September 2013 Lifestyle Freedom Club Magazine - John Di Lemme


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This is the September 2013 edition of John Di Lemme's Lifestyle Freedom Club magazine. Learn more about the Lifestyle Freedom Club and John Di Lemme at

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September 2013 Lifestyle Freedom Club Magazine - John Di Lemme

  1. 1. M i l l i o n a i r e M a g a z i n e • S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 3 In this ISSUE Message from JOHN DI LEMME Message From John........................1 Hello Champion... September 2013 Mastermind Event..........................2 We’re already into the fourth quarter of the year, and the countdown is on until the end of 2013. This month, I challenge you to map out the remainder of 2013. Make a list of goals that you have accomplished and others that you are still working towards. Include the things that you’ve simply given up on or just let slip through the cracks. It helps to have a roadmap of where you are going and where you have been so that you can see where you got lost in your journey and what detours you have taken along the way. Remember, it’s your success journey so take the time to plan and prepare so that you can predict your own future. Live Events Change LIVES...........3 5 Decisions to Shred Fear Out of Your Life.......................... 4-5 The Closing and Marketing Bookcamp........................................6 Thank You. ......................................7 . Upcoming Events............................8 The next *2* Day Lifestyle Freedom Club Mastermind Event is on December 6 & 7, 2013. This event will sell out! Reserve your seat today! Call (561) 847-3467 or Email Motivating Millionaires Worldwide... John Di Lemme Champions Caught In Action! KStudent of The MonthL Marilyn Azu-Harris Let our team catch you wearing one of our fired up t-shirts and you could be featured as the Student of the Month.
  2. 2. M i l l i o n a i r e M a g a z i n e • S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 3 September 2013 Mastermind Events
  3. 3. M i l l i o n a i r e M a g a z i n e • S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 3 Live Events Change Lives!
  4. 4. I 5 M i l l i o n a i r e • S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 3 Decisions to Shred Fear Out of Your Life By John Di Lemme have personally witnessed thousands of people worldwide imprisoned by fear. They are trapped behind the bars of not being worthy of success and shackled to their past mistakes. Are you one of those prisoners? Have you been wrongly convicted and given a life sentence by the enemy of fear? It’s time for you to break free! How can you possibly break through the bondage that has kept you chained down and unable to move forward in years? Make a decision. That’s right. You must make the decision that you will no longer be a slave to fear. The original Hebrew root of the word “decision” means to cut off and get rid of. It’s done. It’s finished. No more. It’s decision time! Take a deep breath and get ready to change your life with these five decisions that will shred fear out of your life. Decision #1: Make the Shift In the movie, “Facing the Giants”, the coach cares enough about one of his players to get in his face and confront him about his fear. He sees that the player has the gift of leadership, but is wasting it. The coach pushes the player and makes him go to a level where he’s never been. He’s got to see beyond where he’s been by doing something that he’s never done. At that point, the shift happens…the shift from the past to the present…from where he’s been to where he wants to go now. A shift gets developed when you’re focused. Lack of focus will kill your dreams! When you make that shift and get laser-focused, it’s guaranteed that you will achieve your goals and dreams. Unfortunately, the biggest distractions in our lives that cause us to lose focus are other people. These people don’t believe in you or your dream. They are M a g a z i n e insecure dream stealers that won’t take the action for that shift in life to happen. There’s only one thing to do when you are surrounded by these types of people…get away! If they are family or close friends, then it’s time to love them, leave them and show them. Let them know that you love them but you have to take time for yourself to achieve your dreams and then your action that you show them in pursuit of your goals and dreams will greatly change how they see you. What happens next? The shift! Decision #2: Take Ownership of Your Why One of the top things that you must do to get fear out of your life is take ownership of your Why, which is your ultimate purpose. It’s the reason you get out of bed every day. When you take ownership of your Why, you own it no matter what happens, no matter what occurs each and every day. It’s your Why and nobody can take that from you! Your Why is the insurance that backs up your goals and dreams. There’s no way that you can give up on your daily quest to achieve your goals and dreams if have taken full ownership of your Why. You have to protect your Why, because it’s yours and you own it. If someone walked into your home and started taking your valuables, I have no doubt that you would stop them, because it’s your stuff! You own it! However, why do most people allow the naysayers to steal your Why on a daily basis? It’s simple. They haven’t taken true ownership of their Why in life. You have to fight for your Why like you would fight for your belongings. If you have someone in your life trying to take your Why away from you, the get rid of them. Like I said before, love them, leave them and show them. It’s your Why so take some action to protect it!
  5. 5. M i l l i o n a i r e Decision #3: Make Your Pledge A pledge is a declaration, a solemn vow. It’s your responsibility to make a pledge to yourself and your Why to be the very best that you can get every single day. When you make a declaration to yourself and everyone around you that you will not give up on your Why, fear will flee! There’s no room for fear if you are truly committed to your Why! That’s right. I said a commitment! Your pledge is a formal commitment. It doesn’t waiver or falter during the tough times. Your pledge causes you to lead by example with your attitude, words, ethics, and values. Your pledge is the driving force behind your Why. It pushes you and serves as a constant reminder about your commitment. Decision #4: Build Your Mastermind Team Your mastermind team is your support system. They empower you to prosper in every area of your life no matter what obstacles stand in your way or the adversity that you face. Now, close your eyes and visualize who is on your mastermind team. Does that image make you smile or does it cause you to realize why you are failing in various areas of your life? If the people on your mastermind team do not add value you to your life and encourage you to go after your dreams, then it’s time for a change. An unmotivated, discouraging mastermind team will ruin