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Property Level Protection Products

What To look For When Considering Products

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Property Level Protection Products

  1. 1. UK Flood Barriers Limited Innovative flood prevention products Leading specialist in flood protection Sustainable solutions for the built environment Property Level Flood Protection UK Flood Barriers is the country’s leading provider of Kitemarked flood defence solutions for residential premises. In the current financial year alone we have protected hundreds of homes with a variety of systems ranging from flood barriers to flood proof doors, anti-flood airbricks and non return valves, offering a choice of passive or manual protection to clients. With our own directly employed team of surveyors, installers and site managers, we have an excellent reputation amongst our clients, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and ongoing support to guarantee peace of mind against future flooding risk. Suppliers of the Flood Angel product range
  2. 2. UK Flood Barriers Limited Contact Information Tel: 01905 773282 Fax: 01905 775037 Email: Address: 9a Wassage Way Hampton Lovett Industrial Estate Droitwich Worcestershire WR9 0NX Website:
  3. 3. UK Flood Barriers Limited Introduction to products and services UK Flood Barriers are unique in the flood defence sector in offering an own brand (Flood Angel) one-stop-shop for all products required under property level protection schemes: please see our website for further information. Our products are designed and manufactured by us, or under licence locally within Worcestershire. We offer both active and passive flood defence solutions to suit the varied requirements of our clients. Our product range comes with a 24 month guarantee; further details are available upon request. In addition we offer all our customers the option of an on going service level agreement in order to maintain their installed products in optimum condition to give peace of mind for years to come. Products required are categorised on the following pages:-
  4. 4. DOOR DEFENCE UK Flood Barriers Limited Door & Window Barriers (active flood defence) With a flexible choice of fixing systems, we can accommodate our client’s need for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their home with our invisible fixing system, whilst giving them total flood protection; a unique differentiator which has proved extremely popular. The Defender Barrier has been widely used on listed properties and in conservation areas. Defender barriers protecting patio doors Defender barrier protecting a low level window The Flood Angel Defender Barrier is an adaptable barrier system that has been developed to protect doorways, windows and garages, as well as other vulnerable apertures such as boiler flues and catflaps. The Defender holds 3 Kitemarks for different size barriers from single doors up to a maximum width of 2.5m, and are kitemarked up to the maximum of 900mm high. The barriers are all made totally bespoke for each aperture that we protect, and during manufacture each one has a permanent ID tag attached to it for easy identification for the home owner (e.g.: Marsh Cottage, front door etc).
  5. 5. DOOR DEFENCE UK Flood Barriers Limited A double Flood Defender™ barrier being used to protect a driveway Where a wider aperture is called for (in excess of 2.5m), we would install a demountable barrier system called Flood Defender Wall. This system is easily deployed and is lightweight, but robust. It can span any width, using a series of demountable posts, and the side rails have the option of being powder coated to match the exterior (subject to a small additional charge). The barrier height comes in increments of 100mm, up to a maximum height of 1500mm. Structural calculations to validate installation are available upon request.
  6. 6. DOOR DEFENCE UK Flood Barriers Limited UK Flood Barriers have designed the Flood Angel Flood Defender™ Door that answers all of the major issues associated with the first generation flood doors (our market research has shown that these doors have a tendency to allow rainwater to “pool” inside the property, due to lack of a weep vent which is present on standard (non-flood) UPVC doors to allow water which enters the frame to escape externally). Working with industry specialists to create a domestic flood proof door that holds three Kitemarks PAS1188-1-2009 and that is robust and truly fit for purpose, the new Flood Angel Flood Defender™ Door incorporates design changes to prevent pooling (by means of incorporating a one-way weep vent at the bottom of the door), to allow for full adjustment of the door in extreme (hot and cold) weather conditions by means of greater than normal tolerances, and with the added innovation of an optional escape hatch (similar to a stable door design) for emergency evacuation. The Flood Angel Flood Defender™ Door is designed and manufactured for use on single, inward and outward opening doors, as well as double outward opening doors. Colours, styles, glazing and door furniture can all be chosen by the customer to best match their existing style. UK Flood Barriers are FENSA registered and our installers are fully qualified to survey and install flood proof doors. The Flood Angel Flood Defender™ Door is designed to mitigate against rising flood waters up to a height of 600mm, and can withstand standing water, wave and current. Whilst it is designed to be flood resistant, in everyday use it will act as a standard UPVC door in all other aspects. Replacement UPVC Flood Resistant Doors (Active flood defence, as it requires handle to be levered up manually to engage locks and seals)
  7. 7. DOOR DEFENCE UK Flood Barriers Limited BSI Kitemark PAS 1188-1:2009 does not go as far as testing simulated conditions such as rain falling against a door; the existing tests cover standing water for 48 hours, a current of 1 m/s and wave testing at 100mm. We have adapted our own testing facility (which is used by BSI for Kitemark witness testing purposes) to test for simulated driving rain conditions, in order to make the testing more robust and replicate “real life” conditions (although this is not currently incorporated into the Kitemark standard). The Flood Angel Flood Defender™ Door can be manufactured as a bespoke item to a variety of widths and heights, and can incorporate both fully glazed panels as well as full UPVC panels. Widths beyond a double patio door size can be incorporated by the inclusion of UPVC and/or glazed side panels up to a maximum width of 3m. The single size Flood Angel Flood Defender™ Door has the option of including an integral escape hatch for emergency evacuation. The purpose of manufacturing a flood proof door with an escape hatch allows people to exit a building without compromising the flood proof integrity of the door.
