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Listing Presentation Pano Rider

  1. 1. 698036-152400<br />The PanoRider™Your Instant Curb Appeal SolutionPresented By:Event Photo Solutions LLC(808)<br />Your Marketing Edge<br />The StatisticsThe top scoring source of information for buyers is now the Internet, mentioned by 77% of all Home Buyers.*In addition, 71% of all Home Buyers surveyed, mentioned the yard sign as an important source of information. *Our own statistics show that, on average, about 50% of the virtual tour traffic is generated by the PanoRider. This number has reached as high as 75% or more - which is more than the traffic generated by, MRIS, all broker and agent websites and all other websites COMBINED! *National Association of Realtors® Home Buyer and Seller Survey 2006As a homeowner looking to sell your home, you should only be interested in marketing that is proven to work. The PanoRider™ is a custom sign rider that hangs off your property’s ‘For Sale’ sign. It contains a unique web address for the property along with a full color panoramic photograph of the property. The web address (or URL) is the same as the property address so it is easy to remember for prospective buyers and neighbors.A PanoRider combines the exposure of the Yard Sign with the power of the Internet. It drives prospective buyers to a tour of your property (even if no one is home to let them see inside). The statistics support the need for every listing to have a PanoRider, regardless of market conditions. And the single property virtual tour contains my contact phone number, website and email, so you get the most exposure possible to secure an offer!<br />Turn Street Traffic into Web Traffic<br />Single Property Websites (e.g. web address on the Web Sign Rider is the property address for your property. This website contains your full interactive virtual tour with enhanced listing features including the following:Integrated Panoramic and Still Photos with Interactive Hot Spot NavigationMap, Satellite View and Driving DirectionsMortgage CalculatorOptional Music, Floor Plans & BrochureMLS Number and Property InformationScene descriptionsAgent Photo, Email Link, Website Link and Phone NumberBroker Logo and AddressSecret Hot-Link to Traffic Statistics<br />Why do I use a PanoRider™ and Single Property Website to Market Your Property?<br />If we take a look at the statistics, 71% of home buyers say that the yard sign is important to them. So, the question becomes: How do you make your yard signs stand apart from the rest? With a PanoRider™, you get a full color panoramic photo from the property displayed right on your sign! Prospective buyers and neighbors are sure to stop and look. Your yard sign is now a compelling attention getting device that is sure to turn heads (even at 25 MPH while cruising through the neighborhood!) Now that we have sparked their curiosity, they are sure to visit the website to see the full virtual tour, increasing your listing’s exposure and increasing your chances for qualified buyers and ratified contracts! Best of all, your virtual tour can be emailed! So, now ‘nosey’ neighbors have become your personal sales team!<br />The PanoRider™ combines with your custom website address, single property website and virtual tour to give your property the MAXIMUM amount of exposure in the right place – in front of the house. Our statistics show that on high-traffic roads your sign may generate as much as 75% of the activity on your Virtual Tour!Are Other Realtors® Going To Offer You ANYTHING That Compares to THIS?<br />Marketing Tools <br />Info-to-Go Box No MoreHave you ever seen ‘other’ Realtor®’s ‘Info-to-Go’ boxes? Are they ever empty? Filled with nothing but wet paper? Well, with a PanoRider those days are over. There is no need to put papers that get wet or run out in front of your property. The PanoRider is always there giving the prospective buyer a more robust experience to learn about the property online at their convenience. When they do finally call me to arrange a showing, they are TRULY qualified buyers because they have already seen your property and may be ready to make an offer!Event Photo Solutions LLC(808) 930-5552www.360eventphotosolutions.cominfo@eventphotosolutions.comThere Is No Other Marketing Tool That Has The Same Impact as a PanoRider™.EVERY DAY the neighbors drive home or walk their dog. Your neighbors are about to become your personal sales force with the aid of your attention-getting PanoRider™, your customized website address, your single property website and your virtual tour as their sales tools! So, let’s get started today!Marketing Tools<br />