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Types of Hotel Rooms


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Hotel room types, description.
Defined, described and picture are shown for better apprehension. Completely downloadable for everybody's benefit.

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Types of Hotel Rooms

  1. 1. HOTEL ROOM TYPES By: John Edward S. Estayo
  2. 2. SIGNIFICANCE OF ROOMS • The sale of rooms contributes approximately 50% or more to the total hotel revenue. • A room ‘sale’ occurs when a room is leased for occupation for 24 hours, at a predetermined cost.
  3. 3. ROOMS (a perishable commodity) A room not sold on a particular day loses its opportunity to earn revenue for that day.
  4. 4. GUEST ROOMS Rooms to guests means: • Comfort • Security • Privacy • Convenience • Cleanliness • and Hygiene • A “Home Away from Home”
  5. 5. SINGLE ROOM •A room which has single bed facility.
  6. 6. DOUBLE ROOM • A room which has double bed facility.
  8. 8. TWIN ROOM •A room which has two single bed separated by a center table.
  9. 9. INTERCONNECTING ROOMS • Two rooms which shares a common door, mostly used by families.
  10. 10. ADJOINING ROOMS • Two rooms which share a common wall, mostly preferred by groups.
  11. 11. HOLLYWOOD TWIN ROOM • A room which has two single bed but shares a common head board.
  12. 12. DUPLEX • A room which is been spread on two floors connected by an internal staircase.
  13. 13. CABANA • A room which is near a water body or beside swimming pool.
  14. 14. STUDIO ROOM • A room with a sofa-cum-bed facility.
  15. 15. PARLOR • A room which is used for sitting and cannot be used for sleeping purpose.
  16. 16. LANAI • A room which oversees a scenic beauty e.g. Garden, landscape or water fall.
  17. 17. EFFICIENCY ROOM • A room with a kitchen facility.
  18. 18. HOSPITALITY ROOM • A room where hotel staff would entertain theirguests.
  19. 19. SUITE ROOM • A room comprises of two or more bedroom, a living room and a dining area.
  20. 20. KING BEDROOM • A room with a king sized bed.
  21. 21. QUEEN BEDROOM • A room with a queen sized bed.
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