your chances of ever achieving your ultimate Why in life. These types of people are selfish and their motives are very different than yours. Fear will constantly consume you if you continue to allow these people to negatively affect your life. What if you have no one in your closest circle of influence that you would ask to be on your mastermind team? Well, it’s time for you to venture outside of that circle and meet some new people that have similar goals and dreams. The Lifestyle Freedom Club is the #1 success and motivation club in the world, and the members are motivated champions M a g a z i n e • S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 3 just like you! Check out this amazing place to build your mastermind team at No fear exists in this club! Decision #5: Create a Solid Foundation When a house is built, a lot of time is spent laying the foundation. If the foundation is not solid, then the house will eventually crumble. Similarly, you cannot achieve your Why in life without a solid foundation of commitment. Your Why will fall apart and become unachievable if you are not seriously committed. Imagine your commitment as the foundation of your Why house. The windows are your daily action steps, the walls are your habits, the roof consists of your mastermind team, and so on. Do you realize how easily this entire structure will fail if your commitment is shaky? It might be stable for a while but it will eventually fall down around you. You also strengthen your foundation by continuing to grow your roots deeper and deeper. Your roots are developed by immersing yourself in personal development – listening to motivational CDs, reading inspirational books, etc. Your belief in yourself and your ability to achieve your Why will skyrocket when you create that daily habit of learning. As your belief builds, your roots grow and your foundation becomes more solid. I’m often asked if it’s okay to take some time off. When you stop your daily success habits and take a break from your personal development, cracks will start to develop in your foundation. Even the slightest little crack will allow the weed of fear to sprout through and endanger your Why. If you are truly committed to the achievement of your Why in life, then you should absolutely no desire to take a break from your success journey. Now, it’s your turn! Take action today and make these five decisions to get rid of the fear that is haunting you and preventing you from going forward in life. Don’t let the enemy of fear win. You are a Champion and you can defeat fear!
  6. 6. M i l l i o n a i r e M a g a z i n e • S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 3 THE Closing and Marketing Boot Camp November 1 2, 2013 West Palm Beach, Florida Why Should You Attend? “This has been an incredible weekend full of tremendous information. Absolutely great! Can’t wait to implement these awesome ideas in my business! John, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.” Dr. Sandra Kahn “I have been in direct sales for over 20 years. The Closing and Marketing Boot Camp training was refreshing and will move my business forward, because it’s the complete opposite of what I’ve been doing for years. I have a fresh start in the business world now! I am excited to be living and working in my outstanding economy!” Hallie Seedorf “The Closing and Marketing University Boot Camp was simply amazing! There is no other place – no school, job or networking event – that I can learn strategies and techniques that will create massive growth in my business. John Di Lemme and his team continue to over-deliver. I can’t wait to get the event CDs!” Peter Grant “This was the best CMU Boot Camp ever! The teachings continue to get deeper and deeper! John’s strategies clicked into place for me this time, and I can use them immediately in my business.” Dr. Ira Bloomfield ONLY *7* Seats Available – This Event will Sell Out! Call 561-847-3467 or Email to Secure Your Seat
  7. 7. M i l l i o n a i r e T M a g a z i n e • S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 3 Thank You here are two words that will give you a competitive edge in your business, separate you from the crowd, and empower you to develop an influential network of champions. The words “thank you” are simple, but at the same time extremely powerful. After I meet someone for the first time or engage in a new business relationship, I always mail them a thank you card. Yes, I mail a physical card to their home or business. I don’t take the easy, lazy way out by emailing an e-card that will likely go directly into their spam. People are absolutely blown away by a simple thank you card! Why? Because in today’s society, schedules are so hectic that people are chaotically running around trying to get ahead and don’t take the time to acknowledge their customers, clients or colleagues. So, it’s really surprising when someone actually takes the time to say that they appreciate someone else. Sometimes we forget the simplest things in life are the most powerful and rewarding. I challenge you to try it. Start sending personalized Thank You cards to people in your life and business. You will begin to establish the reputation as a person that appreciates others. Simple actions reap big rewards! How? People will feel comfortable doing more business with you and even introducing you to their contacts based on the level of respect that you showed them in the past. Your most notable achievements in life will be the result of the relationships that you build with others. Yes, it’s really that easy. Just say…Thank You!
  8. 8. M i l l i o n a i r e M a g a z i n e • S e p t e m b e r UPCOMING EVENTS October 4 5 Lifestyle Freedom Club *Member Only* Mastermind Event (West Palm Beach, Florida) October 8 Advanced Executive Lifestyle Freedom Club *Member Only* Mastermind Event (West Palm Beach, Florida) October 10 *3* Hour Millionaire Closing and Marketing Boot Camp (West Palm Beach, Florida) October 17 – 19 Why Warrior Total Immersion Boot Camp (West Palm Beach, Florida) October 22 Advanced Executive Lifestyle Freedom Club *Member Only* Mastermind Event (West Palm Beach, Florida) November 1 2 Closing and Marketing University Boot Camp (West Palm Beach, Florida) November 5 Advanced Executive Lifestyle Freedom Club *Member Only* Mastermind Event (West Palm Beach, Florida) November 14 – 16 *3* Day Coaching Student ONLY Mastermind Event (West Palm Beach, Florida) November 19 Advanced Executive Lifestyle Freedom Club *Member Only* Mastermind Event (West Palm Beach, Florida) November 21 *3* Hour Millionaire Closing and Marketing Boot Camp (West Palm Beach, Florida) December 5: Champion Christmas Party (West Palm Beach, Florida) December 6 7 Lifestyle Freedom Club *Member Only* Mastermind Event (West Palm Beach, Florida) December 10 Advanced Executive Lifestyle Freedom Club *Member Only* Mastermind Event West Palm Beach, Florida December 19 *3* Hour Millionaire Closing and Marketing Boot Camp (West Palm Beach, Florida) To reserve your seat for upcoming events, call (561) 847-3467 or email 2 0 1 3