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Non Profit Non Slideshow 7 16 10


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This short slide show explains some of our work with nonprofits

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Non Profit Non Slideshow 7 16 10

  1. 1. Financial Markets are In Turmoil! Lower Donations, Agency Cutbacks, Increased Operations cost, Increased Demand Where Do We All Go From Here?
  2. 2. American Community Development Group, Inc (a national public stock company) Presents Our Nonprofit Survival Kit!
  3. 3. The Non-Profit Survival Kit Is Your Swiss Army Knife! More Tools, Resources, Relationships and Solutions
  4. 4. What You Need In This Economy! More Revenue Increased Efficiency Better technology More Trained Staff Effective Communication More Financing More Capacity
  5. 5. The Exact Assortment of Resources To Strengthen Your Organization Improve Donor Contributions Better Manage Your donor and Relationship Data Expand Your Marketing Exposure Increase your Access to Funding Sources Improve Operational Training and Efficiencies Add New Streams of Revenue
  6. 6. Surviving This Economy Your Organization Faces incredible Economic Challenges!. Donations are down, government funding and programs are being cut, jobs have disappeared and housing markets are in turmoil. Many non-profits are consolidating, closing programs, reducing their mission size or services, and some are just shutting their doors. This is occurring at the exact time that these important services are needed by more people than ever! This environment requires new strategic thinking and immediate changes to address these challenges.
  7. 7. Who Are We? We are a for-profit company of social entrepreneurs with vision, direction, and a social conscience. We are a seasoned and professional management team that includes attorneys, accountants, stock brokers, investment bankers, corporate advisors, and consultants. We are responsible stewards of both financial and human resources.
  8. 8. Who We Work With Nonprofits and For Profits Sectarian and Faith Based Churches Missions Government Agencies Private Agencies
  9. 9. Why We’ve Chosen This Direction The need is overwhelming; the market is huge. The returns are substantial in both human and economic terms How Could We Turn Away? .
  10. 10. How We Can Help You? We acquire businesses, commercial and residential real estate and affordable housing properties for the purpose of housing and employing individuals and families in crisis or challenge. These can be your clients! The properties can include single and multi family, apartments, hotels and mobile home parks. The businesses generate cash flow and employment opportunities to increase your revenues We offer consulting, debt and equity financing, investment banking, social services, business and financial planning, grant writing, marketing and donor development programs to the non-profit sector. We act as a financial bridge between traditional public/private financing and the needs of non-profits and their constituents. We accomplish these efforts every day by working with established advisors, consultants and relationships that have a proven track record of success.
  11. 11. Who Benefits? Everyone! Our Shareholders, Your Organization and Your Clients We work with a variety of disadvantaged populations Veterans Elderly Ex-offenders The Homeless The Hungry
  12. 12. We’re Making a Difference Our purpose is to “give back” to the community by the support of selected nonprofit groups and their clients. Our Corporate backgrounds as entrepreneurs, business owners, and professional managers of both public and private companies have given us the perspective, experience and capability to offer services to those who are less fortunate. This is accomplished by investing debt and equity funds into various ventures, businesses, and real estate that will employ, feed, train, or house people that have become disadvantaged because of life or other circumstances. While we do take pride in capital return for ourselves and our investors, nothing can match the tremendous gratification of seeing the lives of men, women and families being rebuilt that were damaged by drugs, alcohol, abuse, neglect, health issues, incarceration, or neglect.
  13. 13. What’s The Next Step We would like to sit down with you and discuss the possibilities. We can meet with your board of directors or management staff at your convenience. For more information, please log onto our website. We can be reached by calling or emailing: John Folger Cell (727)-902-4108 Office (727)-522-0829 Email: