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Presentation on RCampus

  1. 1. is a comprehensive Education Management System and a collaborative learning environment.
  2. 2. At , you can do all your school- related work from building personal and group websites to managing your courses, eportfolios, academic communities, and much more.
  3. 3. Free course and learning management system to manage your classes, coursework, grades and communications from a single location. It's quick to setup, easy to use, secure and includes a number of high-quality, fully-integrated tools. Access your courses from anywhere, anytime. Create your courses and invite your students anytime!
  4. 4. Use rubrics to communicate expectations with students and to standardize assessment. The free rubrics building and assessment tool helps you build simple to complex rubrics effortlessly. The Click2GradeTM technology helps you grade students directly from the gradebook with just a few mouse clicks. Scores are calculated automatically and communicated with students in great details. Build your free rubrics and start grading almost immediately.
  5. 5. Build a complete, multi-page website for yourself, your club or your academic group. All websites are packed with tools for online publishing, communication and collaboration, organization of content, and member management. The personal and group websites are free. Build your free website today.
  6. 6. Build multiple ePortfolios to track and showcase student work. Create learning portfolios for reflective assignments, teacher-student engagement, evaluation, peer-review, authentic assessments and more. Create career ePortfolios that you can keep years after schools. The ePortfolios are free and are tightly integrated with the course management system allowing for a higher level of communication, mentorship, and assessment.
  7. 7. The tools are designed to be easy-to-use, quick to set-up and highly secure. •Building multimedia class portals/websites •Adding students automatically or manually •Automatic building of the roster •Copying and distributing coursework and assignments across multiple classes •Email alerts for reminding upcoming tasks •Collecting assignments using different submission settings •Assigning and collecting multiple ePortfolios •Managing and sharing documents and files using document center
  8. 8. •Grading students using gradebook complete with statistics and interactive graphs •Organizing questions in the test bank •Building quizzes for online assessment •Using rubrics for communicating expectations and quickly assessing student work •Building teams with dedicated team menus •Using threaded and hybrid class communication and messaging tools to send messages to any combinations of recipients •Managing events and assignment deadlines using Calendar complete with automatic synchronization with students calendars •Tracking to-do items •Networking with others through eCommunities •Bookmarking favorite items •Many navigation shortcuts and more.
  9. 9. Best of all, educators, students and academic groups can use for free.
  10. 10. Presentation by John Courage Thomas Jefferson High School San Antonio, Texas For Walden University New and Emerging Technologies (EDUC - 6715I - 2)