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3 why globalization_fails_without_engaged_art


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powerpoint from 7 simultaneous lecturers n globalization

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  • Nice John and Central to the question .. what were all those Christian organizations there doing not knowing each other ... not very Christian. I saw the same in Senegal. The Patriarch met in an interdenominational council where they basically divided up the country by interest/history/and church interest.

    Your message s QUITE positive and it's tenet reaches SO FAR beyond haiti.

    I am working on a new Congo initiative that could really use an art component..we are so good at killing, and so challenged at citing verse, or parying a brush.

    All the best.
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3 why globalization_fails_without_engaged_art

  1. 1. Why Globalization Failswithout Engaged ArtJohn
  2. 2. Responses to the Haitian quake showthe good that globalization can achieve Intense images werepiped into our homes Half of Indianahouseholds havedonated money toHaitian relief Teams of Hoosierdisaster experts leftimmediately to siftthrough the rubble
  3. 3. But the intense, immediate,empathetic response could be…… Poorly informed… Short-lived and ephemeral… Inadequate for re-creating Haiti… A missed opportunity for us to be part of somethingspecial
  4. 4. Art can balance intenseexperience with sustainedengagement Works of art can grab ourattention Great works rewardrepeated experiences Artists can contribute muchmore than just fundraisers
  5. 5. Art possesses a uniqueconvening powerIt can draw us out ofthe virtual world intoreal spaces (like this)where we can meet associal beings
  6. 6. Art can give us somethingimportant to talk about…… after we have come together
  7. 7. Poets like Voltaire providedescriptions of problems …Descriptions that are more true……more real than mere facts
  8. 8. Artists capture culturalcontexts that give us meaningTwinsSeven-Seven,HealingAbikuChildren,at IMA
  9. 9. Novelists can diagnose theroot causes of social problemsMore insightfully thansociologists & theologians……by combining the wisestinsights from both
  10. 10. Today’s globo-musicianspioneer a new languageBusting genres, drawing from the best of the world’s music, creatingsomething new, something better than any one tradition couldproduce on its own
  11. 11. So what gets in the way?Globalization has been hijacked by the rhetoricof commerce and naked self-interestInfinite distractionsHow long can the Haitian crisismonopolize our attention?Disconnected bubblesA hundred Indianapolischurches had partners &teams in Haiti before thequake … hardly any of themknew each other
  12. 12. We can do globalization betterwith thick local-to-localpartnershipsCentral IndianaChurches with a hundredHaitian partnersTeams from IU-Med School,Marian University NursingSchool, Timmy FoundationResources from Purdue, IU,IUPUI, etc.Haiti5,000 Haitians live in CentralIndianaIndiana University has USA’sonly Creole InstituteInternationally renownedHoosier-Haitian fashiondesigner Beny Martin
  13. 13. Globalization needs artists towork well for humans Help Haiti re-create itself with a sense ofbeauty and humane purpose Hoosier artists discover new styles, newthemes, new collaborations Be part of something unique, be part ofsomething worth being creative
  14. 14. If we’re going to do something,Why not do something great?
  15. 15.