Msft introduction demo


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Msft introduction demo

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Msft introduction demo

  1. 1. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2aIntroduction Click Instructions Talking Points 1. Click Thanks for your interest in Microsoft Dynamics GP Dynamics GP. on tool bar The goal of this introduction demo is to showcase some of the key features and benefits of Dynamics GP. We will cover the ease use of the user Click Here interface, look and feel of the application, integration to the Microsoft platform, reporting and executive dashboards. Lets get started. 2. Click Here we see the Homepage. This home Introduction page is tailored to your role. You can also Demo easily adjustit to your own needs. Click Here A key goal of Dynamics GP is to help you be agile and be more informed. We want to focus and surface critical information to the right person and the right time. We also want to provide an easy to use and easily recognized user experience. Created 7/30/2012 Page 1
  2. 2. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 3. Click Home I want to take a few minutes to show theClick Here Page Review power of information at your fingertips. We bring critical role tailored information in a visual way to everyone in your organization. 4. Click the Here we see a graph on our Home Page. graph Click Here This provides a real time data delivered to your organization. This user configurable panel allows you to add your own reports as well as over 200 business intelligence reports out of the box. Created 7/30/2012 Page 2
  3. 3. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 5. Click the To The role centerTo Do panel brings your Do panel work to you You are just a click away from the tasks to be completed today. And the ability to easily add your own tasks. Click Here 6. Click the I want to show how easy it is to tailor your Tailor Home Home Page to suit your own needs and Page tasks Click Here Created 7/30/2012 Page 3
  4. 4. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 7. Click the You can easily adjust the Home Page Arrow beside dashboards to add your own reports, Tasks, Click Here the Metrics Reminders, and integration to Microsoft Outlook. 8. Click the Red Here we seea complete list of reports that X you can select to add to your dashboard. As well you can add your own custom reports Click Here to our standard library of reports. 9. Click Screen Now I would like to take a quick look at oneClick Here Navigation of our maintenance screens and how review we navigate the system. Created 7/30/2012 Page 4
  5. 5. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 10. Click the Here we seethe standard customer window. Click Here Lookup icon Notice that we have highlighted fields Red to indicate required fields. The color Blue to indicate links to other records. The Magnifier icon is the standard lookup function. This will bring a list of records for you to pick from. 11. Click the Red We see the list of customer records as well Click Here X the ability to look up on a custom field. 12. Click the We have lots of information grouped in sub Options screens. Let’s click the options button of Button the customer maintenance window. Click Here Created 7/30/2012 Page 5
  6. 6. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 13. Click the Red Easy access to lots of additional fields and X settings. Notice that we keep email contacts for mail integration. It’s easy to Click Here email statements to customers. 14. Click the Red Let’s close this window. X Click Here 15. Click Back on the Shortcuts bar lets show how Proactive easy it is to setup proactive notifications.Click Here Notifications Created 7/30/2012 Page 6
  7. 7. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 16. Click Red X In the reminders preference window you can control what and when to be reminded. It’s really easy to adjust the system to Click Here prompt you daily or days before an event is due. As well, the ability to show the number of records that need to be processed and via the visual cues. 17. Click I want to show you how we can extend employee Dynamics GP to your entire organizationClick Here access through a browser. 18. Click Red X Here we see Dynamics GP Business Portal. Click Here Employees can access key information and reports and interact with the system. Enter things like purchase requisitions,HR information or enter time sheets. All through a browser interface. Created 7/30/2012 Page 7
  8. 8. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 19. Click exec I want to review our executive dashboards dashboards in the Business Portal. Click Here We have many pre built dashboards that are easy to expose in the portal or enhance for your own needs. 20. Click red X Here is the executive center. This is where Click Here you access our dashboards. This portal is built with Microsoft’s SharePoint server. We have 10 focus areas of dashboards. Each with a series of relevant reports for those business areas. 21. Click Office Dynamics GP is tightly linked to Microsoft Excel Office. I want to show how easy it is to pull integration up a report in Microsoft Excel. Click Here Created 7/30/2012 Page 8
  9. 9. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 22. Click Here we see Microsoft Excel. We opened AARONFIT00 the Excel report with real-time access to 01 blue Dynamics GP. Click Here underline This is Excel refreshable report was created to access data real-time. Click on the blue link to drill back to the customer record. 23. Click Red X Notice we have linked from excel to Dynamics GP by automatically pulling up the customer record in Dynamics GP. Click Here 24. Clicked Dynamics GP also provides inquiry only Inquiry Only windows. drill back This enables you to offer access to the Click Here system to limit the access for certain users. Created 7/30/2012 Page 9
  10. 10. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 25. Click left VCR On the bottom left we see our navigation button buttons. This is how one way can navigate the system. I want to go to the first record so I hit the left VCR button. Click Here 26. Select first Here we see the general ledger inquiry record window. The system tracks back to the source records so we can always find out what’s Click Here going on with the transaction. Lets locate the source of the first record. click on the first transaction in the grid. 27. Click on The blue underline indicates the link. Journal Entry Click Here Created 7/30/2012 Page 10
