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SEO & Social Media Internet World 2013


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Growing impact of Social Media on SEO - a rapid overview discussing the merging of social, content, authority and seo visibility development. Presentation delivered at Internet World 23rd April 2013.

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SEO & Social Media Internet World 2013

  1. 1. The Growing Impact of Social Media….…on Search MarketingPresented by: John HeffernanBusiness Development ManagerMediaCo (UK) 440690
  2. 2. • Integrated Digital Marketing Agency• Delivering results since 1999…• Offices in Dundee, Edinburgh & Singapore– Sales coverage: London, Midlands & Dubai• Focus on strategic online marketing:– Search Engine Optimisation– Pay-Per-Click Advertising– Content Marketing– Social Media IntegrationIntroducing MediaCo
  3. 3. Stop Chasing the Algorithm!!!!!
  4. 4. Traditional SEO:Link WheelDirectories / Paid LinksArticle MarketingContent MarketingBlogging AuthorityContent AuthorityInteractive ContentInfoGraphicsAsset BuildingOld and Outdated tactics offer anuncertain future
  5. 5. SEO ComponentsKEYPHRASES COMPETITORSAccessibilityRelevanceCredibilityON SITEOFF SITE ON PAGE
  6. 6. Online CompetitionResearch - Based on your search terms Identifies competing websites that have online visibility. Determine coverage across all phrases. Market intelligence of actual online competitors
  7. 7. Site OptimisationON SITEON PAGEOFF SITELink earning…….NotLink Building!DeepLinksInternalLinksLinktext
  8. 8. All Clear?.......................
  9. 9. SEO & Social Content Optimisation
  10. 10. If you think you need to beeverywhere at once………..You’re headed in the right directionMatt Cutts: GoogleA New Way of Looking at SEO…..
  11. 11. Content Marketing: SEOContent engagementSocial NetworksArticleMarketingSocial MentionsEmbedded VideoWeb LinksInternalLinks
  12. 12. A new way of thinking –- or doing it “right” all along?Panda – Bad ContentPenguin – Bad Links
  13. 13. Significant changes inGoogle’s algorithm.• Some links sources - no longer as influential.• Greater focus on “quality content” that’s useful to the searcher.• Depth of relevant content even more important.• Material that’s “over-optimised” sending negative signals.• More “brand signals” with key phrases & diversity required within third-party links.• More “brand signals” with key phrases required within social references.• Social media engagement becoming stronger influence.
  14. 14. Social Media Content has an ever-increasing influence onSearch Ranking / Visibility
  15. 15. More than just …
  16. 16. Presence, Participation & PromotionPresence:• Originate / Customise / Connect ChannelsParticipation:• Saying the right thing in the right way in theright channel – Engagement!Promotion: Content is still King!!• Share – Syndicate – Become “Findable”People Buy People!
  17. 17. Social Media ContentEither:write something worth reading aboutordo something worth writingabout..................................Ben FranklinTell your story ORHave it told for you!!!I’m sorry forwriting sucha long letter…… but I didn’thave time towrite a shortone …Become anAuthority!
  18. 18. Google+ Google+1 is simply another social signal Similar to “likes” – will gradually increase relevance Significant over time – Rel:Author! Set-up and optimise your Google+ Business pages Social circles
  19. 19. Pinterest for Business
  20. 20. - Profile
  21. 21. Social MediaInteraction:“Supports” SEOImproves:AuthorityPositionsTrafficClick ThroughandConversions!
  22. 22. Give yourself the advantage over yourCompetitors!
  23. 23. Social Media & SEO; Content “Rules” Use the phrase in the page title Create well written copy content Use Phrase semantics and related termsDefine a clear path – Call to Action…….Minimise distractions – Focus!Set a measurable goal
  24. 24. Benefits of Social Engagement• Build authority―Improve SEO rankings• Build relationships with customersand prospects• Customers become brand advocates―When they share content• Reputation management―Respond quickly to criticism
  25. 25. Be Involved – Engage with your Audience!Stop – Look – Listen!
  26. 26. Time & Resource........
  27. 27. Manage Expectations!Be prepared to fail!…….But don’t make thesame mistake Twice!
  28. 28. Social Media Planning ...Where are their moderators?Why is there no response?Why are they allowing these comments to stay on their profile page?********
  29. 29. Google & Content……“ willrank well.”
  30. 30. Presented by:John 440690