  8. 8. COMMUNITY DEFENCE Flood Barriers Limited Self Closing Flood Barrier – Mini & Midi (passive) The SCFB™ Midi 2.5m wide x 600mm high. Installed into front driveway to private home SCFB™ Mini, 1m wide x 600mm high. Installed at a private residence near St Austell, Cornwall, as part of the 2012 Defra- funded IPP scheme. The guide rails are the only visible elements of the barrier; the rest remains in the ground, ready to deploy 24/7 In operational use globally since 1998, the Self Closing Flood Barrier (SCFB™) is acclaimed as the world’s most effective flood protection system. Its success can be attributed to the simple, but ingenious concept of using the approaching floodwaters to automatically raise the barrier; effectively using the problem to create the solution. The SCFB™ is a highly favourable preference when specifying optimal and cost effective but passive flood defence. We have taken the concept of the larger scale SCFB™ and applied it on a smaller scale to domestic properties. The SCFB™ Mini and Midi are designed to protect single doorways and patio doors up to 2.5m wide, as well as driveway and garage entrances; the barrier comes in two heights: 600mm and 1200mm. It is entirely passive, having the considerable advantage of not requiring any intervention during a flood warning. This makes it the most optimum choice of passive flood defence available today for domestic properties, as well as being the most robust and enduring option.
  9. 9. COMMUNITY DEFENCE Flood Barriers Limited SCFB™ Mini Barrier With a design life of 100 years, and requiring minimal maintenance, the SCFB™ Mini/Midi is not only an extremely effective flood defence system, but it makes a strong economic case too. With zero operational costs the SCFB™ Mini/Midi has none of the risks associated with manually operated systems, and when not in use the barrier is protected underground and its seals are sheltered from the elements. The SCFB™ offers optimal protection against extreme high water levels, and a rigorous on-going R&D programme ensures that the SCFB™ will remain the first choice for discerning clients seeking cost effective and superior flood defence solutions for decades to come.
  10. 10. BRICK DEFENCE Flood Barriers Limited Anti Flood Airbricks (passive flood defence) Single Flood Angel Anti Flood Airbrick Flood Angel Double Anti Flood Airbrick, installed behind existing grill to listed property. Image shows double Flood Angel Anti Flood Airbrick in situ Flood Angel Automatic Anti Flood Airbrick. This is the UK’s only BSI Kitemark accredited anti flood airbrick, having attained PAS 1188-1:2009. With a unique self-closing feature to prevent floodwater entering a property, it offers automatic, passive protection against ingress of water 24/7, without the need for any human intervention. The airbrick has an integral patented debris/insect mesh to prevent debris or insects from entering the brick and interfering with the automatic gate valve; this is unique to the Flood Angel airbrick. The brick is available in five colours: terracotta, buff, engineering blue, black, and white, and can be fitted to single, double and triple airbrick apertures. Complies with BS493:1995 for free airflow under normal conditions.
  11. 11. SEWAGE DEFENCE Flood Barriers Limited Sewage and/or waste water solutions (passive flood defence) Full Port Backflow Valve Pushfit style valve Toilet Bung Stage 1, 2 and 3 of backflow valve being installed To overcome the issues surrounding backflow/surge from sewage and waste water, we use a combination of fully automatic, passive backflow valves and push fit type valves. Depending on the circumstances of the system (e.g. clay or plastic pipe), would dictate suitability of either one type or the other. An alternative solution would be to issue customers with a simple inflatable toilet bung, which has the advantage of being a more economical option. With the exception of the toilet bung, our sewage and waste water prevention solutions are fully automatic and require minimal maintenance. Once installed in the ground within an inspection chamber, the Fullport Backflow Valve is easily maintained. It forms an integral part of the sewage system and is the only valve that can be rodded, due to its normally “open” position. Under “flood” conditions where waste water backsurges, the valve will automatically close off, and remain shut until the pressure has subsided and the threat of backflow has disappeared. Its design life is in excess of fifty years and all moving parts are easily and readily replaceable. It is certified to Canadian Standards CSA B181:1 and 2. (Please note: There is no BSI Kitemark standard written yet for non return valves).