  11. 11. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 28. Click Red X Lets close out this window Click Here 29. Click Red X And this window to. Click Here 30. Click simple We have a really simple tool called data access Smartlist. Click Here Smartlist is in easy-to-use report builder. Anyone can use this tool and be making reports in the snap. Created 7/30/2012 Page 11
  12. 12. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 31. Click on the Here we see a smart list. The Smartlist tool Excel button enables an end user to easily filter and change the columns for their own custom report. Click Here We find this is one of the most popular tools in the Dynamics GP solution. And of course we can export this to Excel where you can enhance the report and share with others in your organization. 32. Click red X Dynamics GP opened Microsoft Excel Click Here automatically and sent the data real time from Dynamics GP into MicrosoftExcel. This enables you to snapshot data and analyze it and share with your organization at a point in time. Of course, we could also have used an Excel refreshable report and given real-time data every time we run the report. It’s your choice. Created 7/30/2012 Page 12
  13. 13. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 33. Click Red X Lets close out this window Click Here 34. Click work Lets see how Dynamics GP helps you management organize your work for how you work. A common request we get from our users isClick Here help me organize my work better. There are lots of things happening in your day and lots of interruptions. We want to help you ensure that things don’t drop to the cracks. Created 7/30/2012 Page 13
  14. 14. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 35. Click Red X Here we see a list of work to be done sorted by date and assigned to users. Click Here These can be simple reminders or links into Dynamics GP to specific screens or functions. The right column shows the values in each of these reminders. This is an easy way to stay ahead of your workload. Created 7/30/2012 Page 14
  15. 15. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 36. Click critical I want to show you how Dynamics GP can alerts automatically alert you when key metrics exceed their targets.Click Here We have an easy to configure alerting engine built right inside Dynamics GP. It allows you to send reports via e-mail automatically. Created 7/30/2012 Page 15
  16. 16. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 37. Click first This is our business alerts configuration VCR button maintenance window. Click Here 38. Click Red X This is a simple tool for your administrator to configure business alerts. It will help you design and build queries that Click Here will run automatically and alert you to exceptions delivered right to your mailbox. Created 7/30/2012 Page 16
  17. 17. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 39. Click easy to Dynamics GP is really too is easy to extend extend to your specific needs data and process. We screens have a built in tool called extender. The goal of this tool is to enable you to add yourClick Here own fields to any screens in the system. This take a look at this great tool. 40. Click detail Here we see the extender window. We can windows add the forms create new forms do Click Here lookouts do dialog boxes even have macros. I want to show you how old extended the customer master record to add a list of software modules purchased by this customer. 41. Click Here we see a list of windows that are software linked to Dynamics GP windows. These are Click Here modules written in the same tool is Dynamics GP and very easy to add in customize. Lets look at the software modules form. Created 7/30/2012 Page 17
  18. 18. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 42. Click screen Here we see the layout of the additional Click Here navigation form that attach to the customer maintenance window. We can add fields lookouts dates check boxes all the things to make a very highly interactive form. This is linked off the customer master record. Lets go see this form an action. 43. Click Here we see the customer window and off additional the edition also menu item we see are listed menu item added forms linked to this record. Click Here 44. Click Notice we have a form “software modules”. software Thats open this form. Click Here modules Created 7/30/2012 Page 18
  19. 19. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 45. Click Red X Here we see a customer and fed his purchasing advanced core module and 712 and a long-term version of 1.1 this is an added form and added fields link to this Click Here customer records. You can have multiple forms off the customer record for multiple applications. 46. Click Red X Click Here 47. Click e-mail The Dynamics GP System links to e-mail. integration Lets look at some of this e-mail integration. Click Here Created 7/30/2012 Page 19
  20. 20. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 48. Click red X Here we can see that we can e-mail a Click Here customer statement, print them or print and send e-mail. 49. Click built in Dynamics GP has a workflow engine built workflow into it. It allows you to approve records before they are completed. Lets take a look at this workflow.Click Here 50. Click Red X Here we see any mail that has been approved for a purchase order. We sent an e-mail to the approver and they proved the Click Here purchase order in SharePoint. Created 7/30/2012 Page 20
  21. 21. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 51. Click Dynamics GP has several options for Dashboard reporting including executive dashboards. reporting Lets look at his dashboard reporting. We have dashboard reports in business portal, reports in Dynamics GP in the home page, Click Here and operational BI and within lists. 52. Click web Lets take a look at executive dashboard dashboards reports in business portal.Click Here 53. Click red X Dynamics GP has over 200 dashboard Click Here reports that you can select in our Executive Center. Its very easy to personalize the reports in SharePoint. All the reports are available across the entire system within one source location. Its very easy to add your own reports to this library. Created 7/30/2012 Page 21
  22. 22. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 54. Click Lets take a look at the power of business operational intelligence at the operational genuine yet but I tell you something fun level. Click Here 55. CS55: Click HereClick Here 56. CS56: Click HereClick Here Created 7/30/2012 Page 22
  23. 23. Demo Script: MSFT-IntroductionV2a 57. CS57: Click Here Click Here 58. CS58: Click Click Here Here 59. CS59: Click Here Click Here Created 7/30/2012 Page 23