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  1. 1. THE CASE Clas Ohlson invites you to compete with your innovative product ideas to help stock Clas Ohlson’s shelves with exciting new products. Hardware, Electrical, Home, Multimedia, or Leisure products that support a sustainable lifestyle are encouraged to join the competition. The winning product will be marketed and sold by Clas Ohlson in Sweden, Finland, Norway, the UK and Germany. PROPOSAL TEMPLATE Provide the information required in the fields below. Besides the proposal template, you will also be required to upload drawings, pictures, and an optional video of your product on the competition page: The deadline to send in proposals is November 30, 2016, 23.59 (CET). Proposal Template Product idea Explain your product idea and what customer-need it answers to: Product description Describe your product in more detail – material, functionality, etc. (Max 150 words) (Max 250 words) You will use this form to present your product entry to the Clas Ohlson Product Innovation Challenge. When you have completed the form, save the document as a .pdf and upload it to the competition website. ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS LIGHT BULBS In present lighting systems,different lights are required for various areas like sitting rooms need brighter lights where JOHN GARANG DE MABIOR
  2. 2. Sustainability In what way does your product support a sustainable lifestyle? Clas Ohlson’s definition of a product for a sustainable lifestyle is that it meets at least one of the following criteria: • Reduces energy or water consumption in the home • Supports recycling or is made from recycled materials • Helps to reuse or reduce waste • Has an improved environmental impact, such as eco-labelled products • The use of materials is optimised or potentially hazardous chemicals are replaced Innovative strength In what way is your product innovative? Brand Fit Why do you think that your product fits well with Clas Ohlson? Potential market reach What is the estimated sales volume for your product per quarter and per year? (Max 200 words) (Max 150 words) (Max 150 words) (Max 150 words) 1).it will prevent purchase of various light bulbs but enable similar bulb 2). Thus it will reduce the number of filame It brings new trend of lights similar to the phones where brightness can be reduced to save power and increased only since its an innovative I do think the ability to innovate is one of the greatest desires of Clas Ohlson thus bringing th 57,000,000 per quarter
  3. 3. Implementation time How far have you come in the development process? Do you have a prototype, manufacturing contacts, etc.? What is the approximate lead time to production? Intellectual property rights Do you have a patent or are you in the patent process for your product? Product Pricing What is your estimated consumer price for the product? Clas Ohlson Branded Product Would you be interested in selling your product under the Clas Ohlson brand? Finished with your proposal? Save the proposal as a PDF and upload the document to (Max 150 words) (Max 150 words) (Please include currency) Yes No approximately a year yes 20 dollars