  12. 12. SEWAGE DEFENCE Flood Barriers Limited 50mm backwater valve installed in low-level waste pipe 50mm backwater valve 50mm Backwater valves in situ Flood water can also ingress a house through waste water pipes such as dishwashers, washing machines and sinks on ground and lower ground floor levels. In order to overcome the risk of flooding via waste pipes we offer a variety of automatic shut off valves, ranging from 15mm through to 50mm. Again these are easy to maintain and offer automatic, passive protection against waste water backflow. Smaller waste water pipes
  13. 13. BOUNDARY DEFENCE Flood Barriers Limited Bund Walls 46 linear metres of wall completed to surround two semi-detached properties, with a total of 7 pedestrian access entry points. 1200mm deep. Rendered bund wall with flood gate in situ. 750mm high above ground level, foundations 1200mm deep. In this case, a number of 1m wide access entry points are created around the property. These can then be protected either using a barrier, or via a hinged flood gate. Some projects call for the construction of a low level bund wall. This can be accommodated to any length required, and will be constructed to the consulting engineer’s specification. Once the bund wall has been constructed, barriers (either active or passive) can be installed in the apertures for complete protection, whilst allowing access when required.
  14. 14. BOUNDARY DEFENCE Flood Barriers Limited Flood Gates (active flood defence) Flood gates are sometimes considered as a practical solution as boundary protection. Gates can be made according to the required height, whether a dwarf gate of 600-800mm high or a full height 1800mm gate to match the surroundings. It should be noted that this product is not currently Kitemarked or tested.
  15. 15. ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS Flood Barriers Limited De-watering Systems We can supply a range of different pump and sump units to cope with varying situations. These are used primarily where water penetration of the sub-floor void is an issue but can also be used to drain an external area that has been bunded against flooding. These pumps operate on a float switch so activate themselves when required. Typical pump and sump unit. Pump and sump system installed to exterior with 4” pipe to void level and 50mm outlet.
  16. 16. ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS Flood Barriers Limited De-watering Systems We offer a choice of 3 pumps which deliver different flow rates, dependent on the application: Option 1. Residue Water Drainage Pump (Puddle Sucker): Flow rate 175 litres per min at Head 1m. The manual lightweight Puddle-Sucker Pump is designed for use with clean water to drain domestic applications, empty flooded rooms, basements, draw water from wells, basins or cisterns. An integral float switch can be activated as required. Option 2. Pump and Sump System: Flow rate 195 litres per min at Head 1m. Option 3. Pump and Sump System: Flow rate 525 litres per min at Head 1m. The pump and sump system sits below the ground floor to pump out water which enters through the ground. The pump removes water at a faster rate than it can enter. If the pump and sump is located in a protected zone the outlet is routed to an unprotected zone. The pump and sump system operates using a float switch for automatic activation as required. The system also has a check valve on the water outlet pipe so that the water does not flow back into the sump when the pump is shut off.
  17. 17. ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS Flood Barriers Limited Sanitiser. Disinfection, cleaning & sanitising. Flood water carries with it many types of bacteria, virus etc. Once the flood water has subsided these bacteria and viruses remain within the plaster, brickwork, timber joists/floorboards, fixtures and fittings. All these areas require thorough disinfection and sanitisation prior to re- instatement works being carried out and ultimately re-occupation of the property. Flood Angel Sanitiser is a disinfectant and sanitiser specifically formulated for the control of a broad range of gram +ve and gram -ve bacteria including hepatitis B, salmonella, campylobacter, listeria, MRSA and many others including a wide range of viral infections. When used as part of initial remedial works after flood damage, the product will sanitise and disinfect the entire area that has been susceptible to bacterial contamination. Flood Angel Waterstop is a product that we use to prevent water seepage through walls and brickwork. It is water based (not silicone) therefore allows the wall to breathe, and does not leave any marks on the wall, drying to an invisible finish. Flood Angel Silicone. We have a range of high quality silicone that we use for protection around cables ducts, pipework etc, as well as to seal around door and window frames. The appropriate colour is used for each property (eg white, clear, brown etc). Flood Angel Tanking Polymer is a sophisticated cementitious formulation designed for use in below and above ground as a waterproofing membrane. It may be applied by brush or spray. The product is made up of many components, which give high water resistance, flexibility, salt resistance, good adhesion and set control in a form that only requires water for mixing. Where external ground level is above internal floor level it is usually necessary to provide a barrier to penetrating moisture in conjunction with an injected DPC. In such circumstances FLOOD ANGEL TANKING POLYMER may be applied directly onto the brickwork before DPC injection takes place. (Technical specification sheets are available upon request)
  18. 18. Flood Barriers Limited Testing in progress at UK Flood Barriers HQ - February 2012 Our unique tank testing facility is used to continuously assess and test our product range for ongoing suitability and to comply with the BSI’s PAS1188-1:2009 requirement for periodic product testing. We are the only provider of flood defence equipment capable of putting our products through this periodic testing, ensuring that our product range continues to be robust and fit for purpose. The tank also allows us to undertake flood simulations and product demonstrations for the public and private sector, using the facility as an educational tool to demonstrate the vulnerable points of a building and how rapidly water enters through unprotected airbricks, sewage pipes and apertures. Testing & training
  19. 19. Flood Barriers Limited Flood Defender Barrier Single Size Storage Bag Storage accessories for barriers We can offer clients a range of storage options for their barriers when not in use, including various sizes of storage bags (double and single), hanging hooks etc. Please see below for images. Flood Defender Barrier in single width bag, with storage hooks on wall Storage for Barrier Bolts & Screws Images below demonstrate the box of barrier fixings that we provide for home owners.