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John Gessin is a Technology Professional

  1. 1. John Gessin Confirmed Profile JOHN GESSIN Harvard Extension School Reno, Nevada Biography John Gessin , accomplished Entrepreneur & Investor- a technology sector specialist with nearly a decade of applied professional experience. Currently, John Gessin is devoting his time toward responsibilities as a Graduate student at Harvard... Read More Professional Experience 2011 - 2013 Technology Professional - JOHN GESSIN 2010 - 2012 Executive Business Consultant - Start up and Venture Capital Consulting (go ) Information Technology & Services JOHN GESSIN | JOHN GESSIN WEBSITES
  2. 2. 2006 - 2012 SYSTEMS ANALYST - JOHN GESSIN JOHN GESSIN | TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONAL Professional Skills Management
  3. 3. Information Technology System Administration Entrepreneurship Project Management Disaster Recovery Start-up Consulting CCNA Networking Analysis Data Center Software Installation Hardware Human Resources Leadership Management Consulting Start-ups Network Engineering WAN Business Strategy Operating Systems Mobile Devices Educational Background 2013 - Present MTECH in Information Systems - Harvard Extension School (go )
  4. 4. Cambridge, United States Extra-activity: JOHN GESSIN 2012 - Present
  5. 5. Information Systems in Technology - University of Nevada, Reno (go ) Reno, United States
  6. 6. Extra-activity: JOHN GESSIN Interests SEO Information Technology, Start ups, Venture cap, System analyst business Milestones A skilled consultant in the Information Technology and Services industry, John D Gessin has more than eight years of Operation and Management experience. Both in managing complex information systems and overall managment. John D Gessin has worked extensively on tasks involving network engineering, overall project management, and multi-OS environment leadership. John D Gessin has also accomplished both local and remote personnel and asset management, directed management during periods of corporate change, and provided analysis for disaster recovery and contingency planning. Most recently, John D Gessin served as a Network Administrator and Supervisor with Alere Medical Technologies, Inc. in Reno. Alere Medical Technologies specializes in the development of Internet and mobile device-based disease management programs. John D Gessin managed the administration and support of the company’s network and data center operations. January 2008 Web Search Results Web pages that may be related to John Gessin johngessin A resident of the greater Reno, Nevada, area, John DGessin divides his time between academic responsibilities, community service, and outdoor hobbies. johngessin
  7. 7. John Gessin also holds membership in several notable ... John Gessin is pursuing an M.S. in Information Systems Technology at the University of Nevada, Reno. John Gessin - A Skilled Consultant John Gessin - A Skilled Consultant. home; map; John Gessin - A Skilled Consultant. Resources. Currently a graduate student at the University of Reno, John D Gessin is ... John Gessin. More information about John Gessin. John Gessin information web site. John Gessin IT site and Analyst Learn more about John Gessin and Analytics. Show all Web search results (106) Images Search Results Images that may be related to John Gessin
  8. 8. Show all Images search results (18) Video Search Results Videos that may be related to John Gessin o John Gessin - HD GT5 Lamborghini... o John Gessin | See Lake Tahoe... o
  9. 9. John Gessin | Slot Technology... o John Gessin | Lake Tahoe... o
  10. 10. John Gessin | Information Technology | Get a complete overview of your online presence ! Try Yatedo E-Reputation for free General Summary Also known as JOHN GESSIN, JOHN DAVID GESSIN, johndgessin, JOHN D GESSIN, JohnGessinProject, johngessin Gender Male Professional Status Entrepreneur Looking for a job Contact Information Phone Email Contact John Gessin Related Websites to John Gessin JOHN GESSIN WEB PAGE JOHN GESSIN WEBSITE My publications
  11. 11. Shared by John Gessin "John Gessin blogs about a technology pro: John Gessin" From Tumblr, on September 26, 2013, 5:44 pm "" From Tumblr, on September 26, 2013, 5:42 pm JOHN GESSIN | INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY From Tumblr, on September 26, 2013, 5:39 pm JOHN GESSIN | WEBSITES From Blogspot, on August 30, 2013, 3:23 pm JOHN GESSIN | Websites From Wordpress, on August 30, 2013, 3:14 pm Show all Reading lists and Blogs (30) My videos Uploaded by John Gessin
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  13. 13. John Gessin | See Lake Tahoe by... Youtube o Play the Video John Gessin | Information... Youtube
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  15. 15. John Gessin | Lake Tahoe |... Youtube o Play the Video John Gessin | Slot Technology |... Youtube Show all Videos (7) Looking for another John Gessin ? How to Update/Delete my profile? Help Yatedo Services Careers Press Room Blog About Us YatedoInc © 2012
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