posters. QR-Codes generate interest beyond the message. Track your QR-Code scans and get quantifiable statistics worth a thousand words.
    20. 23. Cyber-bullying advice on your mobile phone
    21. 24. QR Code wrist-band for timing sponsored walks check-points.
    22. 25. City Harvest New York
    23. 26. “ QR Codes deliver higher donations faster than SMS”
    24. 27. Place a code at the end of an article to link directly with an update, video clip or a relevant supporter action. The UK’s Sun newspaper attracted 11,000 people within a month. There are Japanese papers with no other content. Use QR codes to update your newsletters & magazines
    25. 28. VIDEO 5 In memoria & donor recognition
    26. 29. ANY QUESTIONS?
    27. 30. THANK YOU!
    28. 31. International Fundraising Consultancy John Baguley 7 Vesta Avenue, St Albans, AL1 2PQ UK +44 (0)1727 762 998 [email_address] WWW.IFC.TC